Friday, July 13, 2012

Holy Fire ~ Extinction Explained...

“Why has she not come to me!” The man before her morphed back and forth between human and dragon in split second intervals, his anger loosening control of his shifter side.

Karma worried for both her physical well-being and the difficult to obtain treasures in her Egyptian Antiquities shop.  Each item was a personal treasure picked up over the course of a very long life.  She wouldn’t talk age because a woman never divulged her true age.  Sufficed to say, this wasn’t the first birthday she’d turned twenty-nine.  In fact, looking at the darling little broach in the case beneath her fingers reminded her of another twenty-ninth birthday spent getting jiggy with Seti II in 1200 BC.

“Answer me!”

“Holy fire…” She threw herself behind the counter dodging the stream of fire erupting from Erol’s human nostrils.  “You might want to pull it back some, dragon-boy.  Snorting fire will get you a quick trip to a human scientist’s lab for a little slice and dice.”

“They would have to catch me first.”

Karma eased up slowly from the safety of the metal and glass cabinet and shot him a look he should have no trouble interpreting.  “Overzealousness must run in your family, right?”  She pat her hair, making sure no stray fleck of fire took out her new do.  “If you kill me, Erol, I can’t help you win over your lady love…”

“I do not need help with my woman.  She just needs to come to me!”

“Okay, listen up…lesson one.”  Karma grabbed a pad of paper, just knowing she would need to make this Neanderthal some notes.  “She is not your woman, nor is she your dog.  She does not come, sit, fetch or play dead.  Her name is Greely and using her name shows her you respect her independence.”

“She will not be independent…she will be with me!” 

Once again she found herself on the floor, dodging a nasal combustion bigger than Old Faithful’s timely blow.  Were all dragons so volatile or was it just the blacksmith?

“Okay, I see we need to start a bit before names and respect.  Lesson point five.  Welcome to the 21st century.”  The look on his face was beyond comical—pursed lips, squinty eyes and a flared nose that said he wouldn’t take kindly to instructions.  “Women have the right to vote, have burned their bras and are allowed, even encouraged to be independent.  We do not need a man to be happy, but the right one or two at our side is a definite benefit.”

“You can vote?”  True surprise glowed from behind his eyes.

“Yeesh.”  She knew this would be a tough sell, but really…where had this dragon been living for the last hundred or so years?  Under a rock?  “Erol, are there a lot of your kind in town?  Dragon’s that is?”

“A few, but more will be arriving soon…why?”

Great…  “Oh, no reason…I’m just wondering if I need to stock up on athame’s for the soon to be pissed off women around town.”

“We are dragon…we protect our women from danger!”

“Ha!  But who’s gonna protect you from them?”  Karma laughed at the utterly confused look on this dragons puss…  “Note to self…maybe a class for all incoming dragon.  Political Correctness for Wooing Your Mate.  What do you think?”

“What is this political correctness thing…”

Heaven help them.  “Erol, have you heard the term extinction?”

May ya'll have a little Karma on your side!

Have a great weekend.  :D



Pat C. said...

What is it with dragons? Or males? Is cluelessness carried on the Y chromosome?

Maybe Karma could offer to teach Romance 101 to men at the community center. Or an obedience class.

Savanna Kougar said...

chuckles and giggles!... an obedience class for dragons... now that would be an interesting challenge...

obviously Erol's dragonkind are clueless about modern courtship...

Serena, I always love and get a kick out of your inventive flash scenes.

Or, how about ballroom dance lessons at the Pleasure Club's Midnight Stardust Supperclub...?

Serena Shay said...

LOL...cluelessness might be carried in the Y chromosome, Pat, but for the dragon kind I suspect it all comes down to too many years burying the beast in human skin. Or, because they are so damn awesome we forgive them everything! ;D

Oh, I think Karma has a lot to teach them! Shoot, an obedience class for dragons...that's good, all you'd have to do is take away their treasure, then they'd be docile creatures for sure!

Serena Shay said...

Thanks Savanna! :D

OMGosh, dancing lessons for might that go? LOL, I have a faboo picture of a bunch of fire breathers in one room trying to be light on their feet and not bumping into each other!

I hope Dante has fire retardant walls and furniture or insurance. hehe

Pat C. said...

But suppose the dragon decides YOU'RE their treasure...

I'm sure Greely won't mind being hoarded ... or polished ...

Serena Shay said...

LOL...damn straight, Pat. Hmmm what other punishments might work on dragons? Oooh, a spray bottle of water...or maybe we'd need something bigger. Firehouse, maybe? hehe

Savanna Kougar said...

Greely won't mind be hoarded... or polished... yeah, as long as her dragon does it REAL GOOD!

Hmmm... supernatural dance instructors who can protect themselves from fire breath and clumsy feet... plus a cadre of workers with special fire extinguishers that knock out the flames immediately, or have fire extinguishing powers... could be quite a scene!

Pat C. said...

I've already got an idea for Monday, but if someone else doesn't write that scene before next week ... well, we'll see.