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Welcome Adele DuBois

Welcome Adele Dubois!

Thanks for stopping by Shapeshifter Seductions and letting us know what's new with you!

Tell us a little bit about your new release.
I love DESERT WILD (Is it okay to say you love a book you've written?) The characters in the story are some of my favorites, including hero Sonny Wild Horse Hendricks of the Tohono O'odham Nation (formerly called Papago Indians). This is the first time I've written about a contemporary Native American character. I found the research involved fascinating. I hope readers love Sonny as I do.

Do any of your characters from previous books appear in your latest?
Yes, the lead characters from DESERT FEVER play secondary roles in the stand-alone sequel DESERT WILD. The quirky and endearingly kinky GPS navigator "Guy" also makes his return in my new release. Guy isn't exactly a genie, but has the power to locate whatever the heroine needs most. Who wouldn't want a GPS navigator like Guy?

Have you written a series?
My Desert books that include GPS navigator Guy are planned as a trilogy. Book three is tentatively titled DESERT QUEEN and is still in the works. I have another book coming out beforehand. The third book in the series will be a 2010 release.

Which book did you spend the most time researching and why?
My new release DESERT WILD required the most extensive research of any book I've written to date. I learned after months of study that the rare species of plants and animals found in America's most hostile desert are also some of the most unusual and beautiful in the world.

One plant in particular, the Queen of the Night, became a symbol of love in both DESERT FEVER and DESERT WILD. The Queen of the Night blooms only one night each year around midnight and dies at the first light of dawn. The plant lives in the American deserts, home to Tohono O'odham Nation, and the childhood home of DESERT WILD hero, Sonny Wild Horse Hendricks.

What's the craziest thing you ever did to promote a book?
I can't think of anything crazier than dressing up in costumes during book conventions, dancing with a bunch of other female authors, and then singing karaoke tunes after downing a few drinks. Don't know how many books I've sold following conventions, but I've sure had fun.

DESERT WILD by Adele Dubois


Sonny Wild Horse of the Tohono O'odham Nation is a danger to a woman's heart. Though he lusts after Caitlyn Spencer, his desire to live inside two conflicting worlds--the Sonoran Desert of his youth and the California coast where his future as a photographer is assured--tears the lovers apart.

When Sonny disappears inside America's most hostile desert, Caitlyn borrows an unique Thunderbird convertible and embarks on a desperate search. The car is equipped with a powerful but endearingly kinky GPS navigator that grants wishes. Though not exactly a genie, "Guy's" new system locates whatever his driver needs most.

And Caitlyn needs to connect erotically with Sonny. Again and again. If only she can find him in time.

DESERT WILD by Adele Dubois
Copyright Ellora's Cave Publishing, 2009


"Don't go," she murmured, standing on tiptoes to nuzzle the side of his neck with her nose. He smelled of raw feral sex, damp sweat and crushed linen, and the primal scents sent shivers along her skin. She inhaled him deeply, pressed the small points of her nipples against his flesh and then opened her mouth to taste him as she laid kisses against his throat. Her tongue lapped the steady rhythm of his pulse and then dragged along his collarbone, drinking him in. Her mouth found the hard muscles of his hairless chest and moved down to lick and suck the dark circles of his areola in turn. His nipples hardened inside her mouth and the pungent taste of salt and musk wet the back of her throat. "Be with me," she whispered against his breastbone.

"Ah," he breathed, closing his eyes as she loved his body with her lips and tongue and stroked the silken skin on his hips with her fingertips. "I am here." His fingers closed on the crown of her head and entwined in the layers of her hair as she dropped to her knees to bury her face against his abdomen. "Don't you know you're the only reason I come back?"

Adele Dubois is a former journalist who writes erotic romance that receives consistent outstanding reviews. Titles include DESERT WILD, DESERT FEVER, INTIMATE ART and DREAM TRAVELER. Look for additional titles in 2009 and 2010. Please visit Adele on her website at


Adele Dubois said...

Thanks so much for hosting me on your blog! I hope readers enjoy DESERT WILD.

Best--Adele Dubois

Paris said...

You're very welcome! It's great to find out more about you and your wonderful titles! I think I'm going to be shopping this morning;-)

Serena Shay said...

Thanks for stopping by today. Desert Wild sounds hot!! Definitely going to do a little shopping later!

btw...where can I get my very own kinky GPS? LOL love it!

Fran Lee Romance said...

Went and bought this yesterday! It is in my TBR pile. I read about four each week...great interview, BTW!

Savanna Kougar said...

Hi Adelle, thanks for sharing DESERT WILD with us. Sounds deliciously sexy.
Gee, I could sure use one of those GPS's!!!

Crystal Kauffman said...

Your book sounds like magical fun. Thanks for blogging with us!

Adele Dubois said...

Paris, Serena, Fran, Savanna, Crystal--

Thanks for your enthusiasm about DESERT WILD.
Wouldn't it be great to have a GPS like "Guy" to find us hunky, stranded heroes--and whatever else our hearts desired?

Please let me know if you enjoy the book!

Best--Adele Dubois