Saturday, February 26, 2011

Escape From Detection

Night Hawk looked at the carefully worded sign. He didn't understand why Spirit Bear insisted on traveling to the high country and ice fishing. Neither did he comprehend why Octavia had taken Mickey into the bedroom and closed the door. They'd been in there for over forty minutes.

The door swung open. Mickey walked out wearing a smile one hundred degrees brighter than the look she'd given him the last two days. Spirit Bear had shrugged and muttered the word women twice after the door had closed. Something was going on.

"Mickey, can I talk to you?" Night Hawk approached her keeping his eyes on both Octavia leaning against the door and Mickey who stopped midway into the hall.

"I don't know if you can talk. Ordering me around seems to be your preferred method." Mickey shot him a sour look that sent clouds scurrying for cover.

"Spirit Bear left me in charge," Night Hawk began. A loud cough followed by a throat clearing told him he erred again.

"I think you're better off son if you let them tell us what they want us to know." Tongson pointed to Mickey and Octavia. His semi-grin and quick nod told Night Hawk a storm brewed.
What the cause was he sure as hell didn't know.

Octavia pushed off the door frame and walked over to Tongson. "Isn't always easy acquiescing power or control is it?"

Tongson looked up and nodded before looking away. "In this time and place, working as a team serves us better. Please assist Mickey and Night Hawk with packing."

Octavia smiled and patted Tongson's shoulder. "Don't go down to the store. Let one of us be seen putting up the sign. While on lookers are distracted, we'll shadow spell the books that need to be hidden. "

Mickey moved up next to Octavia. "Mistress, I need to let the Mink Clan know what has happened to their catalyst. Two of the clan maybe pregnant as a result of the night Danny spent with the clan."

Octavia smiled. "It is good to see the clans expand, but now is not the time to worry about them. Your animal is not the mink. Nor is it Night Hawk's."

"No, but we are their leaders until others fill our roles. Without a leader, chaos could result."
Mickey licked her lips and wrung her hands together.

"I've sent others to over see while we are gone. Know that all is taken care of." Octavia leaned down and whispered to Mickey.

Night Hawk moved toward Mickey. "I need to know---" He stopped as Octavia's eyes met his. Images and words rushed through his mind. His hands grasped his head as he rocked forward.
Tongson steadied him.

"Octavia, careful. They are young in power. Not like you and I, older than the dirt upon which we stand." Tongson let go of Night Hawk's arm.

"Listen to me my youngsters. A clan of shape shifters seeks the power we hold and wield. My ancient tome is safe until they learn how to call its power and magic forth. I did not duplicate all the information only enough to dupe them into believing they hold the real thing." Tongson pressed two cloth bags into Night Hawk's hand. "Go pull the books Octavia showed you. Double bag them and do not do more than look for the words. Saying or thinking the titles can release a trail that we do not have time to cover."

Octavia motioned Tongson aside. "Be careful my love. Shielding is as important as when we were being sought in the early days."

Tongson's weak smile and quick nod didn't offset the sadness his eyes held.


Another week is come and gone. Another month as well, soon first quarter of the year will be done. Spring will return and warmth with it.

I've got a new book sold and a tentative release date for June. As more solidifies, I'll keep you informed.

Keep the faith that spring is around the corner. Read a few good books with your spice and friends. Share the warmth and keep cozy!

Have a great weekend!


Rebecca Murray said...

Nice! Expanding minks, confused Night Hawks, and a wily old bear with tricks up his sleeves. I can't wait to read more of what you have in store!

Savanna Kougar said...

Rebecca said it beautifully. Magickal intrigue is afoot, or apaw, all to defeat the enemy. Great flash-ing.

Pat C. said...

Have the tigers gone north?
I would hate to see Sergei vs. Tongson. Those two should at the very least have respect for one another and not be enemies.
Danny's a daddy? Will we see him on the Maury show?

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, that would be a definite howl. Danny on the Maury show... is he the real mink daddy?

Serena Shay said...

Danny's a daddy! Well then I guess Penelope's upcoming lessons are going to be a good thing for him. :)