Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Can you guess the guy?

So I'm having a crancky, don't-want-nothing kind of day. I know I have my flash drive, but I don't know where, so I can't give you a something I've already written. Therefore you guys are getting man-candy guessing game.

Here's the challenge: Can you name the now-famous actor who was in these pictures from back in the day. I'll give hints.

Picture# 1 (the guy in the middle wearing white trunks)

He's a Scot through and through and has been a "man of mystery." He's not the original, but many consider him the best there's ever been. Extra hint: he's in his 70s now but is still quite the hunk.

Picture# 2

He's English by birth and has also "bean" a man of mystery, but is best known for never, ever making it to the end of a movie without being killed off.

Picture# 3

This one's an extremely prolific American actor who is much parodied for his ability to deliver silly lines absolutely dead-pan with out coming across as cheesy. In 2006, some internet joker started a rumor that he was running for president.

Can you guess who these young hunks grew up to be?Answers are in the comments section!


Rebecca Gillan said...

Picture# 1: Sean Connery
Picture# 2: Sean Bean
Picture# 3: Christopher Walken

Savanna Kougar said...

Okay, I got Sean Connery, but he's the only one. Wow, I've seen him looking that young.

Rebecca Gillan said...

The one that blew my mind was the young Christopher Walken. Who knew everyone's favorite psycho dude who scares you when he smiles used to be so hot???

Pat C. said...

I got Connery and Chris, don't know #2 even with the answer. I'm proud to say I spotted Mr. Bond right off. Walken took a couple of minutes.

There's been an update on "Goatman." A man claiming to be "Goatman" called the Game Commission and said he was a hunter prepping for a scheduled goat hunt in Canada. Oh-kay, if you say so. Native Americans used to drape themselves in buffalo skins to creep up on the herd, so maybe it's not that far off.

What strikes me as weird is that Goatman was out in the middle of nowhere doing his goaty thing, and yet in all those miles of empty wilderness another human being happened by, spotted him, took a picture and reported him. Is there no privacy anywhere any more?

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, Christopher Walken was hot. But then, I remember him in a dance scene... he was HAWT!

Yeah, I heard that about Goatman, an archer prepping for a hunt. It's certainly plausible, given the competitive nature.

Nope, no privacy from the satellite surveillance system either... unless you create a smokescreen from fires... or chemtrails.

Rebecca Gillan said...

Yep, you were dead-on about what the guy was doing, Pat. And while native Americans used to drape themselves in animal skins, I doubt the went "full goat" and frolicked with them.

Ok, who is Sean Bean? Eddard Stark in the Game of Thrones, Boramir from The Lord of the Rings, James Bond's fellow spy in Goldeneye, Sean Miller in Patriot Games... and he got killed in a horrifying way in each and every one of them.

Pat C. said...

Okay, Boromir, got it. Yeah, you're right. He didn't even make it all the way through the first movie, and it was a trilogy. The man needs a new agent, stat.

And now, for Serena, another guy who needs a new agent: Jared Padalecki!
Flight of the Phoenix - dies about 20 minutes in.
House of Wax - dies 3/4 of the way through.
Friday the 13th - makes it to the end, but dies at the hands of Jason (implied) right before the credits.
New York Minute (with the Olsen twins) - near-career suicide.

Jensen did better; he lived through the end of My Bloody Valentine, but only because (SPOILER ALERT) he's the killer. They probably needed him alive in case they made a sequel.

And Misha dies at the end of Stonehenge Apocalypse.

Serena Shay said...

Well, I got Bond, James 'yummylicious' Bond and Christopher 'who knew he was that cute' Walken, but no clue on Bean. :)

OMGosh, say it at sooooo...Jensen a killer, like bad guy killer. Jensen baby, did you act the crud out of that character? LOL

Yeah, Pat, I'd say they all need better representation!

Pat C. said...

He did his best, given the material. The funniest part was watching 30something Jensen trying to pass for a high schooler in the opening.

He also got killed (offscreen) in the 4th season ender of Smallville, but only because he was moving on to Supernatural. Couldn't do two shows at once, I guess.