Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Speed Mating Instead of Speed Dating

Tuesday greetings, shapeshifter lovers, since I couldn’t follow in Pat Cunningham’s cleverly humorous and incredible footsteps, I created an OtherWorld scene that could be called Speed Mating instead of Speed Dating.

Sylenna reclined against the back of the sturdy, but exquisitely comfortable chair. Playing the unavailable temptress because it pleased her, she propped one of her long shapely legs on the opposite chair. Languidly, she shook her head, tumbling her dark cinnamon-colored hair. The lush waves fell to her blatantly round butt, displayed by a glistening film of cocoa brown fabric.

Taking her time, she scanned the gold-gleaming interior of the upscale intergalactic lounge. Located on the free planet of Utevvo, it was a renowned hangout for shapeshifter men. Sylenna eased her gaze over the twenty plus men waiting near the crescent-shaped bar for the mating games to begin.

Most of them arrived in search of a permanent woman or a relationship that would last during a long interlude of space travel. A few wanted wild sex in the sack before departing on a galactic mission.

Despite her underlying desperation, Sylenna remained cool as a polar wind. All that training from her mother hadn’t gone to waste. Being forced to find a husband, or her brother would inherit the family lands, Sylenna had chosen to offer herself here, at the suggestion of her best girlfriend.

She carnally enjoyed the beast inside a man, so why not have man and beast? Before journeying to Utevvo, she’d studied the various breeds and races of shapeshifters. From her perusal of the sinfully handsome men, who were in humanoid form, Sylenna decided most of her learning proved to be useless, as far as identifying their animal shift side.

However, two of the men exhibited a Big Cat heritage, their skin pigments subtly spotted and striped, their movements primal and powerful. The other one, a giraffe shifter, she identified because of his exceptional height. Not knowing who desired a wife and who didn’t, Sylenna didn’t allow herself to choose a favorite.

Arriving early, she’d leisurely dined on finger foods while giving no indication she’d signed up for permanent mating. Now that she made her interest obvious by looking them over, several of the men returned the favor, their gazes running over her, dark-energy hot.

Responding, Sylenna reached for her drink, a sultry glide of her body. Not looking at any of them directly, she sipped her fruit-enriched drink. Keeping the glass against her lips, she lazily toyed with the rim.

In her peripheral vision, she watched a man pillage her with his gaze. His appearance reminded her of a shaman-wizard. Unlike some of the shifter males, he wasn’t bulky in stature. His sculpted physique, revealed by skin-hugging garments, invited the exploration of her hands and tongue.

With streamlined, deceptive power, he sauntered toward the area of the bar that was closest to her. Sylenna could tell by the tilt of his head that he scented her. Pivoting, he faced her. His gaze stabbed her face, the blaze of his eyes communicating the quick rise of his lust.

Her breath rushed inward. Her cheeks burned as her sex mound thrummed and her sheath dripped. From the corner of her eye, she watched him brazenly inhale the fragrance of her juices. A disconcerting tremor passed through her middle. Goddess help her, she had no idea what kind of beast he changed into. What if she’d made some horrendous mistake, the consequences beyond her ability to handle?

To her temporary relief, women poured into the lounge. Their low excited voices filled the large rounded structure, a melodious orchestra of sound. Sylenna tried to breathe normally, even as her stomach clenched, and didn’t unclench. There was no turning back now. Turning. Sylenna laughed hysterically inside. She couldn’t turn or ‘shift’ out of this situation.

No, she’d made her bed, the question being who was going to be in her bed. For a long moment, she squeezed her eyelids shut. The enormous gong rang, reverberating loudly throughout the room like a call to arms. Sylenna heard the stampede of mate-hunting males. Opening her eyes, she stared at the sight before her.

In some manner of civilized combat she’d never witnessed before, some of the men battled each other and fought their way toward the woman they’d chosen to impress first. The shaman-wizard spun back and forth, his arms and feet attacking two other shapeshifters.

Transfixed, Sylenna leaned forward attempting to follow the eye-deceiving thrust and flow of his blows. If nothing else his ability to fight for her rated at super-nova spectacular. With her eyes bulging like the recording orbs of her world, she watched, only blinking once he whirled, his victory obvious.

He strode toward her as if she was his prize. If his eyes had blazed before, now they were darkly volcanic. His features appeared even more chiseled, and remained taut with his combat. Since he couldn’t touch her, he halted on the other side of the table. Their gazes clashed, not in opposition, but with a sunburst of passion that scorched her whole body.

“I am Darzhon from the starcruiser, Zephyr Valiant.” He spoke in common galactica, yet his rasp might as well have been pure sorcery. “You, most gorgeous woman, belong in my arms. You belong to my loins.”

His gaze unwavering, bold as a warrior, he waited for her permission to seat himself. When had her heart ever beat this furiously over any man? Sylenna motioned with the proper gesture, her arm moving nearly of its own volition. Trapped by his hunger for her, she wondered what manner of beast prepared to seduce her.



Savanna Kougar

~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Author of ~

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Pat C. said...

Omigod, you have got to continue this. What kind of shifter has claimed her? Do we get hints? How can we get to this place?
Finally, some giraffe love! The herbivorous shifters tend to get overlooked for the most part. It also makes me wonder if shifters reflect their country of origin, i.e., would a giraffe or lion shifter be African-American. My coyotes are Native Americans, but most are blonds. I'm not sure how that happened. Mutation?

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, my ego is singing... I don't know what kind of shifter claimed her... that has yet to be revealed... though, I have some ideas... Darzhon is being darn cagey, however.
As a free planet, Utevvo, can only be accessed by docking at their orbital station, then podding down to the surface.
Good question about reflecting your country of origin, I would say they do. But since, they're also a race unto themselves they wouldn't have to. Often, I think their animal coloring can reflect their human shift coloring.
As far as your coyotes, the Vikings were here, WAY before Columbus.
Actually, there was a white race of American Indians. They were exterminated by the other tribes before the arrival of the Europeans because of a prophecy about the white man exterminating them. Odd how history and prophecy works. Too bad some in the human race are still exterminating others.

Anonymous said...

Interesting info about the white Native Americans. I hadn't heard that one before. I wouldn't rule out some Viking wolf background for my coyote shifters. Descendents of Fenris? I just read an interesting article on the genetic background of the Eastern coyote that I may be blogging about on Monday.

But enough about that. Finish the story.

Pat C.

Paris said...

I really like that their coloring reflects the animal they shift into. Makes it interesting:-)as if you needed more, LOL! Great scene and I'm with Pat, more, more!

Serena Shay said...

~Whew~ Please, please, please tell me that was just the beginning tease of that scene and you will be gracing us with more of Darzhon and Sylenna!

I love the idea of their coloring reflecting their animal. Hmmm, I wonder what one would look like if mother nature got sassy and allowed for the procreating of two unlikely animals? say a cat and dog? lol

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, that would be ultra cool about the genetic background.

Savanna Kougar said...

Paris, hair and body coloring... it seems like a natural approach.
Or, for example, if someone is described as having lion-like or hawkish features, certainly, that could reflect their animal shift side.

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, at this point I have no idea what I can manage... but, of course, I would love writing more of their story.

A cat and dog... I have a couple of wips that are about a canine shifter and a feline shifter getting together... but the offspring? That would make a great story, though, if the heroine and/or hero was a cat/dog shifter by birth.

Crystal Kauffman said...

Beautiful, as always. Glistening film of cocoa brown fabric, cool as a polar wind, darkly volcanic... I love it.

I get to say "I knew you when..."

Savanna Kougar said...

Crystal, you're a sweetheart!
And, right back at ya...