Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"A damn bull isn’t frightening, is it?"

Imagine if you will, you have crossed that invisible boundary into the twilight zone. But wait! This isn’t a gloomy doomy, terribly twisted tale. No! It’s a bullish on the American West sort of love story.
Okay, yours truly is kinda slap happy because it’s late, late. So, the words are tumbling forth.
And with all the unexpected interruptions that went on... well, this post almost got lost.

For the beginning of this bullie woolie tail see my blog ~ There’s a New Bull in Town ~ and for the continuation see my prior blog ~ “What the hell are you?”

New Bull in Town

“Being a bull has its advantages.” His gaze glitters with obvious meaning. Sex and more sex. That’s what he’s offering.
“I was right not to dance with you. Obviously, my instincts were right on target.”
“Target.” He winces a bit.
“Bull’s eye!” I triumph.
“Bull’s eye,” he croons suggestively. Like a slow hand lover his gaze travels down my body, even at this close range. “I’m bettin’, pretty woman, you have a beautiful bull’s eye just waitin’ for my aim.”
“Shoo... get out of here. Go chase cows... or whatever. Practice your ‘aim’ elsewhere.”
“My aim is only for you.”

“You arrogant piece of beef. I should make steaks out of you. No, hamburger. How do you like that?” I stomp my booted foot for good measure and scowl like a demoness. At least, I hope I look pissed off enough to scare him away.
“Shelley,” he purrs, long and low... in that male tone that says ‘you know you really want me’. “Give a man a chance to show you heaven in his arms.”
“Beneath your hooves, you mean, Mr. Longhorn.”
“Mm... mm, you did smell like sun-kissed blossoms, so female juicy...”
“Shut up.” I slowly reach for the hammer.

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Serena Shay said...

Frighteningly sexy maybe! Whew, I'm loving the bull, Savanna!

Paris said...

This guy is so hot! and you are so clever;-)

Savanna Kougar said...

Yep, 'da bull' is definitely snorting for what he wants.

Savanna Kougar said...

Paris, thanks!

Serena, thanks!