Saturday, June 13, 2009

Why a Silver Bullet?

Every once in a while the Sci-Fi channel will run an old series that I didn't catch the first time around and I'll finally get to see it. I was watching an old vampire series last night and hubby started shaking his head and asking me why, with all the paranormal romance books out there didn't this chick know the guy she's friends with is a vampire.Well, maybe she doesn't read them. That was plausible, for me. He just shook his head again. He mentioned a couple of other plot holes and I finally had to tell him, "Honey, you aren't the demographic they're after."

Do I think men are smarter than women? Of course not. What I think, is that anyone who reads a paranormal novel, above all needs the imagination to cope with a world outside the norm. As long as you give us some very good reasons. I'll admit, I've read some books out there with some pretty slim explanations for the world that's been created.

If I like the characters enough, sometimes I'm able to overlook it but they have to be compelling and the plot has to move fast enough so I don't notice a plot device explained as, that's just the way it is. Of course, it could be a mystery that's solved down the line, in say three or four more books. Grab my attention and you just might hold it.

I've always wondered why Lon Chaney, aka the Wolfman, could be killed with a silver bullet. Even as a kid watching the late show, the question bugged me. Did some Hollywood writer influence generations of movie-goers and readers just because he needed something that would kill the beast and make everyone safe? Does anyone remember that being explained?


Serena Shay said...

Great post, Paris! I too never quite "got" the silver bullet thing...I mean, did it have to be a bullet...why not my awesome silver dagger? Or the really sharp silver sword that I use to hack off wolfie's head...which begs the question, can he really heal a headless body or is that a different show all together?

Paris said...

LOL! I'm glad I'm not the only one who questioned this! Ummmm...I think the whole headless body thing may be something only Johnny Depp knows about (Sleepy Hollow), I'm thinkin' different show altogether;-) Thanks for stopping by, I always get a kick out of your comments!

Francesca Hawley said...

I think there's something about silver being a pure metal and since werewolves (in the Hollywood scenario) are creatures who've been "infected" this was the way to eliminate the contagion.

Great post, Paris!

Paris said...

Your memory is better than mine! Thanks for clearing that up;-)Always great to see you!

Savanna Kougar said...

Hi Paris, I don't where the lore of the silver bullet began, however silver is well-renowned in the natural supplement world as a super germ killer. It's worked great on me and my animals many times.
Also, people used to use silver utensils and plates for the health benefits.
And, hey, the Lone Ranger used silver bullets as a reminder of how valuable human life is and because of its purity.

Paris said...

Savanna! you little fount of information! I'd forgotten about the natural element that both you and Francesca reminded me of. And I take liquid silver instead of antibiotics sometimes! I think I was looking at it from the creature aspect instead of the human aspect!