Saturday, August 9, 2014



“Ladies, keep your eye on the horizon.  You want to hit the target with each and every shot you can.”  Tyburn looked up and down the line noting that women in every shape and size stood ready to do battle against the enemy.

Even Rachel stood amongst them taking instruction.  This was a side of her he hadn’t seen before.  Her camaraderie with the women baffled him at first.  The more the group bonded and worked together the more he understood.  They cared about each other and for each other.  If any of them shifted their animal halves were natural enemies in many instances.  Yet, they came together, merged into the two lines standing before him.  Talbot’s Peak still confused him.  Regardless, this much he knew coming together for a mutual cause made sense.  Defending his turf was a fundamental core value.  One that he didn’t back down on.  The Peak, as most of the citizens used, was his turf until the powers-that-be decided he and Rachel were done with each other.

Back behind them stood the large wood and metal catapults they would arm and use when and if the behemoth ancient creature breached the front lines.  No one except the few men who sat in the cabs of the extended bed pickup trucks knew how maneuverable and agile the systems were.  Fast and furious they’d constructed the giant weapons.  Even the old fashioned sling-shots many of them carried would deliver the blows they needed to gain the momentum needed for the assault.  The ammo sat waiting a few test launches that he knew they couldn’t risk.  Every Phoenix ambrosia soaked pumpkin, its interior filled with peanuts in all forms they could find, waited for the attack and demise of the mad man and his animal spirit.  Alcohol poisoning combined with the effects allergic reactions happening simultaneously awaited their enemy.

Tyburn watched as Miss Elly stepped forward her sling-shot loaded and pulled back ready to launch.  Another joined her on the line as did several others.   Rocks, balls, and other retrievable items filled their pockets and hands.  He swallowed, inhaled, and called out.  “Aim!  Fire!”  More dents and dust left the large dirt filled sacks tied to the trees a hundred yards out.  Dust flew up further out as more rocks and balls hit the targets double the distance of the first row. 

“Duck,” a voice called out.  Tyburn turned, unsure his ears didn’t play tricks on him.  He jumped back as the one person he never expected to see in this life span shimmered into focus in front of him.  She stuffed two objects into the tube she held.  She drew the tube to her lips, puckered and blew.  Moments later the thunks of darts hitting near and far targets sound.  The golden haired female walked over to him and grabbed him.

“Never under estimate the call for reinforcements, brother.”  Tyburn tried to reply.  He couldn’t thanks to the bear hug his twin sister had him in.


Happy weekend Gang!

OMG! Tyburn is one changed dude?!  I didn't see this one coming until Pris sat me down to write this week's flash.  Talk about surprises.  The battle for the Peak and its survival is heating up.

As  we wane into the dog days of August and Summer, remember to take time to read a good book or two.  Don't forget to share them with your loves and spice.  I know I will!

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Pat C. said...

Crap! I have the basics of Monday's fight scene plotted out in my head, but I would really, really love to see this battle take place. There has to be some way we can do a what-if version where Atcheson makes it to the Peak, just so we can use all those catapults.

For some reason I'm flashing back to Stephen King's "Wolves of the Calla," where the ladies train to fling razor-edged plates at the enemy. Are we all subconsciously channeling King here?

Of course, the real solution would be to shoot Gil down the mammoth's throat, and let Gil's peanut-saturated meat parts work their magic. I'm surprised nobody in the Peak suggested that. Or maybe somebody (coughVerncough) did.

Serena Shay said...

Aah, no one tell Ziva about this until it's over or she'll be making her way over to (wo)man one of those baby's! LOL

Great post, Solara!

Savanna Kougar said...

Never underestimate the power of women when defending their homes and kin! The Peak stands together. This is great, Solara!

As far as flinging Gil... he's not that big, peanut-soaked or not. Besides, why would Peakites want their popular mayor flung as a sacrifice to the Hellephant? Except maybe political enemies...