Thursday, February 10, 2011

Guest Blogger - JL Oiler

Hey Shapeshifter fans, do we have a treat for you today!  Guest blogging with us is JL Oiler.  Please help me give her a howling hello...

Hi JL!

~Thanks for having me here today!!  I am JL Oiler, erotic paranormal romance author.

How long have you been writing and who are your publishers?

~I have been writing since I was a teenager, but never had the courage to attempt that next step until last January. I currently have releases with Rebel Ink Press and Silver Publishing.

How did you celebrate your first release?

~I was so excited that I danced around the house for hours calling everyone on my phone contact list until my husband came home from work. To celebrate he took me out to a nice dinner, being certain to tell the waitress and anyone who stopped long enough to listen that I just released a book.

Do you find it difficult at times to write love scenes?

~Being the mother of an active four year old has a great number of challenges, writing love scenes are just one of them. To create those sections for my stories I really need to get myself into that mind set which proves to be difficult at times with my son pulling at my shirtsleeve asking me to find the remote to his favorite toy or read him a book. For that reason, I generally leave those scenes until after bedtime, when I can light some sweet smelling candles and work in peace to a nice love song.

Have you written a series?

~I am part of an anthology series with my wicked writing siblings about a group of Marine Recon Soldiers. The first one in the series is due out on March 1, Titled- Force Recon: Beacon Bayou. The first in my own Erotic Ménage Series was just released, Kinship Trinity.

Which book did you spend the most time researching and why?

~I usually do extensive research into all my stories, for one detail or another. I think if you want the worlds you create to be believable then it has to pay homage to known truths.

I am currently working on a new Ménage story that required a good bit of research into mythical monsters. I wanted to be true to the ideas passed down when it came to descriptions, while adding my own little twist, so spent hours going over research to find details to incorporate into the piece. The story involves gatekeepers who deal with some nasty monsters one might expect to find in Hades, creatures like Succubus, Kelpie, and Adze (a vampire like creature). The end result is something I feel good about and the readers can visualize easily.

Tell us a bit about your new release.

My latest release was Feb. 9th, with Rebel Ink Press. Here are the particulars:

Publisher: Rebel Ink Press
Cover art: Carl Franklin

Time changes all. The world of humankind is gone, replaced by a landscape marred with the aftermath of war and disease. This is the world of the Were. However, even their existence hangs perilously by a thread. The ratio of males to females has become unbalanced and the ruling council is struggling to bring order to its people through the creation of strong clans. Clans lead by not one Alpha Were, but two.

Cirri works within the confines of the council hall, evaluating and confirming the rosters of each group seeking clanship. Knowing the day would come when she would be a claimed mate, Cirri just never expected it to be so soon. Or that her mates would take her to the edge of ecstasy and beyond.

Meru and Arcos have traveled to the remnants of the human city seeking clanship even though they've yet to find their perfect mate. Fighting for their right to keep their clan together, neither Were expected to catch the scent of the female who was destined to be their third. But when their clanship paperwork causes a stir within the council, Arcos, Meru and Cirri find themselves fighting for their lives and that of their followers.

Well, thanks for having me here it has been an honor. Readers can find me at


Serena Shay said...

Hi JL, Welcome to Shapeshifters and thanks for being with us today!

Oy, don't I know what you mean about writing love scenes with a youngster around the house. I always found it a challenge to write sexy with Arthur or Barney playing on the TV. hehe

Congrats on the release! Kinship Trinity sounds wonderful. :)

Rebecca Murray said...

Hi JL! Sinfully sexy Marines, huh? Sounds exciting!

jeanne said...

Thanks for having Me!I hope everyone will enjoy my latest menage piece.
Rebecca- Force Recon is filled with sinfully Sexy Marines!

Lindsay K. said...


I know exactly what you mean about writing with kids around. It's hard to find the right words with Spongebob in the background. LOL

Pat C. said...

Welcome to the pack, JL! Are those coyotes on your cover? If they are, I'm in love.

Savanna Kougar said...

Welcome, JL, what a cool new WERE world you've created.

Yeah, those love scenes. I don't have the kiddos, but plenty of other mundane distractions, or the latest crises to deal with... then, it's about getting into the mood again.

THANKS! For being here with us.