Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love Shape Shifter Style

Octavia swooped lower, allowing the last breeze to carry her closer to the building where Spirit Bear stood talking to another male. The other male's aura signature fascinated her. She'd never seen one like it. Red at the inner core with blue and white edges. Why was his outer layer cool and bland?

A sharp shriek caught her attention. A large hawk circled near the tree line adjacent to the airport. So the Yakuza sought to spy on her and learn who the power wielder she sought was.

Summoning her inner vision, she called forth one of her kindred. "Hear me my brethren. He who resembles a brother avian is not what he appears. I ask your help in chasing him from the skies. If a she appears instead, do not hesitate to chase her as well. Thank you."

Many birds, large and small, took to the air. Their calls and cries filled the sky. Soon the growing dark spot dissipated and swarmed the two hawks moving away.

Screeches and shrill replies echoed off the near by buildings. A few human pointed and watched.

Octavia landed near one of the buildings; shifting as she moved into the shadows. Replacing her feathers with acceptable apparel, she called up on her third eye to find Spirit Bear. She hoped he'd caught her message and seen the fight. He needed to hid and dowse his magic until he returned to the protection of his condo.

Spending the night with her ex promised to be different. Sex and lust filled a few hours. Sleep a few more. It was the in between that worried her. Mickey and Night Hawk would defer to Tongson since he was their tribal shaman. Octavia didn’t have to submit to his dominance. Question was would he finally acknowledge her equality and stop resisting her offers of help.

Heat rolled through her as she moved through the parking lot looking at every person who passed. Two men several rows over caught her eye as heat waves rippled off them and flooded to her. Tongson! Who was the bird with him?


Rebecca Murray said...

So the wise Spirit Bear isn't so wise about his own love life, huh? I bet Octavia is going to have her hands full teaching that old bear a new trick or two!

Pat C. said...

Who, indeed? Is it Burgess, or someone else?
Octavia controls birds! Neat! How will she fare with Tongson? This should be fun.

Savanna Kougar said...

Nothing like the intrigue of love and magic and shapeshifting... Spirit Bear should be glad Octavia is willing to help him.

Serena Shay said...

~gulp~ I hope Octavia isn't here to take Burgess away from Penelope, she's just starting to feel her Domme coming to the surface...

I love how Octavia calls to and controls the other birds!