Saturday, January 10, 2015


Gill looked down at the list he held.  The top ten names, boys and girls, stood out on the computer printed sheet.  Rachel and Tyburn decided they would join in on the name game by bringing their brood over.  The one who cried when a name got called got that moniker.  Well, at least something had to happen.  Way things were going asexual names made sense.  Gill sighed as he folded the paper.  Names never seemed this hard when he decided what to call his pets.  Heck, even the chickens his granddad had were named easier than this.  Of course, all chickens looked the same after a while.  Your off spring didn’t.

Chloe sat down beside him.  She tucked loose strands of hair behind her ears.  Reaching out, she took Gill’s hand, speaking as she did.  “I think Rachel and I came up with names for our kids.”

“Oh?” Gill heaved a sigh that said more than if he’d sputtered more words. 
Chloe nodded.  “Yes, between her and I we came up with names for the girls.  You and Tyburn get to name the boys.”

Gill slipped an arm around her, hugged her to him, and kissed her cheek.  Chloe glanced at him wondering what he was thinking.  His subdued response wasn’t like him.  His heated argument with her mother and grandfather sent them packing two days earlier.  Rachel called ready to bounce Tyburn out on his flaming arse if he didn’t stop calling their daughter Kitty Cat.  Taking matters into their feminine hands made sense.  Leaving their spouses out didn’t.  Now the three girls had six names amongst them to call their own depending on how they sounded said aloud.  Trying to do this with the din and noise at Miss Ellie’s during lunch rush hadn’t worked.

“How about you lay a few of the names on me?” Gill slumped lower on the couch.  His eyes closed as he slid his hand down Chloe’s arm.  “Seriously, what did you come up with?  I know Rachel’s creativity runs deep.”

Chloe smiled before she replied.  “Well we talked about how names can mark someone for life.”

“Oh that is so true.” 

“Our children need names that stand out as their own while also lending character and strength.”  Chloe laid her head on Gill’s shoulder.  “Here goes my first choice:  Judith Suzane.”

“Nice and easy to say.  What else you got?”  Gill kissed Chloe’s cheek as he sat up. 

“Patricia Carleen.”  Chloe faced Gill waiting for his response.

His gaze met hers.  “What did Rachel come up with for her daughter?”

“Celestine Boadicea.  A mouth full on that one,” Chloe said.

“Not really when you shorten it to Celeste Boadicea.  Easier on the first part.  I get why Rachel would go with that.”

“Which ones do you want for our girls?” Chloe picked up the pad and pen she laid on the coffee table earlier.

“Judith reminds me of a red head.  Our youngest according to your mother maybe a red head.”

“And our eldest daughter?” Chloe wrote down which names Gill claimed for their daughters.

“Her fairness reminds me of you.  So Carleen Patricia is what I like best.”  Gill opened his mouth to say more.  He found Chloe’s lips pressed against his.  Her tongue licked on his as if she were doused in lust.

Moments passed as he returned her ardent kiss.  Pulling back, he gulped air.  “What’s that all about?”

“Oh you took this in stride.  Made it easy.”  Chloe leaned in and kissed him again.  “Now about our son?”

“Well am I supposed to meet with Tyburn to settle this up?”  Gill scooted to the edge of the cushion ready to stand.

“Nope.” Chloe stretched as she spoke.  “Rachel said if he kept dodging the duty.  She’d handle it.”

“I bet there are sparks flying in that house tonight.”  Gill smiled as he rose.

“No she said they were going to meet around the outdoor fire pit.  Neither of them were going inside until this issue was done.”  Chloe pushed the pad to Gill after writing down one last item and underlining it. 

He read what she’d written.  “Our son’s name?”

Chloe nodded.

“Morgan Sullivan sounds good to me.” Gill reached for the pen to officially add the name to the paper.

Chloe held the pen out of reach.  “I like Sullivan Morgan better.  We can call him Sully.”

“That might create problems when he gets older.”  Gill tilted his head, cupping his chin.  “How about Morgan Gilbert?”

“Yes, that sounds lovely. A bit of his papa with him always.” Chloe handed Gill the pen.  “Add it to the list.  Tomorrow we can deal with birth certificates and the announcement for the paper.”

Gill yawned as he added Morgan’s name to his sisters’ on the paper.  The paper and certification for his brood could wait another eight to ten hours.  Sleep was a premium right now.  And getting more than two hours at a time was on his agenda.  He’d check with Tyburn in the morning to see how his name game came out.  Gill bet Rachel would be a worthy opponent.

Happy Weekend Gang!

Looks like we got the first names settled on.  Now let's see what Rachel and Tyburn come up with.  Who is going to win the name pool lottery?  There's still God Parents to settle on as well.  I can see a few more weeks until all of this is ironed out.

Cold, more cold, and frigid temps are capturing the news.  Keep warm and safe as we enter mid month next week.  A few more weeks and we'll be thinking Spring and Easter.  Snuggle up with your spice and loves while you share a few good books together.  I know I am!

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Pat C. said...

Patricia. Lovely choice. :)

I just hope the parents keep in mind their kids are going to have to live with, and fill out forms with, those long, multisyllabic names getting pinned on them. Take it from someone who's had to squeeze "Patricia Elizabeth Cunningham" onto credit card receipts for the past 30 years.

Morgan Sullivan -- liking that one. Just remember, Gil's last name is Peskosky. (See warning above)

I still think one of the girls should be called "Rockie." Roxanne?

Savanna Kougar said...

So glad Gil and Chloe decided on names for their younguns... now on to Rachel and Tyburn. ~smiles~

Serena Shay said...

Great names, Solara! Now I need to kick Nick and Ziva in gear. :)