Friday, August 29, 2014

Lady Luck Lives...

Karma stood at the predetermined spot on the casino floor, waiting for Greely and Erol, but knowing they’d not show up.  After Erol’s reaction to Gree’s new body art she figured to duo was currently secluding themselves in their room and indulging in the idea of Viva’ Las Vegas!  She was thrilled to see her friend emerging from the idea of doomed love especially as that new love was Erol.  Nah, she didn’t hate the big lug, she actually thought he was great for Greely.  He loved her to madness and kept her safe and happy.  Who could ask for more for her friend?

That wouldn’t keep Karma from teasing him and riling him up however, nope, if Erol was ever going to ease himself, at least a little bit, into current times then he needed to loosen up.  Her kidding him could only help on that front…plus, he was just so much fun to tease.

“Whoo hoo!” a gambling patron screamed at the end of the row Karma traversed.  The excitement made her smile, as did the underlying knowledge that the happily jackpotting woman truly deserved the win she’d gotten.  The winners plans to give half the money to the children’s hospital that had saved her child’s life all those years ago after her terrifying birth, then using the rest to get said child ready to go to school, were laid out completely in Karma’s mind. It was a nice reminder that large groups of mortals like this made shielding nearly impossible.

A man in the next aisle over was projecting so loudly Karma knew she was needed.  This gambler was frantic for the next win.  Huge amounts of money were gambled away with each spin, the money coming directly from the food budget.  His children were hungry, his wife exhausted from trying to keep things together and her children safe, was on the verge of leaving for good if this man didn’t get some help.  Yet, he continued to drop bill after bill into the machine.  Deep down, she could feel his desire to change, but she could also see the chains that kept him tied to the one-armed bandit.
Karma slid into the seat next to him and dropped a few coins in the machine.

“Come on, you damn thief, all it will take is a few big hits and I’ll be flush.” The man yanked on the bandits arm and watched the wheels drop, yet again, in a losing pattern. “Fuck!”

“The machines are pretty cold here tonight,” she said to the gambler. “A smart player would go home to the wife and kids and not give the house any more money.”

“What?” The man looked over at her, but saw only what he expected, another guy losing money. “Mind your own machine, man.  I’m busy here.”

Karma nodded and realized it would take more than words with this one.  He needed to be shocked into the change he was ready for deep down and she was ready to oblige him. 

“Come on, come on.” Gambling man spun and lost again, his anxiety rising and money dwindling with each loss until he sucked in a squeaky breath, grabbed his left arm and fell to the floor.

“Ohmygoddess, someone call 911,” Karma called out as others crowded around the man to make sure he continued breathing.  He would be fine as she’d merely laid a severe anxiety attack on the man and not a real heart attack, but they felt the same.  The nearly dying fear was a good one to shock a person back to the side of good and by the pictures of this guy’s future now scrolling through her head, it was enough to get him away from the casino and into a Gamblers Anonymous meeting.  His family would be okay and he had another shot to make things right. 

She wandered and played for a few more hours, blessing the worthy with small wins and happy memories of their time in Sin City before calling it a night and heading to her room.  She’d been called many names in her life, but Karma was the one that fit best.  Tonight, however, she’d also played her part as Lady Luck.  Her exhaustion reminded her of why she’d moved to Talbot’s Peak. 
While mortals were always wide open to her, shapeshifters were totally closed.  She couldn’t read her own kind and it gave her a real peace.  The town offered a normalcy she couldn’t find elsewhere.  She loved her home and couldn’t imagine leaving it permanently.  A trip every so often with her best friend was cool, but it would be wonderful to finally go home.
So I got to wondering how Karma was enjoying Sin City and that's the story she relayed to me.  And in case you're wondering how she does at the casino...well, she always breaks even. ;)

Have a great weekend!


Rebecca Gillan said...

Nice! I hadn't realized that Karma was the real deal! I thought she was just, you know, a camel with an ornery sense of humor who loves her friends fiercely. Awesome post!

Savanna Kougar said...

Nothing like 'good' Karma working in Sin City. And I can relate. I always wanted to do that.

So glad Greely and Erol are having their sinful fun, too. ~grinz~

Serena Shay said...

Thanks Rebecca! Yep, Karma is karma, but her friends and those around her only know her as a camel with a whacked sense of humor. Probably a good thing since geez, how would we all act around our karma made flesh? Eek! ;)

Serena Shay said...

Yep, I agree, Savanna, Sin City needs lots of good Karma, for sure. hehe

Oh yeah, Greely and Erol for sure know how to enjoy the sin part of sin city. ;)

Pat C. said...

Wonder how many times Greely's yelled, "Jackpot!" so far?

Seems odd, seeing Talbot's Peak in the same sentence with "normalcy."

Can Karma send me a couple of instant lottery tickets? Winners? Pretty please?

Serena Shay said...

LOL...I bet Jackpot has come out many, many times so far. ;)

Snerk, yeah, TP and normalcy is probably a stretch. hehe

I'll whisper it in her ear, Pat. For you and me both! :D