Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kitty Gets Rambunctious, Even Naughty

Full Moon in Capricorn howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Here's wishing you a HAPPY, STAY-COOL FOURTH OF JULY!

Kitty Gets Rambunctious, Even Naughty

Kitty gave her long blonde locks a sassy toss. Restless despite not being in heat, she scanned the crowd, mostly Talbot's Peak families having fun on the small carnival rides, and singles flirting at the booth games.

Gypsy Red Wolf and some of her psychic friends had arrived, and were giving readings. The modest sums collected were to be used to augment the library's collection of ancient shapeshifting manuscripts.

Recently, Kitty had tracked down a private source. However, after the owner provided proof, he'd demanded an exorbitant price. Further, he'd specified no rich donor could be contacted for the funds.

Why? Kitty didn't possess a fricking clue. Flea-scratching frustrated over the situation, she frowned as she strolled toward the roped-off food area. Children of every type and stripe hopped up and down, squealing happily over the ice cream novelties, and other sweet treats.

Sergei, Gypsy's devoted lover, had suggested the street fair company. The motley troupe of shifters and gnomes had a good safety record, even impressing Mayor Link. They'd been willing to include all the town's businesses. Plus, obviously they knew the paranormal score here in The Peak.

Determined to enjoy herself, Kitty cast aside her library worries, and smiled. She spoke and waved cheerfully to everyone who called out to her, everyone who waved.

Before moving toward the snow cone stand -- calling her name and tempting her tongue with its icy and colorful allure -- Kitty gave herself a bit of a slinky shake. The tingles of friskiness assaulting her belly paid no heed.

Sure as the catnip always growing in her sunny kitchen window, she missed Dante terribly. As usual. But this wild urge had to do with her cat need to be rambunctious, act up in some silly way.

It shone like a magic beacon. With her inner huntress aroused, Kitty eyed the rainbow snow cone as the gnome attendant placed it on the counter in the holder.

Evidently he was making one for each of the six fox shifter kits, all of them Brianna's grandchildren. They vacationed with her currently, and every other day, she brought them to the library for reading time. Brianna was a former schoolteacher in the human world.

Before she could stop herself, Kitty darted behind the food stands. Spying one of the imposing oak trees, she slipped close to the broad trunk. No longer able to ignore her impulse -- one heckuva of an itch desperately in need of a good scratch -- Kitty practically tore off her clothes, then tossed them hither, thither, and yon.

Meows! Yowls! It felt positively wonderful to be naked. After a fully body stretch, Kitty quickly morphed into her cat form. She bounded toward the snow cone still before her mind's eye, the one irresistibly beckoning her.

Anticipation sizzled her spine as she streaked the last few yards. Stopping only to crouch low, Kitty sighted her rainbow prize. She sprang, her blood running high.

With ease, and light-footed of course, Kitty landed next to the snow cone holder. Six rainbow treats waited to be handed out.

Yielding to her mad desire, she licked the nearest one. And kept licking despite major tongue freeze. Then big-time brain freeze.

Yeee-owwws! Yee-owsa... but so good.


Free to leave the business side of his life behind, Dante strode to his Harley. He'd taken great care to shine every inch of chrome, and now he took a moment to admire his handiwork.

He grinned as the memories of his road trip days flashed through his mind. With a leap, he straddled the beast machine, rapidly put on his helmet, then roared his Hawg to life.

The rough precise purr of the power-packed engine was a balm to his soul. Gunning his Harley just for the alpha thrill of it, Dante spun his tires. He performed a quick wheelie, then peeled out of his biker bar's parking area.

Right now, the afternoon temp had to be hot enough to fry a good-sized steak on the asphalt highway he was about to speed over, toward Talbot's Peak proper. Dante anticipated the slapping force of the wind as he wound down the isolated forest road.

Given the Independence Day celebrations happening all over The Peak, the freedom vibe had gotten under his wolf hide and his human skin. So had his never-ending, humping-ravenous lust for one Kitty Katrina Collins.

A couple of days ago, he'd learned his estranged sire, and most of his criminal pack of no-goods, had skipped town for some high level conference in Las Vegas. Oh howl-hell yeah, he'd sent his carefully chosen spies to infiltrate, find out what meaty morsels of info they could.

That handled, and with the Pleasure Club humming to his tune, time now belonged to him. Paying not the slightest attention to his cruising speed, Dante flew over the highway, his only concern making certain he endangered no one.

He laughed inwardly. No cop car, no highway patrol car possessed the horsepower to keep up with his souped up Harley, let alone hope to catch him. Black ops tech vehicles, now that was a another, utterly nightmarish story.

Not today, wolf boy, he told himself. No worries. Only my sweet Kitty.

Wanting to surprise his beautiful cat woman, Dante hadn't mentally communicated with her. As of late, he relied on his lonesome heart, then his nose to locate her.

Dante slowed his speed to a crawl once he reached the outer limits of Talbot's Peak. His tamed chrome beast prowled the neighborhood street where his Kitty lived. Though, he knew she wasn't at home.

Catching her deliciously pungent scent, Dante followed the invisible trail. Howl to the Full Buck Moon that would be shining tonight! Was he raw with the need to buck inside his woman.

Dante handled his monster bike on automatic now. Closing in on Kitty's exact position, he rumbled a long growl. His impatient cock lunged against his leathers the instant his wolf gaze sighted her standing next to a good-sized oak tree.

What the... holy fuck? An apt expression since his little Kitty tossed off all of her clothes in a cat fit of absolute abandon.

Her fast shift struck him like a punch to the gut. Stopping his Harley, he hit the kickstand fast, then dismounted in one leap. Dante followed after her.

Concerned but amused, he watched her spirited run toward one of the food vendors. In hot pursuit, Dante was just in time to see his gorgeous white cat lap a rainbow snow cone.

He paused only long enough to see her eyes cross, and her tongue turn bright with the different colors. With a huge grin cracking his face, Dante reached for the cash he kept inside his leather jacket.

"There you are," he scolded. "I've been searching all over for you. Naughty, naughty pussy." Dante scooped up his Kitty, and holding her in the crook of his arm, he cuddled her close against his chest.

He tossed a twenty on the counter. "I've been trying to break her of her snow cone habit," he addressed the wide-eyed fox shifter children. "So far nothing's worked."

"A good old-fashioned spanking might do the trick." The fox woman gave him a sly wink. "Here," she reached for one of the snow cones, and handed it to him. "Put that to good use."

"Yes, ma'am. I certainly will." Dante returned her wink.


Kitty mewed as she kissed Dante feverishly, then languidly. Their icy tongues tangled, and explored each other with a thoroughness that left her purring-hot inside, and nearly boneless.

Good thing, she was astride his big bad bike, and within the circle of his muscle-bound arm. His oh-so willing captive.

Dante growled possessively as they dipped their tongues into the melty snow cone again. "Come here, woman." He pulled her closer against his hard virile chest, and they spent timeless moments twining their tongues together in every possible position.

Later, as they languidly caressed each other's tongues, Kitty found enough strength to raise her legs and wrap them tightly around her sexy wolf man.

"How long are going to keep me naked?" she naughtily, throatily purred.


Full Buck Moon Kisses...


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Pat C. said...

MMMMMM. Wouldn't mind licking his sno cone At All.

With temperatures up here hitting the 90s with high humidity, any nice frolic in sno cone territory is welcome. Even if the cycle pic got me hot again. That's why we read this stuff.

Pat C. said...

Off topic: I finally saw the skunks from under the house last night. This isn't the huge one I saw last year. I think he was male. This was a female with a baby. That kid clung to her side like a remora to a shark, probably trying to cop a drink. I was surprised at their markings; Mama was almost all white up top with just a sliver of black in the middle, while Junior was almost all black with thin strips of white on the shoulder. I've been told by neighbors we also have raccoons, though I haven't seen any yet. I have seen rabbits, squirrels, and deer across the street. That's not counting the stray cats. This place is like ZooAmerica.

Savanna Kougar said...

Cool about mama skunk and baby. I only know there are different coloring patterns beyond the typically shown skunk. I haven't seen one here yet. But I've certainly smelled them.

Saw a three-fourths grown white tail deer yesterday... it was a beautiful caramel color, and didn't immediately run off when I said 'hi'. We gazed at each for several moments.

I know there are raccoons since I've seen their footprints... where I lived before there was a big family, and mama was trying to raid the house... we came to an understanding. I told her I would feed them away from house... they liked the dog food... and sure enough, no more problems, and the food was always gone.

Serena Shay said...

Whew... I sooo need a snow cone after that read, and a Harley riding Hottie like Dante. I love seeing Kitty and Dante finally getting a quiet moment. :)

Wow, ya'll have a plethora of animals roaming your areas, very cool!

Savanna Kougar said...

Bring on the snow cones and the Harley riding Hotties! Yahoooooo!

Lots of critters around here. I keep telling them to get along harmoniously because this their haven. Course, that doesn't stop Nature from taking its course.