Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Heavenly Chocolate & Ice Creamery

Tuesday howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Wherever you are, I hope you are staying cool enough in this blistering summer heat. Given rain is very much needed in my area and across the Midwest... well, my heroine in this flash scene decides to summon the local rain god.

The Heavenly Chocolate & Ice Creamery

It wasn't impressive, and certainly not 31 flavors, but the Heavenly Chocolate & Ice Creamery -- tucked between two larger brick buildings on a corner in Talbot's Peak, Montana -- was all hers. Kalindi dipped out generous scoops of the vanilla ice cream she'd handmade for tomorrow's opening of her very own ice cream parlor.

Her spirits high, she spun around adding the thick dark chocolate syrup made from the best organic ingredients she could get her little half angel hands on. Oh, yes, Seraphim Watchers -- Kalindi rolled her eyes heavenward for a moment, then added huge spoonfuls of the scrumptious malted milk powder -- yes, she'd followed the celestial rules, relying only on good earthly suppliers instead of her ethereal powers.

Thanks to Dante... well, the handsome werewolf did owe her a favor or two when it came to being with his beloved Kitty... still, thanks to Dante and his cadre of friends at the Pleasure Club, Kalindi had been put in contact with those already in business or wanting a way earn a living.

It certainly didn't matter to her if bovine shapeshifters provided their milk and cream, given while in cow form. Especially since the divine taste caused Kalindi to smile ecstatically.

Even now, her invisible wings flapped happily as she poured in the fresh whole milk, then placed the stainless steel container on the mixer. One trick to a perfect chocolate malt was how well it was blended, yet not over blended.

Okay, so she'd added a few ephemeral vibes to her ice cream, meant to enhance the flavors and improve health. The Watchers didn't need to know she cared about helping the kidlets and shifter-supernatural population beyond simply keeping an angelic eye on them, and instantly reporting whenever they needed a 'miracle' intervention.

Kalindi enjoyed every last moment as she slowly poured the thick chocolate malt into a soda fountain glass. Not in the mood for whipped cream with a cherry on top, this time, Kalindi plucked up one of the heavy duty straws, and tore the paper off.

She plunged the straw in the chocolatey, creamy mixture, then moved around the pristine marble counter. Once she'd ensconced herself on one of the high chrome stools, Kalindi wiggled her butt making herself more comfortable atop the thick cushiony seat.

Before indulging in her first sip, Kalindi glanced around her place, admiring the simple lavender and white decor. She'd included an open booth area for families and a more intimate area toward the back for teenagers and lovers.

After a long draw on her straw, she savored rolling the cold, thick chocolate malt around her tongue. She so hoped many in Talbot's Peak would come to love her dream-come-true ice cream parlor as much as she already loved it. If her glimpse into the future held true, there would be devoted customers.

Kalindi blamed her ice cream obsession on her other half. Her mother was a minor Norse goddess, and also a direct descendent of Kamadhenu, a Hindu bovine goddess. Very much in love, her parents lived high in the Alps, where her mother kept a large herd of dairy cows, breeds from all over the world, and ancient breeds thought to have vanished.

"You summoned, my ice queen?"

Kalindi spun around on her stool, nearly knocking off the malt glass. She grabbed hold of it as her gaze locked onto the imposing, hunk o'rama stature of Zhuvius. He hadn't bothered wearing anything but a white linen sarong slung low on his lean, definitely kissable hips.

"Notice I did not say ice cream queen." His eyes, reflecting the current color of the sky, glittered wickedly.

"Yeah, greetings, oh great rain god." Years of practice had given Kalindi the ability to answer in a slightly sarcastic, could-care-less tone.

Quickly recovering her poise, she watched him saunter ever closer. His careless grace tempted her tongue to hit the newly polished floor in sheer appreciation. But why let His High Arrogance know that?

"My little ice angel, is that any way to plead for a day-long soaking rain?"

Zhuvius powerfully glided to the stool beside her. Instead of deigning to seat himself, he tossed his dark bronze hair, then indolently leaned one elbow on the counter facing her.

Ignoring the terrible itch to run her fingers through his shiny waving locks... ignoring everything carnally delicious about his muscle-bound arms and chest... and trying not to inhale his erotic, new-rain potent scent that made most women insatiable, Kalindi gave him a disinterested glare.

"I was planning to bribe you with your favorite flavor of ice cream."

"Why not simply appeal to my compassionate nature when it comes to the creatures of Mother Earth?"

He arched a dark brow, and Kalindi purposefully avoided his mesmerizing and compelling gaze -- the one she managed to escape so far.

"If compassion ruled your heart, rain showers would have drenched Talbot's Peak and the surrounding lands by now."

"You know better than most there is an established sacred order. Not to be violated unless there is a prayerful demand by the people, thus allowing for another outcome."

Zhuvius dipped one long finger into her glass, swirled his fingertip, then languidly withdrew it. With obvious sensual enjoyment, he tasted the remnants of her chocolate malt.

"Good excuse, blue god boy." Kalindi let her gaze caress the blue-tinted, caramel-colored skin covering his perfectly sculpted biceps. "I'll make you a malt if you agree to do your god thing. Make it rain. You know, a steady pitter-patter, that wonderful ozone smell... merrily singing frogs. Blissfully growing crops and vegetation."

"Ice cream made by your angelic hand is a temptation I have great difficulty refusing, my Kalindi. The intoxication is always extreme ecstasy."

"Coffee ice cream," she sang in a lilt. "I made it with you in mind."

When he didn't respond immediately, she stiffened her spine, then her jaw against what she knew was coming. 'Coming' not being the best choice of words.

"Melting my ice queen beneath me, with the strength of my passion.." He paused and her heart hammered against her breastbone. "It is only your surrender that will cause rain showers here before they are due, and thereby altering the tapestry of life."

Kalindi swallowed hard and stared at her reflection in the large chrome mixer. She knew when the rainstorms would let the thirsty land drink again. Not for two more weeks.

If she appealed to the Seraphim Council for an intervention that would be as useless as watching her nails dry whenever she polished them. Zhuvius, being the local rain god, owned the final say. As well he knew, the blue god bastard with... well, how blue were his balls? She'd wondered that for a long time now.

"Sapphire blue," he whispered, having leaned close to her ear.

"Stop reading my mind. I didn't give you permission. That little trick should cost you, rain god."

"Kalindi." His voice was dark, steamy as the coffee he favored. "There will be rain tonight, a brief shower as my penance."

Wings over clouds! What good was it being part angel? She only owned one choice. That is, if she wanted to stop the developing drought conditions.

"What is your unholy bargain, Zhuvius?"

"For every day you desire rain, my ice queen beauty, you will be at the mercy of my desires each night."

Kalindi decided she needed a typhoon to cure the sudden dryness of her throat. "Yes," she finally croaked out like a frog who needed water.

Wishing you shapeshifting love on the wild side...


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~



Serena Shay said...

Oh dang, that malt looks good! Plus lusty moments spent with a blue balled rain god...Whew!

~Serena's raising both hands for that combo treat!~ ;D

Great post, Savanna.

Savanna Kougar said...

That would be a great combo treat!!! Plus all that chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

Pat C. said...

Oh, those naughty gods and their never-ending demand for sacrifice ...

I'll bet Guri's found a new hangout.

We could use some rain up my way. Maybe I'll try this. Castiel? You there? Can you make it rain? I've got Hershey bars ...

Savanna Kougar said...

"Oh, those naughty gods and their never-ending demand for sacrifice ..." Yep, they are relentlessly demanding, but better a sacrifice of pleasure...

Oh, that's right. This could be an ideal hangout for Guri. And a lot of Tigers love chocolate milk.

Let me know if Castiel 'bites' the Hershey bar, and makes it rain. ~grinz~

Pat C. said...

Wait, I forgot, the proper tribute for Cas is hamburgers.

Savanna Kougar said...

There's nothin' like a thick juicy hamburger with all the trimmings... I get a craving now and then. I so wish I could find/afford organic hamburger. You can buy it online, but the shipping is so damn expensive.

Pat C. said...

I've tried buffalo burger but found it dry. Probably because it has less fat.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, I've tried buffalo as a hamburger, and thought it was tasty. But then, I was used to grassfed beef at that time.