Saturday, February 5, 2011

Owl Wisdom Octavia Style

Octavia swooped lower, screeching in response to the private jet roaring over her head. Her eyes roved the horizon, taking in every nuisance, noting each movement and individual—human or animal. She knew he was here, searching just as she was.

Tongson held the answer or the questions. The powers-that-be refused to say which.

“Damn you Spirit Bear,” she screeched as another larger jet screamed over head. “Why is this place of noise and large objects trying to imitate my brethren so blasted important?”

Flaying her wings against the upward drafts and currents threatening to carry her away from her intended goal, Tavia scanned the humans stand closer to the largest building. Air travel fascinates non-shifters and those of the four legged shifter types. To her, it was as much part of who she was as who she wasn't. Neither fully human nor avian, Tavia, high priestess of the Owl Clan, knew each side of her duality contained dark and light aspects.

Tongson understood. As clan leader of the Bear elders, he wielded magic and power few knew existed. True half-breeds lived. Dual natures worked together, honing their senses and strengths until where one stopped or the other started only the spirits and powers-that-be knew.

Tongson’s unusual triplicate nature fascinated too many to allow him safety except when he could hide his magic. One-quarter Native American, one-quarter Japanese, and half shapeshifter made him stand out if his magical signature and essence went unchecked. Only the darkest of magical beings or those that sought supremacy dared to come after him. Now a new terror threatened their tribal hierarchy. A menace hunted them and those that they protected. What madness, greed and covetousness created.

Closest to the building that housed sleeping humans, she spotted him. Arcing higher, she screeched in a code only those of the clan priesthoods understood. Tucking her wings tighter to her body, Tavia dove aiming for Spirit Bear, praying her message reached him before he moved out of range.


Rebecca Murray said...

Hm, I wonder what the Yakooza stole for the owl clan. And I can't help but wonder just how Spirit bear is going to help Tavia. Maybe a little tantric magic-making? Love this new twist, Solara!

Serena Shay said...

Oooh, Tongson is among the priesthood? Does that mean there will be no love in his future, or will a certain owl be his downfall?

Great post, Solara!

Savanna Kougar said...

I love Tavia. May she wing the skies forever. A couple of early mornings ago, I heard an owl hooting close to my bedroom window.

Great flash, Solara

Pat C. said...

Who says priests can't have a little R&R? It all depends on the religion. It'll be fun to watch Tongson ruffle Tavia's feathers and Tavia ruffle his fur. As long as Danny doesn't walk in on them. I think that would scar him for life.

Solara said...

Shaman aren't celibate nor are they sex hounds either.;p Balance is the key. How much Tavia and Tongson will have is let's say their past is not perfect nor is their future a bed of roses either?? Tongson's Japanese lineage may be key to his tome and the Yakooza. Catalysts and three are essential in oh so many ways.

Savanna Kougar said...

No, Shamans, to my knowledge, aren't sex hounds. However, my hellhound heroes, Zin and Zol, are sex playhounds with their one witch. But then, they aren't shamans, either.

Sorry, when I saw 'sex hounds' I got triggered.

Pat C. said...

Are sex hounds related to horn dogs?

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, probably. Though, the topic hasn't 'come up'.