Saturday, August 30, 2014


Chloe snuggled closer to Gill.  The strip she urinated on sat aging as it needed to for several hours.  Over the counter animal pregnancy tests didn’t yield results as fast as human ones.  Even a false positive required a visit to the local md/veterinarian for solid confirmation.  Gill’s soft snores lulled her deeper into sleep, where a fair-haired little boy ran after his darker haired sister.  It was if they knew their time would come.   Names flew by until one sounded right.  Lincoln tossed the ball he held toward his sister Greta.   Would those stick in the light of day? Chloe didn’t know.  She understood the call and lure of motherhood.  Biology ticked off the minutes and years, fertility topped the list of options available. Chloe sighed and smiled as her dreams continued.

Gill sat up, yawning.  He glanced at the clock on top his nightstand.  Something about one hour after midnight and his bladder signaled relief.  Thrusting his feet into his slippers, he padded quietly across his bedroom into the bathroom.  Blackie greeted him as he stepped across the threshold.  Her golden eyes glowed and dimmed as she walked out into the bedroom.  Behind her trotted her four kittens and the mangy male who fathered them.  Now fixed so more progeny didn’t occur, the Manx male twitched his stubby tail at Gill before following Blackie and kittens into the darkness awaiting them.

Yes, fertilization came to the Peak.  Many would bear fruit and others would help nurture and raise them.  How many more would find the Goddess’s touch wonderful remained unknown.  Gill yawned as he washed his hands.  He knew one thing.  Peace and tranquility felt good.  He wanted more of it.  How long this would last he didn’t know.  For now, sleep called him.  And that was beautiful.  He silently mouthed, Good night everyone as he pulled the covers back over him.  Soon snores feline and human, along with a few squirrel ones sounded.


Happy Weekend Gang!

Short post this week.  End of the month at work and also end of the class I coached too.  I'm ready for the start of a 4 week training class to learn a new skill set at work.  I'll coach this once I've got the fundamentals ironed out. 

Fall is upon us.  Temperatures are changing.  Remember to share a good book or two with your loves and spice.  I know I will.

Until next week,


Pat C. said...

Yeah, Gil. Enjoy it while you can. Nothing ever stays too quiet in the Peak for long.

Sweet Saturday post, Solara!

Savanna Kougar said...

Yep, serenity in a hectic week, and in a mad-hectic world. As Pat said Nothing stays too quiet in the Peak. smiles~