Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wolf Dawg, Bankster Bounty Hunter

Tuesday howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

With the high temps once again taking over my tame prairie this week, I couldn't resist another flash scene set inside the Heavenly Chocolate & Ice Creamery, the new ice cream parlor in Talbot's Peak, Montana.

Alas, the scene refused to end, so I plan to continue it next week.

Wolf Dawg, Bankster Bounty Hunter

On a mission, two missions in fact, Dawg sauntered inside The Peak's new ice cream parlor. The heels of his biker boots rang as he strode over the real tile floor, and the silver chains jangled similar to spurs. Yep, music to his renegade wolf ears. Not that he wore them when on the hunt in his human form.

Bravado worked with some of his white-collar criminal prey. But stealth was often the name of the capture-game.

In this day of cross, double cross, and triple cross, among the different factions of the bankster gangsters, so far Dawg had managed to deliver the corporate scat with the highest bounties on their well-groomed heads to the mysterious group known as the White Hats. With his rewards paid in gold and silver coin, he'd built a fancy Old West Saloon inside one wing of Dante's Interspecies Pleasure Club.

Dawg added more swagger to his walk, and gave the owner, Kalindi, a wink when she glanced up from making a banana split. Howls and dang, was he ever glad she had customers, most of them the local teenagers.

"Got the goods ready to go, pretty angel?"

"Ready, and waiting, my pickup man," she sang. With an angelic but impish smile, Kalindi beckoned him behind the counter.

Dawg had learned long ago to keep his big paws off another man's woman, but he could never resist charming any female. Their sweetness was just too dang impossible for him and his nose to ignore.

Course, now his nostrils quivered with the scent of her god lover. Scuttlebutt had it Kalindi, who was half goddess, had summoned a rain god. As she'd told Kitty, she'd been concerned about Talbot's Peak, and everyone knew about her good-at-heart nature.

Howls to the Great Wolf Spirit, no doubt, they'd sure needed the rains. Gypsy Red Wolf had been holding rain dances every single day at her favorite forest clearing. Along with a huge ole pack of men, Dawg had licked his chops in enjoyment, watching the uninhibited cavorting of the women. Then he'd joined in.

"Is it you I get to thank for the soakin' in rains we've had lately?" Dawg flashed a smile as he rounded the corner of the counter.

Kalindi flushed red as the cherries in the bowl beside her. She gave him a quick glance, then went back to finishing off the banana split with whipped cream. "I'm just glad the drought is over. Can I fix you something, pickup man?"

"Sure can, sweet angel. Once I get the goods loaded, I'll be ready for one of your hot fudge sundaes."

"Got one with your name on it. Right over here." Kalindi waved toward the freezer section where four sealed, five-gallon buckets of the best ice cream ever, waited to be transported.

Dawg already planned to meet with a whistleblower on the run. His White Hat contact insisted on the ice cream parlor, despite Dawg's objection for the sake of any innocents who might inadvertently get in the way.

He'd been on the verge of leaving his Old West Saloon for Talbot's Peak, when the word had gone out that Dante needed a volunteer for a quick run to the Heavenly Chocolate & Ice Creamery. Now here he was loading the buckets into one of the Club's freezer trucks.

Even with the last minute arrangements, Dawg made certain to arrive extra early. With the ice cream secured, he swung toward the parlor's entrance. His strides rapidly ate up the short distance, and as he held the door open for a family of four, his inner wolf ruff stood on end.

The whistleblower, a woman, was here. Once he entered, Dawg causally moved toward the counter. Acting as if a hot fudge sundae was the only thing on his mind, he propped up a boot, and leaned on his elbow.

Desperation had its own odor. A cat shapeshifter also possessed a unique fragrance, the one now seriously tingling the inside of his nose. The White Hat hadn't divulged that little tidbit of info. Could be, he hadn't known the whistleblower was a shifter. Then again...

From the corner of his eye, Dawg easily spotted the woman. He nearly barked a laugh at her prim uptight appearance, complete with a bun and horn rim glasses. She wore 'I'm vacationing' attire, and devoured a banana split like no other woman he'd ever witnessed.

Fascinated, Dawg angled his body so he could watch her, while still having a direct view of the door. One of those huge flowery tourist bags that could hold everything under the sun leaned against her chair.

"It's her second one," Kalindi whispered close to his ear as she placed his hot fudge sundae on the counter.

"When you get time, make her another banana split on me. Would you, angel girl?"

"You got it, wolf man. Do you want me to serve it to her or do you want to do the honors?"

"Take your time, Kalindi. Bring it to the table whenever you're ready." Dawg picked up his hot fudge sundae. "Time to make my move."

The woman cat shifter, who savored the last bite of whipped cream, then licked her lips feline-style, sat near the back at the table farthest from anyone else. With the gaze of a huntress she eyed his slow approach.

While not petite, she was in no way large, and possessed a daintiness that appealed to Dawg. What he could see of her shapely curves, despite the shapeless clothing she wore, put his cock on alert status.

Howls, given her state of desperation, the last thing she needed was a male befuddled and ruled by lust. Dawg halted, and offered a friendly grin. "Pardon me, miss, you remind me of my cousin, Louisa. She's down Texas way. Lives in Houston."

Tentatively, she offered a small smile, one that froze soon after it formed. Yet, Dawg observed her recognition of the code words he'd used. All while he stared at the unique but beautiful color of her eyes, a champagne gold.

Her features told him the rest of the story, one that threw him for a loop well past the moon. She was Martian. That is, either from Mars, or her ancestors had been Martian. Memories tumbled over themselves in a race that caused him to blink and become rigid for an instant.

Dawg suppressed the total recall of long ago.

"My name is Silkari. I'm afraid I don't know your cousin. If you'd like to join me..." She left the rest unsaid.

Dawg didn't wait for an engraved invitation. He seated himself, and set the drippy hot fudge sundae on the table.

"Are you going to rescue me?" she mouthed.

Gathering his wits, no easy task, Dawg raised a brow. "What am I rescuing you from? Don't worry," he added, "no spy devices are allowed in here. Or in Talbot's Peak."

Skepticism shone in her eyes. Still, she took in a large breath, and released it. He watched her shoulders un-tense.

"Silkari, what a beautiful name." Dawg spoke as she prepared to answer him.

"I...I...my sister was abducted by a white slavery ring. We found her in time, but...well, I decided to get the dirt on the corporation responsible. Because no one believed us -- that it was one of the top corporations...and..." Tears shimmered in her eyes, and Silkari lowered her gaze.

"I understand. Did they know she was a shapeshifter?"

"No, not at first. When they found out, they were going to sell her to an underground lab...oh, god, it was horrible." Silkari still didn't look at him. "Long story short, I posed as a secretary, assistant, whatever, long enough to get all this." She motioned to her bag. "I'd trained as an actress, and thought...but they found out. I'd already gotten most of the dirt, the proof, and more. So, so," she choked a bit, "I ran."

Dawg picked up his spoon, and took a large bite of his sundae -- as if they were two people getting to know each other. Two bad guys had entered. Both of them bounty hunters he knew, and they didn't own hearts of gold. Money was their god.


Wishing you shapeshifting love on the wild side...


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Serena Shay said...

Oooh, good for you Silkari, getting the 'goods' to the good guys! Plus, you just found yourself one hot Dawg. ;)

Pat C. said...

I need to get out to Montana. All those hot, heroic alpha males in one place. And now they have ice cream. It's a dream come true.

Soooooo, Kalindi, just how did you make it rain? (big grin and big innocent eyes)

Savanna Kougar said...

Yep, Silkari did find herself one hot Dawg... likely her nickname for him... later on. ~smiles~

Savanna Kougar said...

Talbot's Peak, Montana, where the wildest dreams come true.

Maybe Kalindi will tell that 'story' later. Rain gods can be very appreciative, even if they are arrogant.