Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Monster Storm Bears!

Hi and welcome to your Wednesday fix of Shapeshifter Seductions! Rebecca here with a funny typo and a bit of flash fiction. Look really close at that picture, my friends. Apparently this round of blizzards is being accompanied by monster storm bears! Mark Stevenson at msnbc.com, the guy who is responsible for all the weird news stories on that sight, posted this on his Face Book page. The writer in me took one look at that and away went my imagination!


“This latest round of storms hitting the Eastern Sea Board is expected to drop anywhere from twelve to fourteen inches of white stuff in the next twenty-four hours. Meanwhile, in the Great Lakes region…”

Amy tuned out the drone of the weather forecaster after she heard the part that was pertinent to her. Another foot by morning was not unexpected, just unwelcome. It meant that the brief respite was over and the next battle was about to begin. She shivered at the thought. Storms like this were a natural part of the larger weather cycle. Unfortunately, they tended to bring things in with them. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! She had been out there battling one snow monster after another weekly since Christmas. Spring couldn’t get here soon enough for her.

“Another round coming in?” Chad asked as he came out of the back room. Amy looked over her shoulder, trying to hide her interest in the sexy wolf. Like most of his brethren, Chad didn’t see much point in putting on many clothes just to take them back off when he was ready to shift. In this weather, he spent most of his time fury, anyway. And like most of his brethren, he was enough to keep a girl toasty warm in either form.

The first few times he’d crawled into her bed in wolf form, she’d freaked out. Wolves slept in a puppy pile by instinct—she knew that—but knowing a thing and having two-hundred pounds of unpredictable carnivore curl up at her feet was another. He figured out what was bugging her after a couple days of her not being able to sleep and started changing to his human form. Strangely, Amy still couldn’t sleep. Couldn’t be because of the six-foot plus, two-hundred pound man with the body of David curling naked around her feet, she snorted to herself.

Amy thought back over her time with the wolves. She’d been sitting in her stranded car that first night, trying in vain to get to her mom’s house for Christmas Eve, when out of the blinding whirl of white came a thing. She didn’t know what the thing was at the time, only that it looked like it really wanted to have an Amy-sized snack. She’d been right, she found out later. These types of storms occur every fifty to sixty years and they always brought the snow monsters with them. The monsters always came hungry for mortal flesh, devouring anythone they came acrosst.

She had no idea why the pack felt the need to fight them, why the pack had chosen to save her, or why they’d then chosen to keep her. But keep her, they had. And after the first time Chad had turned human and curled at her feet, she hadn’t minded living with wolves. Now if she could just convince him to snuggle with her human-style…

“Amy?” he prodded when she didn’t answer.

“Yes, sorry,” she tossed back over her shoulder. “At least a foot expected.” The tall, lean wolf grinned wickedly. His long black hair fell over his piercing yellow eyes as he dipped his head to hide the expression. Silly wolf, he still thought he scared her. He had no idea she spent most of her time plotting ways to make him want her as a woman. She didn’t know why they adopted her—because that’s what they’d more or less done—and she didn’t really like being trained to fight various monsters in the middle of a blizzard. But she was bound and determined to keep this wolf if it was the last thing she did. With that though ringing through her head, she pushed thoughts of her sexy lupine mentor to the back of her head.

“So what kind of east do you think we’ll be fighting tonight?” she asked, picking up her winter gear so she could start strapping it on.

“Tonight,” he said with a sexy growl, “we hunt bear!”





Savanna Kougar said...

Wow, now that's the kind of adoption I could go for. A sexy man-wolf. Great flash!

Those monster snow bears are in trouble.

Rebecca Murray said...

Mm, yes. I wouldn't mind having a sexy wolf come recue me from a monster storm and decide to keep me.

Serena Shay said...

Oh heck yeah! Sexy wolf pack adoption, puppy piles and six feet of naked yumminess! I'd battle beasts in the snow for some of that! Woot!

Great flash, Rebecca.

Pat C. said...

Drat, all we had this week was an ice storm. Do sexy wolves rescue you for that? How do I get to be part of the puppy pile? I'm starting to think I live in the wrong part of the country. We had a bear wander through Ephrata Township and a deer crash into the emergency room at the hospital, but no 6-foof sexy wolves. What am I doing wrong?

Fighting vicious snow monsters ... Rebecca, you may have the start of a Nocturne Bite here.

Abigail-Madison Chase said...

I need a sexy wolf man to snuggle with in this snowcoplist.

Rebecca Murray said...

I've never read any of the Nocturnes bites, so I'll have to take your word for it. I think it would be fun to expand a bit, though.