Saturday, August 2, 2014


Gill opened his mouth to answer Chloe.  He closed it.  Her family members were two states over visiting other relatives.  Their safety he no lingered worried about.  However his bride and now potential off spring took priority over standing his ground with the rest of the Peakites. Getting Chloe out of town and stashed safely away from the battle edging closer mattered now.

“Love, it’s okay if you are.  Right now I’m going to ask you how fast can you pack only the bare necessities while I get you out of town.”  Gill pushed back from his desk.  He rose closing the distance between the desk and file cabinet closest to the office door.  Rachel said she saved his vacation signs in the top drawer.  He opened the cabinet and rummaged through the metal signs until he found the two he needed.  Turning around, he found Chloe standing behind him hands on her hips.

“Do you think I’m going to leave you alone when the fight for our lives is happening?  Get---”Her words muffled and failed by his hand.  God he loved her spunk and loyalty.  He loved her alive.  Not dead or maimed.  Even hurt to the point both she and their offspring paid the price.  No, getting them out of harm’s way mattered.

“Got to admire your spunk.  I adore your passion and drive darling.  This time, and yes there will probably be others, isn’t the one where you get to choose.  Our child matters more.”  Gill pressed a quick kiss on Chloe’s pouting lips.  “We’ve got packing to do lickity split.  I’ve got two calls to make.”

Ten minutes speeding across town found them at the mayoral mansion hastily tossing clothes and a few treasured possessions into two large suitcases.  Another forty-five passed while Gill made his calls and secured safe passage for Chloe and him out of town.  Fifteen minutes later, they stood at the far east end of the town closes to the old highway.  Kitty, Dante’s love and mate along with Gypsy sat with the motor running in the all-terrain vehicle as they approached.

“Kitty, thanks.  Gypsy, thank you too.  I owe both of you.”  Gill tossed the suitcases in the open door turning to Chloe.   He pulled her into his arms, kissed her deeply, and let go. 

Helping her into the vehicle, he sniffled.  He didn’t want this to be their swansong.  He wouldn’t know until the dust cleared. For now, his Chloe needed to know his deepest feelings.  “I love you.  Know that no matter what, we’re married.  And I want you and as many kids as we can have.”  He kissed Chloe again before slamming the door shut.

Chloe knuckled two tears off her cheek as she watched Gill race back to his car.  Gypsy’s words drew her attention.  “We’ll be back.  No one or anything is going to destroy Talbot’s Peak.  We’ve got a battle to wage from the outside.”

Kitty nodded as Chloe looked to her.  Both women held up their thumbs.  Chloe swallowed and spoke.  “Full speed ahead sisters.  Our enemy ain’t seen nothing yet.”



Gill is stepping up big time.  He's grown a lot since getting hitched.  The fight for the Peak is growing and intensifying.  Looks like the rumble is going down.  I'm betting on our Peakites to win.

As we start the slide into fall and a new school year, remember to take time to relax with a few good books.  Share them with your loves and spice as well as your favorite children's book with your small family members.  Reading and feeding our brain and creative imagination matters too. 

Until next week, I'll be sharing a good book or two with my loves and spice.



Savanna Kougar said...

Good going, Gil! Yeah, the rumble-tumble is coming. Hellephant is on the way, and must be stopped.

Pat C. said...

This is a whole new Gil we're seeing. Good job, Solara!

I wonder who those two calls are going out to?