Friday, February 25, 2011

Is That A Punishment?

Quiet voices at the other end of the suite wound Danny up tighter than a corset on a debutante. Penn…,er Ma’am had ordered him into the bedroom with strict orders to shift and stay on the bed. He’d followed her orders until two hushed male voices joined hers.

Though he’d been unable to hear the exact words spoken, their tones were deep and just this side of angry. He cringed at the thought of what she might send them in here to do to him. Truth was, while he enjoyed men, giving was more his style.

Minutes seemed like hours as he waited for the fallout of his actions. So what if he’d run away from the old bear dude and interrupted Penn…,er Ma’am and the beefcake at the airport, and well called her Penny instead of Ma’am as she’s instructed. Did that mean he had to pay his dues with sex—hard, vigorous and teeth gnashing sex? The kind of sex that had at one time had him panting for more, but now left him totally uninterested?

If he could speak in his animal form he’d be calling himself three kinds of puss bag. When had hot, hard and raunchy given way to soft and meaningful?

Impatient and nervous, Danny crawled down the side of the bed and inched towards the door hoping that a peek at whoever remained would give him an idea of what he could expect.

Stretching his neck around the jam, he spied Penn…,er Ma’am pushing the extra large airport guy into a high backed wooden chair. She walked around him, every inch of her aura putting off the lady of the manor vibe. When her hands came around the massive chest on the delicious Aussie and eased their way down the rolling abs, delineated by the tight t-shirt, Danny wished his mink face could looked as enthralled as big, bad and burley’s did.

“Burgess, your name feels heavenly rolling off my tongue. Would you by chance have anything else that would be as agreeable in my mouth?”

Oh slinky de-dink. Pe…,er Ma’am could use her words as well as the small hands now slowly unbuttoning Aussie boy’s shirt. One button at a time.

“I surely do, Missssss…”

“Do not speak unless I give you permission, blue…”

Oh hell, by the look on the Aussie’s face, he’d be talking again soon enough as he was thoroughly enjoying the sturdy pinching she was giving both of his small nipples. Not a very good punishment, really. Only, he still wasn’t talking, even after she’d removed her fingers and slid onto his lap to finish undressing him…

“I will find my own way around this lovely body, blue, and discover all the beautiful things it has to show me. Shall we start with these delightfully dusky nips? You may speak.”

“Yes, Mistress.”


Danny backed away from the door and climbed back up the king-sized feather bed. He curled his tiny mink body into a tight circle in the middle, tucking each tender part of his anatomy under himself as far as possible. He couldn’t understand their play. When Burgess disobeyed he’d had gotten a reward, whereas, the last time he’d been played, even the rewards had felt like punishments.


Rebecca Murray said...

Poor Danny. Something tells me his schooling in healthy relationships is about to show him that being a dom isn't about delivering punishment, isn't he?

Serena Shay said...

Hehehe, Danny is indeed about to find that all Dom's are not the same and that punishments are not necessarily a bad thing. ;) Penelope is Domme lite and may be more to Danny's liking.

Savanna Kougar said...

Ohhh, Danny, the little mink guy... he needs love, too.

And, Burgess is getting some high quality attention... ooooh, yeah... hot stuff!

Serena Shay said...

He sure does need love, Savanna and I think Penelope and Burgess are the couple to show him that. :)

Oooh yes, Burgess is most definitely getting some hot, hot attention and he's loving it, too. ~wink~

Pat C. said...

What? Danny slunk back into the bedroom? He didn't stay and watch? Or take notes? He really has changed.

I'd like to know why Penny -- er, Ma'am wants him to stay in mink form. Just how much of a dirty birdie is our Penny?

Oh, to be a fly on the wall for the Penny/Burgess encounter ... or a participant ...

Serena Shay said...

Yep Pat, Danny snuck away. Penelope confuses the slinky mink. :)

No, not a dirty birdie, per se, but she has plans for him...definite plans.

Oh gads yes to be a perticipant. Burgess submitting would be a delight to witness in the flesh.