Friday, September 25, 2009

Worshiped From Afar

Adrian slipped back into the shadows surrounding his gardens. The moon shone brightly over the perfect blooms he had spent years cultivating. Blooms that perfectly matched each of the lovely shapeshifters he worshiped from afar.

First, there was a Gothic gargoyle he'd found years ago, chipping paint from too many attempted spray paintings, hidden in the basement of his castle. The need to clean the stone beauty and place her in the center of a field of cyclamen, a delicate bloom which spoke of modesty and shyness, was a call he could not pass up. Under his determined hand, the flowers bloomed and to his ultimate surprise one dark evening, so did the newly refurbished statue. He'd christened her Crystal, for her eyes glittered like the clear gem in either of her forms.

In the next bed of flowers, Purple Tulips grew clumped together at their bases yet rose to the sky in their perfectly majestic way. They screamed out their royal status and drew in the midnight black jaguar he'd named Serena for the serene way she'd drift into the gardens. Even in her human form she wore the facade of a Princess, perfect and pleasing to his every sense.

Along one side of his garden, grew a length of rose bushes. White to symbolize purity and innocence's. The perfect description of his tawny, black spotted jaguar. Paris, was her moniker, the city of lights. Her beauty shone from within as she smelled the gentle blooms. Never taking one and placing it in her mass of hair, but he hoped someday she'd dare, it would be a sight to see.

On the other side of the garden was his length of Pink roses. The symbol of love and happiness. His roses were visited day after day by the wild cougar, Savanna. Her smiles and true joy in the time spent amid the sweet smelling blooms was evident to all, including the male cat who camped out beyond the edge of his land. There was love there. A deep, undeniable connection. Mates.

Finally, at the rear of the gardens rose high and full the hardy lilac bushes. Lilacs, he knew, symbolized love, particularly first love. Hidden between the bushes was the wolf. She was new to his garden. Only recently had she shown up, but always she lurked around the delicate, but aromatic flowers. He had yet to see her in her human form, but already her name had popped into his head, Francesca. The name of his first love.

His gardens were his place of peace, of hope and of love. When his mercenary past closed in on him during the long hours of the night, he would come here. He would worship these beauty's from afar. He would heal.

Here it is, our final clue for the giveaway. Our favorite flowers. Stop by next week for a chance to win.

Have a beautiful weekend!


Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, this is incredibly wonderful. You made me smile and smile and enjoy, despite the pain I'm in right now.
THANK YOU! From my heart to yours.

Serena Shay said...

((Hugs)) Savanna. I'm so glad this made you smile! Darn that pain. I'm back on it, positive healing thoughts coming your way. :)

Paris said...

Serena, This was beautiful;-) You are truly gifted! And Savanna, sending some white light your way. Hope you're better soon;-)

Serena Shay said...

:) Thank You so much, Paris! Have a great weekend!