Saturday, September 7, 2013


His golden yellow hair flowed behind him no matter which direction he soared.  High above the land, freely he winged upward catching the tip of the burst of heat pushing him higher toward his destiny.  Would she be there?  Her memories intact?  Their bond strong and ready for renewal?

Tyburn pulled his wings tighter to him as he entered the last layer of the stratosphere.  One last thrust and a sharp downward turn hurtling him back toward earth permitted him the speed he needed to pass between the opaque layers separating the gates of the kingdom from the human realm.  His people were older than recorded history.  Remnants of their presence littered narratives and crude written entries attempting to describe what few encountered.  The privileged few who served them recorded their time amongst them.  She came from one of those ancient houses.  Nobility and rank earned by battle and tenure.   Her place guaranteed.  Until. . .

Tyburn choked back his angst; anger that died long ago didn’t need rebirth.  No, this time he chose to accept her.  Embracing what she’d become and where her choices led them.  This time he wasn’t giving her up.  Deep within his chest, a love so strong waited and watched, knowing that time couldn’t change what the heavens decreed.  The sun and her offspring would ascend the throne whole and bonded once more.

In the wing past his chambers, she paced.  Counting every step and turn, until madness threatened to overtake her.  Rachel looked down at the long floor length diaphanous gown she wore.  Part of her longed to grab the cloth covering the bed, wrapping it around her until her sense of calm returned.  Her other life suited her.  Clothing that allowed her to hide.  To flourish in ways she chose rather than what others dictated or pronounced.   Royalty sucked.  “Sucked a big one,” she screamed tossing back her head.  

Twin male guards ran into her chamber.  Their frighten look previously would have amused her.  No more.  Human hybrids, a mix between those she left behind back on the peak she called home and her parallel world, stared at her.  They stood as though they were frozen, afraid to voice concern or questions any would in Talbot’s Peak.  Never would these prime male specimens let on about the night they spent pleasuring her.  More about pleasing themselves than her.  

Her needs ran hotter than she could remember. Desire enchained her and refused satisfaction from no other.  Could she hold back, stopping pregnancy from happening?  He swore on their last rebirth impregnation would occur.  Rachel strode around the two guards intent on her mission.  Tyburn could burn in the sun for all she cared.  Her earthly family needed her.  A squirrelly mayor needed her prickly sarcasm and direction to keep him and the citizens she’d come to care for from each other’s throats.    ON the peak she could watch and wait, but most of all she could live and enjoy knowing her creations thrived.  Especially, a small tyke who called her grandma.  

As Rachel reached the double heavy ornate gold doors, her last barrier to freedom, a male voice called out.  “Going somewhere wife?”


Happy Weekend Gang!

WOW!  DOUBLE WOW!  My muse wasn't kidding there is more to Rachel and her story.  The word is there is more to come too.    Before you ask more about Tyburn, I only got a glimpse of him before Rachel decided to  bolt. Looks like Talbot's Peak may have a new resident or two descending upon them.  Excuse me while I fan myself and let the heat dissipate. 

September is here with the remaining days of summer counting down to fall.  Cool nights and good books go together as you snuggle with your loves and spice under the covers.  Remember to share those good books with each other in between warming up.




Pat C. said...

Whoa, wait. Wife?

Yeah, I'd say there's more to the story.

Savanna Kougar said...

More to the story... I'd say so! Lovin' all the fiery heat and angst. Wow, the Peak could be on phoenix fire...

Solara said...

Thanks Pat and Savanna! I'm enjoying writing this story. Who knows maybe I'll follow Savanna's trail and publish our second Shape Shifters Seductions story with these pieces.

Savanna Kougar said...

Fiery cool...