Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Black as the night...

New moon howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Okay then, today's rough flash scene is a new story idea that crept up on me. Yeah, I so wish I had that out-of-time writing room... just enter, write to my heart's content, then emerge from time to time... yeah, if only... ~grinz~

Black as the night...

Black as the night he soared through, Zholaz performed another perimeter sweep of Talbot's Peak territory. Spying a special ops squad of ten dogman shifters, mad-scientist manufactured at a nearby underground base, he spread his dragon wings stalling his flight.

Dragonfire formed in his belly as he dived to attack. Loathe to kill any living being, even lab-created soldiers, Zholaz loosed bolts of flame that struck a stack of boulders. Observing his approach, the dog-headed team scrambled, taking up positions behind the jagged wall of rock.

Smoke and particles of stone mushroomed upward, the acrid-torch smell owning the immediate atmosphere. When the team raised their laser rifles, intent on blasting him to kingdom come, Zholaz snarled and streaked closer.

The sound trumpeted shaking the very air. His belly fire disgorged like lightning. Unlike lightning, the brilliant orange flames slammed full force, transmuting the dog-heads into floating, harmless ash. At the same time, Zholaz plucked their minds of any info-knowledge.

With his patrol shift over, he'd report to Dante later, if there was any useful intel. Right now, he mourned the soldier's deaths in his dragon practical way. An enemy was an enemy, and his fire had destroyed them. Yet, a diamond tear formed in the corner of his eye, then fell to earth.

Once Zholaz mind-connected with the super wolf, White Fang, the next sky-surveillance patrol of their territory, and made his report, he flapped toward his space cruiser. The spacious ship had been his home since his days of roaming the galaxy and chasing after adventure. His appetite had been insatiable then.

Now he turned his swashbuckling prowess toward protecting those he deemed worthy. As Zholaz landed close to his ship, disguised by its reflective surface, he morphed to his human form, triggering the pinwheel-like door.

As he strode inside his domain, weariness claimed his muscles, and Zholaz stretched increasing the blood flow. After quickly dressing in simple garb, hide-skin breeches and a lightweight blouson, he stepped inside his command center.

He was immediately met by the com sphere. Hovering at eye level, the message globe radiated a bright white light. Within, Zholaz observed his uncle's signature symbol, and the word 'emergency' in their language.

Grunting a sigh, Zholaz opened his palm. The sphere settled and he carried the subtly humming crystalline ball to its stand on his console. Instantly, his uncle's communication appeared on the embedded screen beneath it.

Zholaz's heart rocketed past Earth's moon. The woman he'd wanted with ever twist of his dragon loins, since first spying her on his home world at an intergalactic dance club, was to be auctioned off as a pleasure slave.

A daring space trader, K'Phaedra supplied his uncle and others with rare foods. His personal favorite had been the Green Jungle Coffee from a primitive planet half way across their galactic realm.

Well knowing she'd been too young to be mate-claimed by him, Zholaz had avoided direct contact with her, only watching the gorgeous fiery woman from afar. The last he'd heard, K'Phaedra had been marriage-bonded to a man from her world, as was the custom.

That had been one driving impetus for his adventure-forays into other galaxies, and how he'd first discovered Earth. Now...

Zholaz groaned with both carnal need and fierce distress. Assessing the information and the celestial map his uncle had included, he paced and shoved his hand through his long, jet black hair.

No doubt he would fly via several stargates to her rescue. Given Dante's ferocious love for his mate, Kitty, Zholaz figured the alpha wolf leader would understand his sudden departure.


I awake to pinprick stings on the back of my left shoulder. Awake, yet my eyelids refuse to open.

No rush of memory occurs. No scenes from my life color-blast inside my head.

All I know...I'm laying flat on a hard, comfortably warm surface. My mind is a fog-white screen that I can't seem to penetrate.

Frustration nips at me, and I try to move, only to discover my muscles aren't cooperating in the least. It's not that I'm frozen or exactly paralyzed, just limp...limp as a sleeping Octoids tentacle. Geez...what the freak-world?

I ask, but no divine entity grants me any idea of what is happening, and why. For starters, where in all blackhole hell am I?

The slight pain continues on my shoulder. But, it's the feeling of absolute helplessness clawing up my middle like a Horgyr wildcat that has me truly frightened.

"It will be over soon," an incredibly deep masculine voice soothes.

What the freak-crap?

"I merely mark you as mine. Your purchase price was quite high."

Purchase price! And what is that language? The familiarity of the guttural yet sophisticated words ... the dragon shifter race of the Wyorth worlds!

I quiver within like a bow string stretched too tight. All forms of archery are my hobby, a sporting past time I find exhilarating and mentally relaxing.

My sense of smell suddenly comes online, and my nose tells me whoever this man is he's got the dragonfire -- that he can shift unlike some of his race -- those who have lost the ability due to their lives in the far empire reaches of galaxy.

Realizing I now remember the core of my life, I struggle to pierce the stubborn veil in my mind that still obscures my recent past. No space-go, though.

"Done," the mysterious man announces. Satisfaction, and raw desire rule his voice.

Again I quiver inside, a rapid quivering that won't stop.


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side in the New Year


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


Pat C. said...

The fiery dragon rescues the fair maiden ... there's a unique twist.

Maybe it's time for dragons again. I'm thinking of going back to Jase and Burne's story once MLK is done.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yep, the dragons are lurking about... and since Serena's hero dragon and Greely are in England... well dragon patrols needed. Besides, Montana is a great flying territory for the winged ones.

Probably not a unique twist, but I like it. ~smiles~

Dragons seems to be popular with M/M writers/readers... I've been following the Winter Fantasies Contest that Stormy Glenn has going.