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SNEAK PEEK SUNDAY: Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys ~ Chapter Twenty-seven

Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys

Note: Dono is facing enemies in his quest to retrieve the Ring of Union for Sherilyn.  With this ancient family ring, he will be connected with his mate in a way that enables him to protect her.


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Chapter Twenty-seven:
Almost upon him, the enemy braves...

Almost upon him, the enemy braves mind-hurled large silver blades, tipped with rattlesnake venom. Dontoya spun, imitating a cyclone. The energy field he flung around himself caused the six knives to swerve and miss.

An instant before, Rattlesnake Spirit had warned him, rising before his mind's eye.

With another Tasmanian-devil spin, as Zance called it, Dontoya launched inside the secondary tunnel. Unlike the artificial corridor, this was a natural part of the cave system.

Too late, Dontoya realized all the ancient traps had been activated. Obviously, the Pruezi invaders had attempted to gain entry, but failed.

Knowing the exact position of the four traps, Dontoya raced over the rough-rock surface. The minimal light from another opening in the cave system faded as he closed in on the palatial cavern, where the Ring of Union was kept.

Enveloped by inky darkness, he relied on his cougar sight, once again. Odors swamped his nostrils, telling him the eco-system remained vital. Also, some seven months ago one of his cousins had walked the tunnel on a learning journey.


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