Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys ~ Snowball Fight

Zance enjoying the snow in his wolf form.

Tuesday, last day of July, howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Yesterday was wacky-busy, and despite my best plans time ran out to write a flash scene.

Currently I'm penning the final chapters of my WIP, now over 75,000 words. It's been beastly hot for the last several weeks so when I was looking at adding another sex/passion/love scene -- because that's how the story flowed -- for the sake of my sanity, I decided to start with a snowball fight between my heroine, Sherilyn, and her two shapeshifting cowboys, Dontoya, a black cougar, and Zance, a timber wolf.

This works perfectly because it's wintertime in Talbot's Peak, and just before New Year's Eve.

***This scene is 'unedited' and X-Rated.***


~ From the Kougar’s Writing Den ~

Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys

Chapter Fifty-Eight

Sherilyn shrieked in protest and delight as Zance's snowball smacked the back of her head. She barely felt it, given her cowboys had bundled her up within an inch of her life.

Good gawd, she was having fun. The late afternoon sun sparkled like crystalline dust on the blanket of new snow, and for now, the horror movie events of last night faded into the background.

She swerved on instinct, and another snowball sailed past her. Joy fizzed inside Sherilyn as if she'd drank several cherry phosphates, the soda fountain treat she and her grammy Louisa had always shared together.

"We got her on the run." Zance whooped.

"No fair!" Sherilyn hollered. "Two against one."

"You've been whuppin' our asses, darlin'."

Dontoya's lightly packed snowball smashed against her arm. Almost knee deep in snow, Sherilyn plowed her way through trying to run for a shallower area between two high drifts.

She needed a fresh supply of the white wet stuff to keep pummeling her dogged pursuers. Or, was that a dogged and a catted pursuer?

For a while Zance and Dontoya had taken turns being on her side during their spontaneous snowball fight. Her good aim had gotten her into trouble, plus her fast reflexes. So many of her snowballs hit their handsome faces, they'd finally ganged up on her.

Huffing and puffing, Sherilyn halted between the two large drifts. Scooping up the new fallen snow, she quickly formed her weapon. With a twist of her body, she hurled it at Dontoya, who led the charge.

"Damn, woman, right between my eyes." Dontoya stopped in his tracks, and grabbed up a handful of snow.

"Where'd you learn to throw like that?" Zance demanded, after dodging her snowball enough so it glanced off his cheek.

"Lots of boys in my neighborhood." Sherilyn packed more snow between her gloved palms. "It was either learn how to fight back. Or go home crying like a girl."

Just in time, Sherilyn angled herself so Dontoya's small snowball smooshed against her shoulder instead of her head. "Missed," she taunted.

"You sure ain't crying like a girl." Zance split off from Dontoya, obviously intending to ambush her from behind.

"One time of having cold snow rubbed in my face woke up my inner warrior goddess." Rearing back, Sherilyn aimed for Dontoya's kisser, then ducked the snowball Zance fired at the back of her head.

"Dang it, Z-dog, your magic juice is working too well on our mate. She's turned into a super woman." Dontoya dived into a bank of snow. Rolling, he grabbed a huge handful of snow, and began rapidly shaping his snowball.

"Someone's going to have to teach her who the bosses are."

Zance charged toward her, his progress hindered by the waist-high snowdrift. Sherilyn would have laughed at the comical picture he made, pumping his legs and leaping, his arms flying about, if she hadn't been madly packing snow.

"Oh yeah, bad ass wolf." Sherilyn pelted him with two of her crudely made snowballs.

Stepping back, she prepared to flee even as she whipped her head around to locate Dontoya. With his snowball about hit her square in the jaw, Sherilyn jerked her face out of the way.

Suddenly off balance, she stumbled backward. About to regain her balance, her feet caught, then tangled because of her too-large boots. "Oh, no," she moaned.

Sherilyn struggled to untangle her feet as she toppled backward, but she was crap out of luck.

"Got her now," Zance shouted with male glee.

"Got her," Dontoya's low purr entered Sherilyn's ear.

The next instant, his powerful arms captured her, preventing her fall. He steadied her against his braced legs, and Sherilyn started to melt against him.

"Why hell, cougar cowboy, you might as well be a hot burning stove. But this cowgirl doesn't give up the fight that easily."

"She doesn't?" Dontoya growled sexy as you please.

"No." Sherilyn twisted back and forth like a madwoman, attempting to wiggle out his hold.

"Got a wild scratchin' kitten, pardner. Give me some help here."

"She's a wild one alright."

Zance's whip-hard body nearly slammed into her backside. God, he felt sinfully delicious as he trapped her between himself and Dontoya.

Before Sherilyn knew it, her cowboys hauled her downward. They landed together on the cold softness of the snowdrift. Zance and Dontoya piled on top of her instantly, caging her between them.

Damn, oh double cowboy damn. Nothing felt better than being Dontoya and Zance's captive.

"Time for some teachin'," Zance huskily drawled.

"Looks like I'm at your mercy, you big bad wolf." Sherilyn hesitated, clamping her lips against the natural followup. But the question won out. "Are you going to eat me?"

Zance's eyes glittered a feral gold, and with a possessive growl, he dived his un-gloved hand between her thighs. His bold claim of her sex mound, and the friction of her jeans, did tingly-wicked things to Sherilyn's insides.

"Is the snow melting?" she breathy-asked.

"We can make it melt, sweetheart." Zance kneaded her pussy, the pressure strong and sensual.

Sweltering with desire, Sherilyn moaned, and arched against his palm.

"Nobody around," Dontoya raspy purred. "Why don't we do some meltin'."

He seized her hood, then cupped the top of her head. With his other hand, Dontoya unzipped her parka just enough to caress her breast. He'd removed his glove, and the soft flannel shirt she wore only enhanced the wickedly sweet sensations.

Quickly burning with ferocious need, Sherilyn burst out, "You two are lighting my internal fires..."

Zance nipped her lips with his before she finished speaking -- tiny quick nips that warmed their mouths fast and were driving her crazy with passion. Sherilyn tried to kiss, to nibble his lips in return, but her man-wolf ruled without compromise. Not that she could complain, given pleasure swamped her.

All the while, Dontoya pinched and plucked her flannel-covered, pebbled nipple, his rhythm deliberate. Sherilyn surrendered to the steamy need blasting through her.

Unable to do anything else, she writhed against her two hard-bodied cowboys. Zance and Dontoya kept her trapped, their thighs on top of hers, and she loved it.

Sex heaven, Sherilyn thought, I must be in sexual heaven. For real.

Dontoya stroked his hand over her belly, the movement unzipping her parka. With slow finesse, he unsnapped her jeans, and Sherilyn's clit did a little twisty dance of anticipation.

Zance lifted his head, deserting her lips. "Dang, sweetheart. I felt that big bud of yours. Just beggin' for my attention."

Dontoya slid the zipper of her jeans down, even as Zance continued fondling her pussy mound. Sherilyn cried out, and bucked as much as she could against Zance's hand.

"Let's get these jeans pulled down some." Zance raised upward fast, and as Dontoya removed his thigh from hers, he straddled her legs. "I want to do some big bad wolf eatin' on that tasty pussy of yours."

Lightning seemed to streak along the length of her clit, and Sherilyn's eyes shot open. "Oh. My. Gawd."

Zance gripped the waistband of her jeans, and nearly jerked them over her hips.
Sherilyn heaved breaths, wanton from having her sex exposed, from the feeling of her thighs captured tightly by her jeans.

"Aren't your hands going to freeze?" she managed to utter, as Zance slid his palms beneath her bare ass.

"Darlin', I'm putting gloves beneath his hands." Dontoya's husky purr traveled through Sherilyn's middle, teasing her sex lips.

Zance lifted her butt enough so the gloves could be placed, then gripped her cheeks deliciously hard. The next moment, she felt Dontoya unbutton her shirt, his touch smooth but quick.

His icy mouth claimed her nipple, and Sherilyn keened a cry of surprise. The blissful burn as he sucked and tugged, his hand molding her breast...Sherilyn drowned in the ecstasy of it, and went limp.

Zance strongly nuzzled the cleft of her pussy. When he penetrated her slit with his tongue, and slipped the point back and forth over her swollen clit, Sherilyn helplessly whimpered.

Already out of her mind with pleasure, she succumbed to even more as Zance pushed his lips deeper. He nibbled with his lips and lightly nipped with his teeth, his alpha possessiveness obvious.

"Zance, Dontoya," she gasped, trembling with bliss inside.


Wishing you shapeshifting love on the wild side...


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Pat C. said...

The best part of a snowball fight: you get soaking wet and have to take your clothes off. Wink wink nudge nudge.

Is it hot in this blog, or is it just me?

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, global warming -- the real reason... hehe...

Serena Shay said...

Mmmm...now that's how to enjoy the snow!! hehe

Savanna Kougar said...

Hey, Serena, yeah they're having a real good time!