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SNEAK PEEK SUNDAY: Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys ~ Chapter Forty-one
Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys

Note: This chapter begins with Dontoya, a black cougar shifter, getting to know Sherilyn's horses, and checking on them for her sake. He and Zance have brought their mate's prize horses to their ranch to take care of them, and protect them from being stolen, while Sherilyn continues to heal.


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Chapter Forty-one:
Sherilyn's palomino, Cloud...

Sherilyn's palomino, Cloud, stretched his neck toward Dontoya. The standoffish stallion pressed against his stall door, flaring his nostrils. He blew breaths, taking in Dontoya's scent.

"He's smellin' her on you," Catcher explained. The horse shapeshifter gave his human forelock a toss. "Been missin' Sherilyn something fierce, I can tell you."

Dontoya figured he'd better grab opportunity by the tail. Offering his hand to Cloud, he waited patiently as the stallion snuffled.

"Go ahead. Give his neck a pat," Catcher encouraged.

"Don't you worry, Cloud ole son, we're taking care of her," Dontoya crooned. He reached up slowly, then gave the stallion's neck several firm pats. "She's healing up right fine."

"Yep, I bet she'll be out here soon, givin' you some treats." Nickers greeted Catcher's words. "Treats for all of you."


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