Saturday, August 23, 2014


Tyburn looked up at the night sky, smiling he leaned against the tree closest to him.  Yes, the ladies bemoaned their lack of active participation in the ultimate battle for the Peak.  They knew the new civil defense coordinator counted them amongst the reserves ready to defend the town if the need arose.

With several Phoenix soaked and peanut stuffed pumpkins in him and around him, the hellphant made his way to a trillion light year away portal that only Tyburn and the Peak’s two top witches knew about.  What no one else knew was Cochrane landed there with him.  Tyburn’s smile grew as he imagined the look on both of their faces when they realized there was no way back to their former lives.  In fact, if the extra words he hastily added to the spell attracting Cochrane and his target to the portal worked, their past would be long gone.  Forgotten to a point where dreams replaced reality.  There was enough to keep both of the pests busy and occupied.  Two twin worlds orbiting a Phoenix sun awaited them.  Yes, magic and the supernatural had their place in the cosmic order. 

Tyburn glanced back over his shoulder as a low squeak sounded.  Rachel must be on the porch.  The middle board of the old porch creaked and squeaked.  A visit to the hardware store would fix that.  Enjoying the seasons without additional noise other than the beats of their hearts and the small one resting beneath Rachel’s mixing with the crickets brought him contentment the more he thought about it.  He wondered how soon she would realize their last rebirth sexual encounter bore fruit.  One neither of them planned.

Rachel stepped out further on to the porch, her hand on her stomach.  Pregnant. . .she couldn’t ask how or why.  She knew the answer as well as any human or supernatural much less immortal knew.  Explaining this to her very human daughter and granddaughter was going to take some talking.  She resisted biting the inside of her cheek and worrying away her grin.  How good a father would Tyburn be? Was he father material?  Too many questions and a lot of time to ponder them at another point.  Right now, she needed cuddles on the old swing chair near the stairs leading down to the tall oak middle of the yard.  She opened her mouth to call out.  Tyburn turned as though he heard her unvocalized need.  He walked toward her smiling.  What had changed him?  She didn’t know.  She was starting to think she was pretty sure she didn’t need to know.  Then there was his twin sister Atrena. Rachel rolled her eyes and sent a silent prayer skyward.

Back Across Town on the Highway

Gill opened the sunroof on his car.  Chloe sat next to him.  The quickly purchased pregnancy test stuffed in the plastic bag laid between them on the console. Gill reached over, stuffed part of the bag under his leg so the wind didn’t whip it out the sunroof as he picked up speed.  Wind spilled down and over them as the quiet of the night enveloped them and the space within the car.

Moments passed before he spoke.  He took Chloe’s hand as he did.  “I appreciate you telling your family where you stood on them hanging around.”  He raised their entwined hands to his lips.  Pressing his lips against first Chloe’s hand then both of them where their fingers interlaced, he nipped before lowering them.  Chloe’s soft gasp told him he had her attention.  He spoke again.  “I purchased some land when I decided the Peak was home.”

He slowed down as they neared a sign illuminated by the car’s headlights.  He grinned as he viewed the sign.  Vernon and Nick had out done themselves.  The alien insignia followed by an arrow pointing toward the mountains in the distance would draw most away from town.  Good.  Those that wandered into town would be watched and warned as needed. Some might stay, making good citizens and additions to the populace.

Chloe’s sigh broke the silence between them.  Gill glanced toward her as he eased off the road.  He turned the car off and turned to her.  “Yes, love,” he said.

Her eyes met Gill’s.  They agreed taking the pregnancy test mattered.  In the wake of what happened, knowing for sure made sense.  This talk about land made sense too.  How settled down was Gill prepared for?  Multiple births ran in her family.  Twins and triplets to be exact.   How ready was either of them for that?  Chloe licked her lips.  Peeing on a piece of plastic in the middle of the night under the stars didn’t appear romantic.  Finding out, just the two of them, without others around appealed to her more than a house full of relatives waiting and watching.  She hoped they all found their new accommodations appeasing cuz they weren’t moving back in.


 Happy Weekend Gang!

Sorry for the late post.  Work had me running all week.  The Spice Homestead is still recovering from illness and the screwy weather. DP started a new round of meds this week. He's doing better.  Gal Pal is busy preparing for her sister's visit and other family obligations next week.  Mage and his lovely wife are off to a pride festival and a few days R-and-R for a late birthday get away for her.

Oh, and me  you ask? I'm half way through an 85K urban fantasy I'm writing.  I've got a few pages done on the next Cascade Bay story. Though work has me diving head long into a training seminar next month, I'm hoping I get some good writing time in. 

Remember to share a good book or two with your loves and spice as you relax.  I know I will.

Until next week,



Savanna Kougar said...

WOW! the Peak is being protected from all directions... "They knew the new civil defense coordinator counted them amongst the reserves ready to defend the town if the need arose."

Those portals do come in handy during a crisis.

And glad to see Chloe knows her boundaries. Looks like she and Gil are about to create their own little 'home sweet home' nest. ~smiles~

Pat C. said...

Oops ... I had my own ideas about what happened to Atcheson. I'm going to go ahead and write it anyway. It won't be posted for another week because tomorrow's release day so I'll be pimping my book. And Cochrane wound up in Tibet, courtesy of the Angel Express.

Let's see ... that's Ziva, Chloe, and now Rachel. Somebody's doing some heavy-duty fertility rites in the Peak.