Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tweaking Your Workstation

Lately, I've been dealing with a chronic lower back condition and having to come up with creative ways to manage writing on a daily basis. I thought a new chair might help but I'm actually typing this blog while standing up because it seems, that wasn't the answer.

The source of the problem needs to be dealt with and I'm undergoing a six to eight week treatment that will help but in the meantime I have to deal with this and it started me thinking.

How many of us actually have a situation that we need to work around? What special little "tweaks" have you made to your workstation to make it more comfortable? Have you tried ergonomic keyboards, voice recognition software or anything else that helps you in your day to day writing career?

I'd really be interested in knowing,heck I might even be able to adapt it to my little problem;-)

Have a safe holiday!


Serena Shay said...

Ouch Paris,
Back pain is no fun! I've dealt with this as well for many years and I have yet to find a perfect chair. What I do is, use pillows to support myself. Usually one on the seat and another curled right into the lower back, then finding the right height for my feet. This works for a while, but I'm always having to get up and move around as well. Good Luck with getting it under control!!

Honoria Ravena said...

Well, I don't know about tweaks for your work area, but have you ever considered excersize when your back starts acting up. I'm not talking any thing strenuous, but just getting up and going for a fifteen or twenty minute walk when your back starts to act up.

Or maybe you could get one of those chairs with the massagers. They have the ones that viberate, but they also have these really great chair covers with rotating pieces that heat up and move up and down your back. They're awesome.

Savanna Kougar said...

Paris, total sympathies here. I've certainly dealt with back pain. Fortunately I could correct my lower back pain with the right simple exercises and/or by using tei-fu lotion. Also, about everyday I apply Jason Cooling Mineral Gel, which helps keep it from tightening up.
Right now, it's my lower right leg that is a mess. I've got my foot on top of a pillow and scrunched up blanket, which seems to help.
Oh, would I love to have a massaging chair!
I do get up often. Keep the circulation going and the body moving is always a good thing, if you can.

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, magnesium oil works great for some people, too.

Paris said...

I'm going to have to try the pillow trick. I'd never thought of that but lumbar support would be a definite help. I use a footstool that I bought and didn't put the legs on and it turned out to be the right height. My legs are so short I've never found a chair that I could use with any desk I had;-) Yep, I'm a shorty!

Paris said...

Exercise is great but I got stupid during the editing phase of my latest book and wasn't as diligent about taking breaks or doing my Yoga stretches and walking. My bad. I would love to have a massaging chair! Thanks for the tips;-)

Paris said...

I usually use the tei-fu when I have a cold but I hadn't thought of it for muscles! thanks for the tip;-) And, uh...that lower right leg thing might be your sciatic nerve, which is something I'm dealing with now--try putting the cooling gel on your right hip--find the place by pressing your finger from your hip bone to the center and when it feels like someone poked you with a hot needle--that's where you put the gel!

Magnesium oil you say--I'll have to check it out;-) Thanks!

Fran Lee said...

Back pain is the pits. It makes it difficult to do just about anything, and sitting for many hors is not pleasant. I found a massaging chair pad over at WalMart. You can find them many places, especially just around Christmas, when everyone is scrambling to find gifts for men. :P

Paris said...

I'm thinking a massaging chair pad may be at the top of my wish list this holiday;-). In fact, I may just gift myself the minute they hit the shelves! Thanks!

Janice said...

Oh back problems, been there, still there, lol.

I've had a massage chair and they are wonderful, but are expensive and wear out too fast. Now I have a massage pad in my chair. They're cheeper and I can get a new one easier than getting a new chair, and I've also used a heating pad when my back gets really bad. If you do buy a new chair make sure it has a really good lumbar support.

I have a small foot-stool I pick up at Salvation army for around three bucks, and have my feet propped up on that too. I change my foot possition on it from time to time too.

The hard part and most important is take time out from your writing to get up and move around, so your not sitting in the same position for too long. You should do this anyway for your eyes. You don't want to over-strain your peepers too.


Paris said...

Thanks for the great advice! And thanks for stopping by to share it;-)