Monday, September 21, 2009

Dolphin Mates and Beach Clues...

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Would he come for her as he’d promised? Maris watched the sleek gray bodies of dolphins frolic in the surf as the sun rose. She dug her toes into the wet sand, clenching them around the grains of earth to keep her grounded as the sea washed over her feet.

It was a year to the day since they’d first made love on this very beach. Maris walked thigh deep into the incoming tide and willed one of the dolphins to turn toward her. To just acknowledge her presence. But as the dolphins drifted into deeper waters, she sighed.

He wasn’t coming. She dropped her gaze, tears sliding down her cheeks. She’d missed her chance. How could she have been so foolish. What they had was once in a lifetime and she hadn’t been willing to take a chance. To believe in love. Maris jumped when she heard a splash then lifted her head, hope filling her chest.

It was him. He strode toward her as sleek as the dolphins who disappeared with the dawn. Maris licked her lips as she surveyed his well muscled torso. Short wet hair clung to his head like a helmet, at least until he shook his head. Water cascaded outward, catching the sunlight and glittering like a rainbow before it hit the sea to become one with it again. He walked into her arms as though he’d never been gone. Their mouths met in a warm kiss of remembrance and passion.

“Dylan, you came,” she whispered when he lifted his head.

“I promised and I never break a promise.” He brushed her hair off her brow, stroking her face with reverence.

“No. You don’t,” she agreed. His loyalty and honor were just two of the reasons she loved him.

“Are you ready to join me in my world, Maris?”

She took a deep breath. A year ago she’d been shocked when he told her the truth. Unbelieving and unable to understand right up until the moment he dove into the water and changed as he swam away from her.

It was only his promise to return in one year. Here. To their beach. That had kept her going. Watching him swim away had left her empty. As if someone had carved something vital from her soul and left her in some half-life. Just barely alive.

“Maris. You know what I am now.”

“I do. But how can I join you, Dylan? I can’t change the way you can. I can’t live in the sea.”

“I believe you can. You’re my mate. I know you are.”

She smiled, kissing his rough cheek. “I know I am too. I didn’t believe last year, but after being without you, I’m as sure as you are.”

“Then why do you fear? Let me show you how.”

Maris watched wide eyed as he stepped deeper into the water and began to shimmer. His body elongated and drew in. His legs moved together and became flukes. She gasped when he completed his change into a dolphin. He gently nudged her and she held out her hands marveling at the texture of his flesh. Smooth and sleek. He herded her toward deeper water so that she was swimming.

The deeper he drew her into the ocean, the more frightened Maris became. He swam out away from her and she stopped, looking frantically for him. He wouldn’t leave her. She knew he wouldn’t…would he?

“No, Maris. I’ll never leave you.”

She turned in the water, reaching for Dylan. He pulled her into his arms, his hands running down her back. His touch soothed, but also aroused her. She kissed his damp neck, loving the salty taste of his skin. He cupped her breast, pinching her tight nipples which sent fire between her thighs. Maris lifted her legs, wrapping them around his waist. Opening herself for him. His fingers slid inside her, stretching her for him.

Maris gasped as the ocean pulled them further out while he fingered her. She clung to Dylan because she never swam this deep. Never this far from shore. But with her mate by her side, she knew that she’d always be safe. Protected.
She rode his hand, arching into the pleasure he gave her. Floating. Accepting him. Who he was and what he was. When he removed his hand she whimpered in distress, but he kissed her. Maris gazed into his sea blue eyes and sighed as he slid into her. Taking her deep, flowing into her like the tide rolling across the shore. It was as good as she remembered...but it was more. She rode him, clinging to him. Wrapped around him. He gasped into her open mouth, driving faster. Taking them both higher.
Maris closed her eyes as he body wound tighter with need and hunger. Her fingers dug into his shoulders, fighting to take him even closer. Their breaths mingled. Harder. Faster. And finally she shuddered, crashing like a wave as her orgasm sucked her under. Dylan groaned and followed her to bliss. They bobbed in the waves, clutching one another as the intensity ebbed to a warm glow.
"We're meant to be together, Maris. Try to change. Just once."
Maris nodded, reluctantly releasing Dylan. She floated on the water, felt herself become one with it. She stretched and suddenly it happened. Her body morphed. Reshaped itself. Her legs melded forming a fluke. Her arms molded to her sides. She looked at the sea around her, seeing through a dolphin's eyes. It was beautiful...until she sank like a stone. Maris thrashed. Tried to master her new body as panic set in. But then Dylan was there, pushing her to the surface so she could breathe like a mother dolphin does with a new calf.
Dylan taught her to swim and to his world. They cavorted. Playing and loving one another. As the sun set, they headed out to sea. To begin the rest of their lives as mates.


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Serena Shay said...

~Whew~ erhm, it's ah...warm in here!! Nice job, Francesca. What beach is Maris awaiting her mate and oh my, do they make more like him? ;)

Francesca Hawley said...

I figured it was someplace in the Caribbean. Glad you enjoyed the story. ;-)


Savanna Kougar said...

Francesca, that was just utterly dolphin-loving fantastic.
Thank you!

Crystal Kauffman said...

Wow, very sensuous story, Francesca. Beautifully woven.

Paris said...

Great story, Francesca. But then I knew it would be;-) Tried to get here between the lightning strikes yesterday and didn't make it!