Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cover Art for Stallion of Ash and Flame

Here it is, the cover art for my next release, STALLION OF ASH AND FLAME, coming from Siren-BookStrand, Fall 2009.
It used to irk me big time when the cover of a romance novel didn’t portray the heroine and hero, or the story, correctly. Why? The image was stuck in my head as I read and I had to keep readjusting my mental pictures. Yep, being visually oriented, this was no fun.
So, for my sake, and mostly for the sake of my readers, I do my best to make sure the cover art for my books reflects what is taking place on the e-pages and print pages, accurately.
When I blogged at The Romance Studio recently, I talked about how the cover art represents STALLION OF ASH AND FLAME ~

The hero, Trail... well, there he is on the cover. He looks Apache, even though he’s from an equine shifter world. His race shares the same ancient ancestors.
The heroine, Seneca... there she is, the woman Trail stud lusts for, but has never approached because she’s not a one-night stand and that’s all he can give her. His race is not allowed to mate permanently with humans.
The fiery stallion... Trail is on a mission to halt the raging forest fires that threaten the portal between his world and Earth. Not only can he shapeshift into a stallion, he can also phase into a flaming state that devours any furious blaze.
You can imagine Seneca’s mind-jarring shock when she first sees Trail as a stallion of flame, even though he’s rescuing her from the bad space-alien guys, at the time. Yep, the suspenseful plot is paranormal and complex.
Trail and Seneca’s love story is a contemporary that takes place in southeastern Arizona, where there are caves, mountains and a national forest. This setting is crucial to the plot for several reasons. Trail’s portal is located inside a cave. Seneca has discovered a pair of ancient amulets inside another cave, hidden deep in the lower elevations of a mountainous area. And the assortment of bad guys are using the forest for their own nefarious purposes.


THE NEW BULL IN TOWN will be chargin’ and snortin’ back with his Serial Flash story... probably, next week. Unless, I find out the release date for STALLION OF ASH AND FLAME, or there’s some other authorly interruption.
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Savanna Kougar

~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Paris said...


You have the wildest imagination! I never know what you're going to come up with next;-) Trail and Seneca sound like fascinating characters and I can't wait to read this!

Serena Shay said...

I love this cover! Congrats on getting such a good one! Trail and Seneca are going to be such a wonderful read...I can't wait. :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Paris, thanks. I just got the final edits and a release date.
Course, I'm prejudice in my feelings toward Trail and Seneca.

Serena, thanks! I'm hoping the story will resonate with readers.

Crystal Kauffman said...

Savanna this sounds freakin' awesome! I just finished judging a contest entry (for unpubbed) where the plot was soooo overused and I thought to myself, honey you have to come up with more unique plots and unusual characters if you want to get published...and you are a perfect example! This rocks.

Savanna Kougar said...

Crystal, thanks!
It's easy to overuse plots. Or simply not customize them enough.