Tuesday, June 2, 2009

There's a New Bull in Town

What better, during this Chinese Year of the Ox or Bull, than a bullie woolie shapeshifter kinda guy?
Yep, think of all the fun-in-cheek possibilities that immediately pop up ~ all that bull, bull crap, a whole lotta bull, bullsh*t and bullhorn ~ plus, many more such expressions I’m not thinking of right now.
Some time back I wrote the following Flash Fiction for Liquid Silver SEx blog’s Flash Fiction Sunday, where everyone is welcome to come, hang out, write flashes or simply enjoy writerly creativity as it pours directly from the fount.
That particular Sunday was a wild, anything goes, create your own shapeshifter cow day... with other shapeshifting beings making an appearance, of course.
For today, I’ve added the next 100 words to the evolving story. Oops, a big bellow, it’s an x-rated flash.

New Bull in Town

Damn! Like this is how I wanted to spend my Sunday. On stupid repairs. I pounded the third nail into the loose middle board of my old corral. I wouldn’t have bothered, except I needed it fixed for my new Arab colt.
Ouch! The hammer smacked my thumb. Damn it to effing hell! Worse! Now sweat beaded on my forehead, threatening to sting my eyes.
I bent over, pounding the stubborn nail. Damn! I stilled. A large snout snuffled, pressed against my crotch. Sniffing, blowing loudly, the animal’s muzzle pushed upward, snuggling.
None of my horses were in the corral.

I whirled around, the hammer poised like a weapon. The huge coffee-colored eyes of a longhorn bull met me. His coat was a shiny healthy liver red. His immense spread of white horns gleamed beneath the noon sun. From what I could see, flattened against my corral post, with my heart thundering, he was all sleek ferocious muscle. And beating him with the hammer would most likely have only enraged him. Calm in my panic I merely stared back at him, then asked, “Have a home?”
My answer. His nostrils flared. Stepping closer, he thrust his muzzle against my loins.

Blowing loudly, he slowly rubbed his muzzle up the zipper of my jeans. Almost delicately, he snuffled the thin hugging fabric of my tank top. My sweat-damp tank top.
“I’ll bet someone’s looking for you,” I crooned softly, half-mesmerized by the look of rut glinting from his hooded eyes.
Surprised when his muzzle shoved between my breasts, my belly leaped as if a bullet had struck.
Omygawd! Naked as a jaybird, the cowboy I’d refused to dance with last night stood pressed against me. I dropped the hammer, reached back to clutch the post. My breath poured out in gusts.

What the freakin’ hell, ran a race around an oval track in my head. What was I supposed to say? Wouldn’t it be better if I screamed to high heaven? Maybe I should just faint. I closed my eyes to help that process along. Yep, when I came to, he’d be gone. A strange figment of my sun-baked imagination.
The naked man hadn’t gone away. My eyes popped open at his, dare I admit it, bull-husky voice speaking my name. In the depths of his eyes he pawed for me, a bull in rut.
“What the hell are you?”

Okay, all you shapeshifter lovers, check this out! It’s a free read by erotic romance author, Gem Sivad. Here’s the intro from her blog. For the first part of the story go to ~ http://gemsivadauthor.blogspot.com ~

Shifting Shapes

by Gem Sivad

Even someone who loves writing western romance, can take a walk on the wild side. Besides, who says shifters didn't live in 1881 New Mexico Territory. Here's my take on the paranormal. Cat Nip will be serialize in daily posts during the month of June at which time I'll bundle it up, put a cover on it, and post it as a free download for those faithful readers who have enjoyed.




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Paris said...

Savanna! Is there no end to your wild imagination;-) I certainly hope not! Great flash!

Serena Shay said...

The Bull!! The Bull!!!! ~happy twirly dance!~ I sure hope we get to see move of Shelley and her bull!! please...

Savanna Kougar said...


Savanna Kougar said...

Paris, I hope there isn't an end. Thanks!

Serena, I plan to continue with the bull's charging flash... hehe

Crystal Kauffman said...

Goodness, where did you get that photo? I remember following a flatbed truck carrying a bull out of the mountains of Mexico and cringing the whole time, thinking tragedy was sure to strike. That photo is cute, but inspires even more fingernail-chewing.

Savanna Kougar said...

Hey, Crystal, that would have been real interesting experience.
A dear friend of mine who lives in Texas e-mailed it to me a long while back. She'd gotten it from a friend.

Gem said...

Savanna that was a nice promo you gave Cat Nip. I love your charging bull. Will definitely be back for more cattle fever *grin*.