Saturday, January 10, 2015

SNEAK PEEK SUNDAY: Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys ~ Chapter Forty

Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys

This week, Zance takes care of Sherilyn after their lovemaking session.


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Chapter Forty:
Unexpected sensations of pleasure...

Before Sherilyn knew it, he strode across the room, carrying her. She wondered in her twilight state, if this was some kind of wonderful, but strange fairytale. Especially, since two princes wanted her instead of one.

If true, Sherilyn never wanted to awaken.

Nearly asleep, she was aware Zance placed her on cool sheets. She felt him cover her with a thick down comforter, and touch a kiss to her cheek.

"Don't let the bedbugs bite, sweetheart. Only me and Donny-cat get to do that."

A smile formed on her lips. Not moving an inch, Sherilyn entered the realm of darkness. Still, before slumber claimed her, she heard a whispering inside her mind.

Already too deep, Sherilyn couldn't grasp what she knew was an intuitive warning. She struggled to get hold, but it remained as elusive as a ghost.


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