Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Roaring Arghhh... the Computer Age

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When computers and everything interlocking with our cyber systems works, it works very, very well. When it doesn’t work, it’s sheer damn claw-attacking hell.
So, I don’t know. Is it my computer? Some horrendous virus or glitch or whatever? Or, is it some problem with the servers, my internet provider? What?
I couldn’t access Earthlink and Internet Explorer is acting like it’s on a permanent vacation. The email only worked for awhile, then went kaput. I couldn’t get the Firefox browser to work consistently.
Yep, I’m in webbie isolation and cut off as far as communication, given my location on the tame prairie.
The stupid diagnostic said something was wrong with my modem. What? Gee, I know nothing about these things, but if that were true why does my dial-up still work?
Oh, and I did purchase a backup modem, not realizing you actually have to install it inside the computer. Yeah, well, if I’m desperate, I’ll give it a go.
It’s a conspiracy I tell you! Make enough things convenient, even easy, then rip the tech rug out from beneath all of us un-savvy innocents. Don’t bother providing me with today’s version of R2D2.
Where’s my shifter hero? He could take a huge vicious bite out of those responsible... whoever THOSE are. Heck, give me a powerful vampire with fangs like small scimitars and a bloodthirsty temper.
As tough as I can be, at times, I can’t take on the whole world by myself.
Yep, I need my hero just as my heroines need their heroes in certain crucial ways. *Needing someone* has become a dirty word in our culture, often. Sure, there’s over-dependency and there are those who take advantage of others because of their neediness.
However, the bottom line truth is, we all need each other. Lovers need each other. Heroes need their heroines. That’s the way this world was designed. It’s the way we are designed as physical and spiritual beings. Romance novels beautifully reveal this truth over and over again. And that’s one reason readers snap them up. It’s also why many of us write these type of stories.
To take this into the realm of our shapeshifter romance novels, I think there are many reasons why shifter heroes and heroines star in their own subgenre now. In this day and age, feeling powerless over what is ‘generally occurring’ in the world, has become a way of life.
For example, a shifter hero can be more powerful. He can have psi-super powers. He can be faster. He can be bigger, better able to take care of his beloved heroine. Plus, in my book... yep, the ones I write... power is always sexy. Especially power used in heroic ways.
As just an ordinary human woman, gee, what I wouldn’t give for the right shifter hero, right now, to help me with the whole computer thing. Or, any hero. Heckie-doodle, R2D2 is kinda cute in a snuggly droid way.
Simply out of my own experience, as I look toward the future, it’s my belief heroes who are super strong beyond what we call human, will become more and more popular with readers. Actually, I believe that will also be true about heroines. As in the kickbutt heroine or the heroine who has, say, super psychic gifts. Of course, these are merely generalizations. Strength comes in many forms. Wisdom is one of those strengths I truly admire. It’s never enough to be smart. IMO, true wisdom always carries the day.
Nope... *that’s no bull* this week. Blame it on the deficiencies of modern day tech.
Oh, and forgive this kinda helter skelter blog, but it’s all my brain was capable of coming up with.
On a happy snappy note! I’m in the edit cave working on my next release from Siren-BookStrand, STALLION OF ASH AND FLAME ~ my stallion shifter contemporary suspense. Except for the great and strange comma dilemma... everyone seems to have their own idea of what correct placement is these days... my revisions are easy peasy compared to past edits... so far. Always, the dreaded, so far. Though, I am on the final chapters.
I have to say, too, it pleased me and my ego no end that my editor particularly liked the ending of the story and also remarked she had a hard time putting the story down. Now, if readers have a similar response, I’ll be floating in author heaven.

Note: For those authors and aspiring authors, out there, it is true. What one acquiring editor doesn’t like and puts down in a negative way, another editor will like and enjoy. That’s what happened with STALLION. It was also a blessing because I got a better deal.



Savanna Kougar

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Paris said...

Congratulations! I'm glad you got a better deal. There's nothing better than an editor who gets our vision of a book.

Sorry about the modem problem. I'm a technophobe myself and have to rely on other people when stuff like this happens.

A shifter who's a technogeek...hmmmm, Could be a secondary character;-) Good luck with the computer problems, my friend. I wish you all the best!

Serena Shay said...

Yuck! Computer problems are enough to send me running and hiding, for sure! Now if my shifter hero is also a techno computer geek, he'll have my undying love for the rest of his life!! hehe

Congrats on Stallion and your edits!

Anonymous said...

An enthusiastic editor and a better deal. Now that's a happy ending.

Forget that walking soda can R2D2. What you need is Cyborg from the Teen Titans. He'll rig your modem to send emails and zap supervillains, and he's cute to boot. Sorry, I've been watching Cartoon Network again.

Pat C.

Savanna Kougar said...


Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, finally! It's been a hellish day of finally, finally, after, at least, ten tries, to get Firefox back and working right...

Paris, thanks, finally figured out importing IE info corrupted my Firefox browser, so it wouldn't work. It took me forever, though.

Serena, wow, after this, I just might be tempted to create a super shifter techno geek.

Pat, it is a happy ending. Now if I can just get them to make the changes on my cover that I want.
Cyborg sounds adorable. I'll have to Image Search him to see what he looks like since I don't get the Cartoon Network.
However, I do have a certain fondness for the walking soda can... from the very first moment I saw him and heard him.