Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fat Bastard On A Roll

Sorry this is so late. It's one part I forgot and one part dithering on what to post. This week's snipet is kind of short, but I finally decided you guys needed it so the next few bit make sense. And it didn't make sense to add something else to it to make the post longer. Next week's will be better, I promise.

FYI, last week's Face Book contest had no winner as no one but me posted a caption. Maybe next time. Anyway, here's a peek into the mind of our friendly neighborhood villain!


“Talk to me,” Hamilton, aka ‘the fat Aussie bastard’, grunted into his phone. He said nothing as his underling rattled on about that a bust that went down early this morning. The goddamned Tom Hanson, doggy cop extraordinaire, had been at it again. That made him feel just a tad better about the scene that had unfolded in front of him at the park.

Yeah, Hanson had messed up his first attempt to contact that dingo bitch, but that didn’t mean he’d meant to. Stalking him just to fuck with him after making a bust like this morning’s was just what Hamilton would expect from that holier-than-thou deputy sheriff. Hanson just happening upon the dingo bitch in the park a few hours later might have been suspicious as hell, too, if it weren’t for the fact she was in heat. While there weren’t many shifters who could get in a dingo’s pants, a cop dog like Hanson could. And he’d probably caught her heat musk down town and followed it once he got off work trying to find the bitch-in-heat.

Hamilton cackled gleefully as he hung up the call and switched over to the camera roll on his phone. With the pictures he’d just snapped of doggy cop extraordinaire making out with his drug mule, he might be able to get two dogs with one stone. He’s make sure there was video evidence of the dingo bitch making a drug transfer to someone expendable, then expose her—along with photos of Hanson doing her. Damn, but it was good to be an evil genius!


Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, those evil geniuses never learn... I was wondering about the fat Aussie bastard... now I have glimpse into his twisted mind.

Rebecca Gillan said...

That's the frighting part about the fat Aussie bastard--he is actually pretty good at being an evil genius. Jenna and Tom had better watch their backs because Hamilton is no push-over, two-bit crook!

Pat C. said...

All the better. You can judge your heroes by the quality of their villains. I get the feeling Jenna and Tom will turn the tables on FAB no matter what he throws at them. That'll make their after-the-bust trip to the sack (we know that's coming) all the sweeter.

Pat C. said...

I'm not on Facebook, and it could be a good long while (if ever) before I sign up, so here's a caption y'all can add a picture to:

"Holy ****, Rufus, it's headed right for us!"

Have fun.