Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lex Has A New Best Buddy!

Not sure if this video ling works. Let me know if it doesn't. Blogger and I are still having a running argument about it posting my pics and vid links.

~ Rebecca

"Well, if it ain't just the guy I was looking for!" Moon-Moon said loudly as he walked into Ratigan's Pub. Lex didn't even look at the silly wolf-dog. Everyone else was, though, especially Gil. He had been watching Lex very closely since the fair a few weeks ago, unable to believe the ancient cat-god had not had an iron in the fire during the first annual Talbot's Peak Days Fair.

As mayor of the town, it was his responsibility to keep an eye on the known trouble makers. Lex may be a good poker buddy, but he was trouble incarnate. His predecessor, that two-faced banana-breathed chump, had let Lex get away with murder. Gil didn't want his time in office to be pot-marked with stories of, "remember that time Lex snuck everyone a love potion on Valentine's Day," the way Mayor Link's had been.

Gil eyed the ne'er do well wolf tripping through the seating area and then he eyed Lex, who still had not turned even to see who the town goober was calling out to. That meant Moon-Moon the world's dumbest werewolf was calling out to Lex and the Egyptian pain-in-his-rear was not eager to publicly acknowledge him. Gil was starting to think he knew why Moon-Moon had stuck around town after all the other carnies left.

"Lex! Hey, Lex!" Moon-Moon shouted from three feet away, clearly not realizing that he was being soundly ignored. "I need to talk to you about obtaining some new stock!" Gil fought the urge to close his eyes and rub his forehead. Right. Moon-Moon had been one of the vendors at the fair. What had he been selling? Gil wracked his brain but couldn't remember. He made a note to check the vendor registration when he got to the office in the morning. Just then, Lex looked his way, a early glint in his faded green eyes. Gil met the cat's gaze and smirked. Game on, Lexie-boy.


The following was included simply because I love the picture. It's too funny for words. It makes no reference to Marissa and Mooney's kids at all. But there may end up being a fun blog post about the wolf pups who are named after Loki and Thor from the Marvel movies reacting to seeing this picture. That could be very fun, me thinks!


Pat C. said...

Slash! It's everywhere. Wait, aren't they brothers? Well, that never stopped the Wincest shippers.

The video worked on my system. Funny!

Moon Moon's still hanging around? Who else can we pair him up with? Hmmmmm ...

Rebecca Gillan said...

Yeah, well, Lex needed a minion and Marissa kicked his butt over using her kids as glow-in-the-dark soda testers. On the up-side, moon-Moon seems dumb enough to go along with every single flaky idea the hairless wonder can come up with.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, Moon-moon as Lex's minion, what could be better in the world of god's causing trouble.

Gil better keep his sharp squirrel gaze on Lex, alright.

"hairless wonder" ... love it.

Actually, that's a highly appealing pic... in a way.

Serena Shay said...

LOL...I actually feel a little bad for Lex. I mean, moon-moon, tagging along after you, that's worse than just desserts!

Oooh, I likely that pic! Thor the man! :D

The video worked great. I adjusted the size via HTML so it didn't go over into the side bar. :)