Friday, August 22, 2014

Greely's Ink

Sorry about that folks, I'm running behind today, which is not all that unusual.  What do you think of Greely's tattoo?  Gorgeous isn't it.  I found it over on Photobucket posted by ladynokitsune.

Check out below to see how it all went and if Erol was able to maintain his composure.


“Hello foxy ladies, you are burning down my house…yes you are.  What can Big Ed do for you today?”

Greely smiled politely even though she wanted to bend in half and laugh like a crazy loon.  Big Ed was neither big, nor Ed like.  No he was more of an Eddie…Eddie Munster that is.  “Hi Ed, my name is Greely and I’m looking to have some work done.”

“Well, hot mama, are we stamping it or clamping it today?”

A crackling gurgle sounded from beside her and the scent of used matches filled the air.  Greely turned her head in time to see Karma step in front of a nearly alarmingly angry Erol to cover the sudden glow of his human nostrils from the tattoo artist. 

This was not going to go well.

“Actually, I’d like both.”  Greely answered, while keeping half her attention on the ornery dragon to her right.

“Right on, Sizzle. Why don’t you bring your sultry self on over here and we’ll get started.”

“Sizzle, SIZZLE!” Erol lifted Karma and they moved as one towards Big Ed. “I’ll show that puny human how to sizzle!”

“One moment, Mr. ah, Big Ed.” 

Greely turned and grabbed Erol’s arm and tugged for all she was worth and still he moved forward. 
Only now, he was dragging her along for the ride.

“Good luck, sister, Slimy here is pissed and nothing is going to stop him from eating Big “living dead” Ed over there.” Karma chuckled while flicking her finger over and over on Erol’s forehead.

“Erol, STOP.” Greely ordered, her voice firm and not at all shy.  Much to her amazement, Erol stopped and looked over at her, concern and frustration warring in his gaze. “You need to wait for me
outside, love.”


“Yes.  We haven’t even started yet and look at yourself, imposing and threatening—sexy as hell, but still.  We don’t want to scare the artist while he’s putting the ink on my skin or creating holes in my tummy.”

“Eeech, ouch!” Karma barked as nasal sparks hit her arms. “Watch the words there, Gree, or he’ll scorch me.”

“My apologies, humpback.” Erol said before dropping Karma to the floor and looking at Greely. “I will be good.” He spat, the last word with so much disgust she could barely contain her smile.

“I’m sure you will try, but I’ve decided to do this on my own.  You will escort Karma outside and either gamble or take in the fountain.  I’ll be out in a bit.”  Greely dug her drawing out of her pocket and moved back to Ed.  “Now, where were we?”

“Stamping it first, Pretty Lady.  Would you like to ride my hog for this or climb up on the table?”

Karma’s squeak and Erol’s growl made her smile as she chose the gorgeous bike.  “Out Erol.  Now!”


One hour later…

Greely found her traveling companions at the fountain surrounded by cops and wondered if her time in Sin City was about to be cut short.  “What happened, Karma?”

“Hey Gree, well, Erol needed to cool off, if you know what I mean,” her friend whispered, for her ears only.  “Poor Erol tripped and fell in,” she said louder for the uniformed group around them.

“Did he now?” Greeley smirked, then played along. “Oh Erol, baby, are you okay?”  She rushed to his side, hugging and touching him as a concerned girlfriend would.

“I’m fine.”

“Good, oh thank goodness.  Can we go, officers?  I’d like to get my man back to the hotel and into some dry clothes.”

“Yeah, go ahead, but stay away from the fountains from now on, okay.”


“Thank you, thank you.”  Greely tugged Erol away from the crowd and back towards the hotel.  Half way there, Erol ground to a halt and started pulling at her shirt.

“What are you doing, Erol, stop.”  She patted at his roving hands only to remember that resisting was ridiculous when it came to her dragon.

“Show me what you did to yourself.”

“Fine, here.” She opened the front of her coat to show him the cute silver ring at her belly, loving how it twinkled with the lights on the strip.  Erol fingered the little piece of jewelry, lust in his eyes and a grumble in his throat.

“I like that, a lot.”

“Good, now let’s go.”

“No, show me the other.”

Greely turned, dropped the jacket in back and let him see the tattoo she’d drawn herself and big Ed had located on her upper back.

“Oh Greely,” Karma gasped.

“That’s me,” Erol said, so quietly she wondered if he hated it, but his gentle touch told her more.

“And me…if I too, had a dragon form,” she whispered over her shoulder.

“I love it, Fair One.”

“Oh good, then you won’t mind it being bigger, say covering my whole back?”

Erol reeled her in and kissed her hard.  There was no part of her lips left un-nibbled, his tongue pushed passed them and mapped out her mouth with precision and depth, giving her the next best thing to sex here on the Las Vegas strip.

“We’ll talk about it,” Erol muttered. ”…later.”    
Have a great weekend everyone!



Rebecca Gillan said...

I take it Erol's definition of good and Karma's definition of good didn't match, resulting in him being "helped" into the pool to cool off while Greely got her art done?

Pat C. said...

"Oops! Oh, I'm so sorry, my foot must have slipped onto your butt." Simper.

What a lovely tat! Is Greely an artist?

I'm assuming Karma has a separate (though adjoining) room at the hotel? If she didn't, she'll have to after the fountain incident.

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, this is a wonderful love-sexy scene between Greely and Erol in Sin City... and with Karma along for the fun ride. But not in the bedroom.

And I love that dragon tattoo!

Serena Shay said...

LOL...yep, their ideas of being good are worlds apart! Plus, Karma just likes to rile Erol up to see what he'll do. Helping him into the fountain was just good clean fun for Karma. ;D

Serena Shay said...

Gods yes they have adjoining rooms. No way would anyone get any sleep if those two had to close theirs eyes around one another. Plus, vacation is the perfect time to fool around and this is Greely's first vaca...she's living it to the hilt. :)

Serena Shay said...

Thanks Savanna! It was fun to write, that's for sure.