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Out of control crazy... and Red Lioness...

Art Pic ~ RED-LIONESS by Thierry Bisch

Tuesday howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

Autumn is in the air on my tame prairie, despite all the strange and discombobulated weather. Blessings to All in Colorado. My heart goes out to those going through these terrible times, to those in need.

Okay then, my day has been out of control crazy in certain ways... so! once I could take a deep breath, and settle down to write, I decided to continue revising RED LIONESS TAMED, my sci fi erotic romance. And, yep, I'm nearing the end.

Thus, for your reading pleasure... hopefully...


Chapter Twenty-one:
"My Brave Beautiful Lioness."

Kahoqua yawned, fatigue hitting her like a head butt from a Joawwa, a race of ram humanoids. As lioness she needed to restore herself by dozing.

There was no way, given the severe pain of her wound. She twisted restlessly trying to ease the increasing ache.

"Kahoqua," she heard Draxen softly call. Fastening her gaze on him, she wondered if he did fear her as lioness.

"Cub," he encouraged, lowering himself to his haunches. "You're hurt. Let me take care of you."

Her heart heard him. His expression told her how much he cared for her.

Before she could stop herself, Kahoqua rose to her feet. As she padded the short distance toward Draxen, a new sweet emotion for him soared inside her.

Bast help! What was she going to do?

He wanted a pretend wife. Even if his heart reached for hers, the fate-odds were against their pairing.

She was shapeshifter. He was human.

Given their homeworlds...no star-doubt their cultures were light years apart in crucial ways--ways that could destroy their mating harmony.

"Kahoqua," Draxen praised, the timbre of his voice reassuring. He cupped her head between his large hands. "My brave beautiful lioness."

She let her head rest in his cradling palms and they gazed at one another. No fear of her dulled the bronze flames in the depths of his midnight eyes.

He stroked one hand over her short  female mane, common in her breed of lioness. "Let's see your wound." His tone cherished her.

Kahoqua raised her head, moved back a step, then turned so he could view her shoulder. Like a tame pussycat she laid down eyeing the wand-like device he removed from his belt's holster.

"Oscillator healing," he explained, placing the instrument above her wound. "This shouldn't take long, my lovely lioness one."

Draxen caressed the top of her head as soothing warmth replaced her raw pain. Kahoqua felt her flesh begin to knit together, recognizing the sensation from previous injuries.

"Captain, Lorimus is contacting," Mesitor reported, his voice no longer crackly. "They received our automated distress signal."

"Explain we were under attack. Request additional time for more extensive repairs." 

"Yes, Captain."

"Nearly healed, cub." Draxen continued patting her head, his touch comforting, tender.

Mesitor returned in short order. "Lorimus requests direct contact with you, Captain. I could not persuade them otherwise."

When Draxen hesitated, Kahoqua licked his bare forearm once to let him know she was fine--that he should go. His glance at her spoke a galaxy's worth.

His feelings for her were so naked, Kahoqua had to question if he realized it. What it did to her insides--well rawrrr. Steamy desire collided with the softer desires of her heart.

Could they defy fate if she yielded?

Bast, wait! she cautioned herself. Men could be notoriously fickle. First one woman, then another would tempt their meat swords.

Meat sword. Kahoqua mentally rolled her eyes recalling how she and her girlfriends had laughed until their sides ached. They'd been at a dance club, watching a group of off-world males strut, their pelvises thrust forward--their super-enhanced penises pointing the way.

Kahoqua sought Draxen's gaze again. But he concentrated on attending to her, his handsome features still as stone. 

Did he know his own heart?

"Inform the station Coordinator I'm on the way," he commanded Mesitor.

"Yes, Captain."

Draxen finished healing her wound, then leaped to his feet. Kahoqua watched his quick long strides eat up the distance to his control panel.


Draxen entered his code quick as a star's blink, knowing Lorimus needed verification he was still in control of his vessel.

"Captain Draxen Z of the Venture," a man's voice officially greeted. "This is Coordinator Reimug. What happened out your way?"

"Neehaz boarding attack. Interested in the evidence?" Draxen watched the man's green-tinted complexion pale.

"Neehaz...shades of an old nightmare. Once your evidence is reviewed, I'll spread the intergalactic word on unrestricted channels. Agreed?"

Draxen gave a nod, well aware the warning would bypass the sector-regulated channels.

"What can you tell me now, Captain?" Greed and fear coexisted in the Coordinator's gaze.

"There are improvement in their short-beam. Had no defense against the boarding portal. Good news is I got the specs."

"Specs are worth a fair price, Captain, if you want to talk."

"I'll talk. But I want rights to the defense capability."

"Unofficial version is yours, Captain. Will that suffice?"

"Prefer it." Draxen liked dealing straight up, and he'd negotiated with Reimug in the past without a problem.

"My apology, Captain. I couldn't halt Sector Patrol. They grabbed your distress signal, and are on intercept."

"Appreciate the heads-up, Coordinator. No cargo onboard. Should be no delay."

"Your repair bay is ready, Captain. How else may we serve you?"

"As much privacy as you can arrange, Coordinator. Your usual courtesy at Lorimus." 

"Good space winds, Captain."

Draxen spun, apprehension brutally searing through him. His beautiful red lioness appeared to be resting, her repose regal.

How did he convince her to stay with him?

Sector Patrol was bad news. They would assume investigative boarding rights. His Sun Rocket Kahoqua could simply leave with them, leave him.

Had fate done a one-eighty pivot on him? Kicked him squarely in the jaw?

"Captain, I have prepared for Sector Patrol," Mesitor reported.

"All clear for inspection," Renna chimed in.

"Thanks." Draxen tossed in their direction. He lowered himself beside his red lioness, his lioness woman, his beautiful woman.

Draxen stroked over her back, enchanted with the feel of her coat, with her sleek feline shape. He sought the words to speak.

His life would be unbearable without her. He already knew he'd go to the ends of the galaxy to find her again, convince her to be his wife.

"Kahoqua, can you shift? Do I need to care for you in way I haven't learned?"

She lifted her head, blinked her eyes open lazily. Draxen witnessed the weariness in their aqua-faceted depths. In gorgeous contrast to her rich red fur, her eyes were outlined by kohl black skin.

He stared, lost in her intense feline gaze. Uncertain about how the lioness truly regarded him, he asked again, "Can you shift, Kahoqua?" 

She'd fought savagely, a beast protecting herself from mortal enemies. Yet his red lioness had also fought in concert with him. That had to be a nova-good sign.

"I will bring water and a restoring potion," Renna piped up.

Draxen heard the slight whir as she floated off to accomplish her droid mission. 

"Can you morph to human?" Draxen tried asking.

His lioness shook her head, a 'no' as he interrupted it. "You can't shift yet. Right, my beauty?"

She softly rumbled what sounded like a 'yes', then dropped her head, clearly resting. Draxen continued running his hand along the length of her back. He wondered how to tame his red lioness.


Wishing you shapeshifting love on the wild side… 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance 


Pat C. said...

This is so sweet and sensual at the same time. As always, your characters have the most imaginative names in the genre.

So, is this WIP week? Or cat week?

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh wow, the most imaginative... thank you, Pat!

Maybe it's both WIP and cat week. Felines rule so far.