Saturday, September 14, 2013


Rachel grabbed the handles of the ornate doors, gasping at the deep male voice directly behind her asking, “Going somewhere wife?”

Damn, a thousand years couldn’t erase the heat his timbre pushed through her with that tone.  The tone that brooked no hesitations, no lingering thoughts of doing anything else, but obeying.  Obeying his decisions, demands, and---oh, yes his sexual desires.  This time he was getting a no.  One that cooled his balls to the point of frosting them like the icicles she encountered over the winter back on the Peak.  Maybe a double case of numb frosted nuts might get him to put his brain back into his head rather than compacted into his dick.

Rachel drew two shallows breaths before glancing to where her white-knuckled hands still gripped the contrasting brass handles.  So much yellow, gold, and brighter brass and copper hues dizzied her stomach to the point she wanted to walk over and puke on his feet.  Then when she looked up, spew forth more.  Tyburn deserved as good as he got.  Problem was she wasn’t sure she could give him as good as he gave.  

Rachel inhaled, worked first one hand then her other free from the handles.  Flexing her fingers, she counted and decided.  Deciding to face the mate, she voided and didn’t trust as far as a light bolt could arc.  Depending on the pitcher, that wasn’t very far.  

Tyburn lounged against the wall.  His shoulder length hair glowed as the rising sun broke the horizon outside the window behind him.  Sunbeams cascaded off the mirrored tiles adorning the mosaic wall he leaned against.  The broken array littered the floor in patches and shadows of dark and light.  If one of the human servants entered, they would no doubt fall to their knees, supplicating themselves as if he were a god.  She knew better. 

Like his father, and his grandfathers before him, Tyburn believed in dominance leading, taking care of those weaker than him, and accepting no less than their compliance. The world she chose to call home didn’t work like that.  Some allowed their submissiveness to shine forth.  She didn’t.  In fact the last time she submitted to anyone, the man treated her better than any citizen of Solentran  ever did. 

Her human husband understood partnership and working together to achieve shared goals and values.  Rachel blinked; knowing her daughters, son, and their offspring remained safe.  Too bad Nelson’s lifespan lasted no longer than a blink of eye in Solentran time.  Mere nanoseconds on the eternal time clock.  No, this rebirth Tyburn would release her and stop his insanity of trying to keep her.


Happy Weekend Gang!

The angst keeps building.   I wonder how Tyburn's arrogance and tenacity will match up to  Rachel's grit and stubbornness.  There is more to come to this my muse Pris keeps telling me.  I bet when these two get together, their passion is like a freak  thunder and lightening storm combined!

The last days of Summer are passing.  As you wind down your summer into fall, remember to share a good book or two with your loves and spice.  I know I will!




Pat C. said...

This is what happens when immortal beings grow apart. What's Tyburn going to have to do to recapture his mate's affection? Other than redecorate the room to tone down all those nausea-inducing reds and yellows, that is.

Savanna Kougar said...

Fabulous, Solara... the imagery and the storyline! "didn’t trust as far as a light bolt could arc"

Solara said...

Thanks Pat and Savanna for stopping by. Pat, I don't know what Tyburn exactly is going to need to do. I suspect he is needing an attitude adjustment. Savanna I am enjoying writing this one for sure. Fun time writing.