Friday, February 4, 2011

Pleasent Dreams

Penelope watched as Danny moved to the bedroom of the suite. His head hung down, hiding feelings he’d obviously kept bottled up for far too long. His mind was in pain and his soul called out for healing. It was no wonder he’d never escaped the mailroom drudgery of the Guts & Butts Gazette, nor was is surprising that his sex life was nothing more than a revolving door of partners. Daniel Muldoon spent so much time shoring up his wounded emotions that everything else came in second, third, fourth…

The knock sounded again only harder this time than before. Who could be bothering her at this time of the night, at least she thought it was night. Who could tell with the extended darkness at this time of the year?

Penelope pulled open the door and had to hold tight to the handle to remain standing. He was back. Her brilliantly, blue-haired beauty and he’d brought a friend—a bear of a man with peace and knowledge in his eyes.

“G’day Mistress…”

“Hello, stranger,” She snarked, looking out at the duo through the slightest of cracks. “Do you need something, or are you lost?”

“Ah, my Sheila has claws and knows how to use them it would seem.” His lip curled up at the corner and had a definite effect on her well-being—an effect that hit her low and had lusty intents. She would love to watch this man do anything and everything.

“Sheila, huh.” With that accent he could call her the worst names and still not offend, but it wouldn’t do to let him know that. No she needed to channel her inner domme here… “I think I like Mistress better; at least from someone with…”

“My name is Burgess, beauty.” He reached right through the crack and ran a warm finger down the side of her cheek, setting the tiny nerves that lay beneath to tingling and sending prickles of pleasure clear to the tips of her toes. “Burgess King, now may we come inside?”

Well blast. He’d turned her game right around on her.

“Come on in then.” Penelope pulled at the door, widening it further so that they could come inside. Her luxurious suite soon became as roomy as a gilded cage with one tiny swing. “Wow, never let it be said that you gentlemen couldn’t hold a captive audience.”

“We overwhelm you, my colorful bird, and for that I apologize. I am Tongson and I have need of your special spirit.”

“Mr. Tongson.” Penelope reached out her hand, hoping her surprise didn’t show at his use of colorful bird. Very few beings could place her origins, but this one could. Did that make him an adversary or an advocate? “No apologies are necessary as I have no clue as to what this special spirit is of which you speak.”

The strange man lifted his head, breathing deeply before looking her way again.

“The young mink has found his way into your care then?”

Daniel? Why would this man be interested in her little apẻritif? “Yes, he is here and shall remain here…”

“Good, he needs what you, the both of you, can show him.”


“You see, our young mink is on the cusp of a revelation about himself and his role with some friends of mine. Unfortunately, I am not in the position to apply the final lesson to this needy young man, but my visions tell me that you two are.”

“Crikey, Tongs…skip the cryptic and get to the point will ya. How can we help this bloke?”

Penelope agreed, they were wasting time, but the look in Mr. Tongson’s eye told her he had said all he would on the subject. What came next would be up to her and Burgess.

And you would be right about that, Prudence Penelope Peaparrot. Take care of these two and you shall reap a very unexpected benefit.

Penelope was shocked to hear Tongson’s words whispered gently in to her head. Clearly, he was a special creature.

“Aussie, Ms. Jorgensson,” Mr. Tongson murmured, using the name she’d never given him with a twinkle in his eye. “Pleasant dreams.”


Rebecca Murray said...

Nice! Oh man, I so badly want to know what Penelope and Burgess are going to do to help the finky mink heal!

Serena Shay said...

Thanks, Rebecca! So do I. Penelope and Burgess have been teasing me with bits and pieces so far, but have not put it all together yet. Hopefully soon.... ~wink~

Pat C. said...

Oh my ... I can hear Burgess's Aussie accent oozing right out of the dialogue. Is it me, or is it hot in here?

Savanna Kougar said...

Heal, Danny, heal! I'm rooting for you.

And, yeah, I want to know how Penelope and Burgess are going to get on, or get it on... nothing like a sexy Aussie.

Serena Shay said...

lol, definitely hot, Pat. Every time I sit down and let Penelope and Burgess tell me more of this story I fear my toes are going to go into a permanent curl and the top of my head is going to blow off. Man, I'd like to take a tour of the land down under!

Serena Shay said...

Oh, Penelope and Burgess are going to get on as it were, Savanna. The question is how to heal Danny in the process. I hope they haven't written me into a corner. ~eep~

Savanna Kougar said...

~eep~ do I know that feeling... lol... your characters will have to keep talking to you.

Solara said...

And Serena will lead us to that answer as Penelope and Burgess show things to her. Until then....other things go on. LOL!