Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Howlish Full Moon

Night Hawk leaned back against the side of the hot tub.  Tongson sat across from him, as did Tavia and Tomas.  Mickey sat on the bench close to Tomas.  Steam rose off the water bubbling up from the hot springs below.  Chilling breezes blew down off the still snow-covered peaks surrounding their secluded valley.  The children slept in their room not far from the patio where the quintet relaxed.

“You’re report says little of the antics Sherre Khan continues to support.”  Tongonson slid closer to Tavia.  She laid her head on his shoulder while continuing to hold hands with Tomas.  Mickey’s cheesy grin told Night Hawk her afternoon nap and cuddle with Tomas was worth the private welcome home she’d saved for him.

Tomas sighed and tipped his head back.  A howlish moon filled the sky.  Down in the lower forty-eight, somewhere near the high country in South Dakota, a wolf kept watch and waited.  Dante knew the war would eventually come.  They’d agreed most of Talbot’s Peak would fight against Khan.  Problem remained who would and who wouldn’t.  

“I learned from Serge, Khan wants power.  He craves it like the addict for the drug.  The dissensions within his household appear to go unnoticed by him.  Or better stated by Serge and Dante both as judiciously ignored.”  Tomas snorted as he cuddled Mickey to him.   “I prefer the peace of our quiet domain than adding more who seek to cause discord and resentment.”

Tavia cleared her throat drawing everyone’s attention.  “The powers-that-be want Khan found and gone.  Not as in out of the Peak.  His pelt carries a price.  A bounty that magicks or humans will seek.  I pity the ones who go up against his guard without studying him and his power along with his allies first.”

Night Hawk nodded.  Tavia bit her tongue to keep her words to herself.  The young mage grew by leaps and bounds, as Tongson tutored him in the older magical practices only elite shifters knew.  Serge was amongst the group.  She wondered if he would keep his oath when the time came.  She didn’t want to lose Tongson nor did she want him to be the death of his life long friend.  

Mickey groaned, rubbing her belly, she reached out to Night Hawk.  “Our son moves restlessly.  But a few more of these moons and he will make his way into the world.  I fear you will not be here for him.”

Night Hawk rose and made his way to where Mickey sat.  He dropped to one knee.  “My precious love, I cannot promise what tomorrow holds as it is still being conceptualized, awaiting its own birth as does our son.  My intent is to be here always for you and our family.  If my path takes me elsewhere, may it bring me home to you safe and sound.”

Mickey’s sorrowful smile cut at Tomas.  He wished he could reassure all of them that the balance of power would continue.  That none would perish or turn against family, friend and ally.   He wished a thousand more years of peace would reign. But one exceedingly power addicted shape shifter didn’t understand give and take.  He took what he wanted and the consequences be damned.

Happy Weekend Gang!

My extreme apology for this very late post.  My day job announced mandatory over time starting in a few weeks.  My spice family celebrated two anniversaries so far this month with another to come before the month is out.  Spending time together celebrating and discussing logistics while I work 9-10 hour days has taken center stage.  

I hope you enjoy this snippet of the continuing discussions happening once Tomas arrived home.  I understand that the Ice Witch Hadley's ignore back in the Peak is getting ready for round two.  Louie's search for his daughter maybe closer to home than he realizes.  The muse is puttering with who is next up in the serials running from our shape shifter friends.



Savanna Kougar said...

Shere Khan must be tingling fiercely with all this talk about his fate.

Great serial flash, Solara.

Take care with all that's on your plate.

Pat C. said...

Be happy you have a day job, and a support group.

The problem with resolving storylines is, if we do away with Shere Khan, who or what will take his place? Nature, and writers, abhor a vacuum.

Savanna Kougar said...

Shere Khan has an ace in the hole, his tenuous alliance with Dugger and Dante, and the good guys/gals team in Talbot's Peak against the super soldier mercenaries trying to take over their territory.