Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Electrical Tape: Don’t leave home without it

As a writer of erotic romance, there is a lot of “risqué” stuff I’ll write about, and talk about. Lets face it, erotic romance writers know how to push the bar. But there are some things that just aren’t sexy, erotic or fun, no matter how you write them.

I guess lawyers know how to push the bar too. I sat in front of my computer with my mouth hanging open when I read this in the article about the newscaster Erin Andrews peeping Tom case:

(Source: Mike Robinson, Huffington Post) "I don't think he's even had a traffic ticket," said lawyer Rick Beuke of his client, Michael David Barrett. "He's as regular a guy as you'll ever meet – a great friend."

Okay, Mr Beuke? If you travel to a hotel room with a special eyepiece to peer through peepholes from the outside of the door- YOU ARE NOT A REGULAR GUY. You are Johnny Knoxville at 17 years old. You’re a creepy perv. You are an asshole out to harm other human beings. You’re a stalker who deserves to go to jail.

“Barrett cried as he addressed Andrews in court, saying he would spend the rest of his life regaining the respect of his friends and family and atoning for his mistakes...” (LINDA DEUTSCH, SF Examiner)

Now that’s funny.

The next time I go to sprawl mart, I’m buying a cheap roll of black electrical tape and tossing it into my suitcase. Half an inch taped over the peep hole should do the trick. I have a feeling Erin Andrews is going to do the same.


Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, electrical tape or my family's personal favorite, duct or duck tape.
Actually, there are so many cameras now, sanctioned and not sanctioned, including in the bathrooms of school children, where pervs ARE watching everyday, and not much is ever done, I wonder, on the whole scale of justice where he falls.

Paris said...

What is it about our society that makes people believe it's okay to spy on one another? I'm sick of cameras everywhere and I'm sick of the attitudes that put them there. Life is not a reality tv show.

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, Paris, I so agree!!!