Saturday, July 7, 2012


Gill cracked one eye open.  Groaning, he raised his- - -paws!  “How the hell. . .”  He clutched his head and slammed both eyes fully closed.  One breath.  Then two, one more made three.  He slowly opened both eyes.

Sunlight blinded him dizzily as he tried to sit up.  The view tilted and the world spun.  Two moans and several cuss words later, Gill lifted his face from the dirt pile in his back yard.  He inhaled, planted his hands in front of him, and shoved himself upright into a seated position.  His bare back rested against the trunk of the tree straddling the property line between his and his nude sun bathing neighbor’s back yard.  Dusting his hands off, he tossed his head back until he felt the bark of the tree touching his bare shoulders.

Gill swallowed hard.  He didn’t want to look down.  He couldn’t be buck ass---could he?  “Yeouch,” he cried out jumping up, swabbing his hands over his. . .oh, shit he was.  Yes, naked and covered with ants!

Gill raced toward the hose he kept outback.  He turned the faucet on full blast and grabbed the hose.  Drenched and fuming, he tossed the hose aside.  As he cut off the water, female giggles caught his attention.  He shoved both hands through his wet hair.  He blinked.  Twice to make sure the water cascading down his face didn’t reach his eyes.  

“Wow you are something else,” she called out, waving as she stood up.  Mercedes in all her glory faced him.  Breasts the size of cantaloupes with nipples the color of strawberries drew his stare.  The hair on her head matched the nest between her legs.  Gill gulped as she walked toward him.

“Uhmm hell-ll-o,” he managed to stammer.  A gentleman averts his eyes, his grandmotherly conscience admonished.  So he did.  The lower his gaze swept the warmer he felt his cheeks become.  His cock had a mind of its own.  Hard, swollen, and oozing pre-cum, his red member stood at attention ready for Mercedes.  Great, how did he explain this?

“Remembering last night, eh?”  Mercedes stopped short of touching him.  She stood toe-to-toe, so close he could reach out and. . . . 

“Last night?”  Gill groaned as images of Friday night sprang to life.  

“Oh, frisky doesn’t begin to describe your,” Mercedes paused as she stroked her red manicured nails down Gill’s hip.  “You do squirrel real good.  In fact you’re excellent at it.”

She winked and licked her lips.  The bewildered look on her neighbor’s face told her more than if she’d fondled him outright.  Moving closer, she leaned in and whispered, “Full Moons and Friday nights.  You’re a squirrel's delight.”

Gill blinked.  He looked sideways, over his shoulders, and back toward Mercedes’s patio.  A squirrel whistle drew his gaze downward.  At his feet, a medium sized chocolate colored squirrel eyed him.  

Gill jumped back, blinking again.  Mercedes stood in front of him as before nude and smiling.  Gill inhaled and swallowed.  Her excitement and interest filled his mouth and nose.  Full moons and a squirrel shifter next door might make Friday nights more delightful than he’d imagined.


Happy weekend Gang!  Sorry to be late posting.  I was off enjoying time in the cool air learning how to shoot.  Fun basics with one of the spice.  Another of the spice family bought a coupon as a gift to a  simulator for my lesson.  Wonderful time with my spice and time for story fodder too.

Keep cool with this heat wave.  Be safe too.  Drink lots of water and remember to share a book or two with your loves and spice.



Pat C. said...

See, Gil, there's a silver lining to every situation.

Savanna Kougar said...

Gil's luck is turning toward the GOOD! Go Gil, you raunchy cute critter you.

Oh, lucky you, shooting lessons. I wish... I wish... stay cool, Solara, and everyone.

Solara said...

Thanks Pat and Savanna! I had a good time at the simulator. We'll be back for more lessons. I got homework to do in between.