Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hellhounds Do Dance

Admittedly, my mind is in a muddle. It was a long draining day, yesterday, and, so far, inspiration for a bloggie has only arrived like the splattering raindrops of a storm that never actually develops, but merely threatens big things to come.

Okay, what about all of my shapeshifter WIPs? All of my notes on various shapeshifters populating Earth in legend and lore? What about my hellhounds, Zol and Zin, who star in Kandy Apple for Halloween?

Side note: those two heroes are cracking me up. Yes, I figured I’d attempt to finish their story for Halloween. Will it happen? I have no clue, given everything authorly coming down the pike and all of the unexpected interruptions of life. But, heck, I’m giving it the ole ra-ra college try.

Oh, why not? Here’s the section I worked on last ~

“We want to lick Kandy Apple for Halloween,” they rasped together.

Their voices were such polished restraint, Kandace didn’t spin around and leave. She didn’t gaze directly at them, either. We, they’d said we. Nope, she wasn’t going down that rabbit hole by asking what they meant.

Dammit, hole. Obviously, they both wanted her sex hole. No wonder those women had dreamy expressions. Two, two, at once. Oh, god, why was she remembering the stupid Doublemint twins? Okay, she had seen a YouTube vid of the old commercial recently because a friend had e-mailed it.

“No, you are not licking this Kandy Apple for Halloween. I’ll send you some real candy apples.”

Why were her feet super-glued to the floor? Hell, why did her skin burn with what could only be described as raunchy desire? Frakking-crap, why didn’t one of them say something before she crushed her glass? “I believe I’m in need of another drink.”

Zin gently relieved her of the glass. “I’ll be right back, Kandace.” Pivoting with languid grace, he moved away.

“We’ve frightened you. That wasn’t our intention.” Zol extended his hand in invitation. “Care to dance, Kandace? The music has begun.”

“If you tell me what you meant by Enduoir witch.”

Yep, my Hellhound Heroes do dance with the sophisticated and debonair style of Cary Grant. They’re also slavering hellbeasts who punish evildoers and bring them to their master, Hades, for a tortuous stay in the Underworld.


Savanna Kougar

~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

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Anonymous said...

What breed are the Hellhounds? Rottweiler or Labradoodle? We don't have enough Hell-Labradoodles.

Never mind. As long as we're on old-timey commercials, sounds like Kandy's in for a lickin' and is sure to keep on tickin.

Pat C.

Savanna Kougar said...

Hellhounds, according to some sources have been volcanically created, or are the stuff of volcanoes instead of clay, and formed by some type of god entity.

I totally concur... yeah, we don't have enough Hell-Labradoodles... god, give me a nasty shiver.

Apologies of all who love them, however.

Yep, Kandy's in for a twin hellhound lickin' and she'll be ecstatically tickin'.

Serena Shay said...

Oooh, Kandy! Hellhounds darlin, sexy, lava filled beasts who surely know how to, erm, blow. ;) Go For It!! woot!!

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena... lol... we'll see how far I get with their story. Ya never know, miracles do occur.