Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Black Tiger in New York City

Arriving from the fresh mountain air of his homeworld, Zurroc paused until the travel ripples ceased. He pulled his black duster closer to his body, reacting to the sudden rage of sound around him.

As fast, the chaos of odors inside Newark airport and the scents of the human crowd hit him full force. Zurroc mentally dialed down the power of his nose, though, not enough to keep him from knowing the content of an individual’s character.

Partially concealed by a pillar, he scanned the immediate area using all of his senses, especially his psi abilities. All clear, as far as known enemies, he moved toward a group departing an airline flight. Imitating the stride of an Earth male, he joined them.

To fit in, he adjusted the shoulder strap of his large satchel like a tourist. At the same time, he scouted for the trouble he knew would come. The swamp-like smell of corrupt security officials guaranteed it.

If it hadn’t been the Equalizer Force’s policy that he follow the common practices of an Earth society, Zurroc would have simply stepped inside her domain, and waited with the stalking patience of his kind.

He’d been sent, in part, to keep a vigilant eye and paw on the tigress woman who twisted his loins into aching knots. She hadn’t dutifully checked in with her contact at the Equalizer Force, an occurrence that happened all too often. He knew, if it hadn’t been for her exemplary performance as an Earth operative, she would have been recalled long ago.

Zurroc silently growled. No matter the ferocity of his missions he couldn’t untie those carnal knots, even though she denied her mating desire for him, always racing from his presence as if he’d set fire to her tail. Oh yeah, he’d like to set her lushly rounded tail on fire with the strength of his furious thrusts taking her dark moist core.

For the longest time he’d tried to dismiss her from his thoughts. Yeah, gnashing fangs, that had worked for him. He might as well have sprang into the heavens and clawed the sun into obedience.

Keeping one eye on the ‘good citizen’ about to rat him out, he ignored his hot-as-the-sun balls, and sauntered in the direction of the corporate barbie doll. She furtively glanced at him before seeking out the nearest security person, a man who looked like he’d taken too many punches to the head.

Speaking quickly, Savior barbie turned, pointing an accusing finger at him. Zurroc continued walking as if he thought about nothing other than retrieving a bag and finding a taxi.

“You. You there, halt,” Melon Head commanded. Grabbing the butt of his sidearm, he chugged his enormous frame toward Zurroc. “I want to talk with you. Stop right where you are.”

Shrugging like his day had taken a bad turn, Zurroc halted in his tracks. Simultaneously, he lasered his gaze on Melon Head. Leaping as tiger toward the man, he mentally eviscerated him. In seconds, he’d planted the image of brutally clawing out his guts.

Melon Head stopped on the proverbial dime, his bulk quivering like a bowl full of jelly. Panic widened his eyes and he stared for an instant, then turned striding away as if he had something important to do. Corporate blond barbie narrowed her gaze at him. Giving her a smug grin, he moved past her.

Just because he felt morally compelled, Zurroc streamed a new field of energy into the airport scanner. Instead of depleting humans of their natural vitality, now everyone would be transformed, becoming ten percent faster, stronger, smarter. He smiled for the cameras as he strode into the weak sunshine, knowing his features would be nothing but a useless blur.

Scenting which taxi he wanted, Zurroc waved it toward him, and climbed in quickly. “Csentauri,” the woman driver spoke as a way of introducing herself. “Ryloth,” Zurroc identified his home solar system for her. From that point on they spoke telepathically.

After presenting the Csentauri woman with a jewel from his world, one that would heighten her powers, Zurroc unfolded his frame from the backseat of the taxi. He took long moments to survey the outside of the dilapidated warehouse that served as the isolated lair for his tigress. And, she was his, he’d decided that before agreeing to this assignment.

Since everything remained hidden from surveillance by the cloud-like field she’d cast over the building, he bounded up the steel steps. Knowing she wasn’t present, he entered and sniffed for when she’d left, not six hours prior.

Dropping the satchel, he masked his presence from her. No, he sure as fang-hell, wasn’t taking chance one his tigress woman would act on impulse and race away from him. No, not this time. Drawing in her most subtle fragrances, he prowled through her domain, a colorful mosaic of furnishings.

Her casual sloppiness let him know she felt at home here. Lucille, he rumbled a laugh at the name his tigress had chosen for New York City. Once he’d unpacked and made himself at home, Zurroc roamed from room to room straightening as pleased him. That is, until he heard her fast stealthy leap up the steps.

Prepared to spring, he lounged against the doorframe, waiting. She moved inward, and he sensed her weariness. She’d exhausted herself in the use of her powers. He’d find out precisely how later.

“Kytaira.” He pleasurably tasted her name as he spoke it.

“You!” She whirled on him. “Why are you here?” A silent snarl curled one side her lips before she rushed for the closed door.

Zurroc sidestepped in front of her, stopping her with his sheer size. He didn’t attempt to touch her, or capture her against him. She didn’t fight to escape, knowing it would be to her disadvantage.

“I didn’t contact, did I?” she murmured.

“The Equalizer Force isn’t happy. They sent me to be your partner.”

“No.” She backed away.



Savanna Kougar

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Serena Shay said...

Whew... Zurroc is welcome here, any old time he wants! He sounds like just what's needed to keep Kytaira in line, only in the most pleasurable ways, of course. ;)

Love the names, by the way!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm... hot tiger telepaths...

When are you going to finish one of these? You should have a contest. Run your favorite five flashes and we'll vote on them. Winner gets written. That should keep you busy and us happy.

Pat C.

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, Zurroc certainly wants his tigress!

Savanna Kougar said...

Hey, Pat, I'm trying to get Kandy Apple finished. The tigers are interrupting, however.