Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Happy Squirrel Appriciation Day!

          Not much to post today. I’ve been writing my butt off, trying to get “Witch’s Moon” ready to be edited again no thanks to losing a huge chunk to a file corruption error. It took me a long time to write this book in the first place; I don’t know why I thought it would only take me a few weeks to re-do it from first draft form… Also, I recently quit my day job and have been busy getting myself going as a tech support contractor (jury’s still out if I can make a go of that, but it’s looking good so far), had a family medical emergency, and I am also taking advantage of being home during the day to fix stuff around the house that has not been getting done on account of me not getting home until dark. Today, I am installing a new front door because the old one could only be closed if you jiggled it just right.
          All of that being said, I do have a little something for you today. Did you know that today is officially Squirrel Appreciation Day? From the website, “Red, grey or even black, what’s your favourite colour of squirrel? Squirrel Appreciation Day reminds us to enjoy these nut-burying, scampering animals respectfully and with consideration. Why not visit your local park and spot some squirrels?” This means everyone is supposed to give Mayor Gil an extra bag of nuts in his goody basket today, right?

          Yeah, it’s not much, but I promise to have more next week. I'm off to install a door in the snow. Have a great day!



Pat C. said...

Yay to all squirrels of the world! I like Batsquirrel. That should be Gil's Halloween costume. And that video clip is hilarious!

Savanna Kougar said...

So glad you're working on Witch's Moon! Squirrel's Day, who knew? ... lol... The red squirrels here love my roof, and run across regularly, and have squirrel disagreements, chasing each other... those critters are surprisingly loud.

Savanna Kougar said...
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