Saturday, January 24, 2015


Two loud screeches split the night air drawing the attention of those standing on the patio outside the mayoral mansion.  Snow blew across the open space drifting in between the chairs and table close to the fire pit.  The blaze flickered and fluttered with each gust of the wind.  Close to the corner near the wooded area, two sets of gold eyes watched and waited. 

Gill handed Louie the other shovel as he spoke.  “Vernon said he’d be back with food for everyone.  At the rate this snow is falling we’re going to be keeping company for a while.”

Louie laughed and began clearing the section closest to the fire pit.   “Yes, Bettina sent her boys off to find the lab tech who houses their emergency stash of blood.  They’ll be here for sure with what they can carry in their packs.”

Gill shook his head, wishing he hadn’t insisted the council meet this month.  Three babies slept unaware of the older tots who kept looking at them while they played close by. Rachel and Tyburn’s two dozed close by as well.  Clothes and entertainment weren’t too difficult to manage.  Former Mayor Link’s extensive video collection and books he left behind were keeping many out of trouble.  A few muttered from time to time about munchies and when was the next meal.  Bettina and Miss Ellie had the potential troublemakers under their dual scrutiny. 

Chloe sat with the wives that came with their spouses sewing squares for a community quilt.  Some brought out their needlework stitching and talking as they worked.  Other crocheted as their counterparts knitted. 

Another set of screeches sounded right over Gill’s head.  He looked up and jumped back as two large burlap sacks hit the patio.  Their loud thud brought Miss Ellie and Bettina running.  As they reached the top of the steps, a large grey wolf bounded on to the patio.  He ran up the steps, nuzzled Miss Ellie’s legs, and traipsed over to where Louie stood with his mouth hanging open.  Even with its tail wagging, and a huge wolf grin, Louie backed away.

“oh Vernon, you bad boy,” Miss Ellie began making her way down the stairs, smiling and shaking her finger.  “Stop scaring Louie.”

She leaned down hugged the wolf and began unfastening the large dual saddlebags he wore.  “Good you got the spices we need.  Where’s the pots I asked for?”

As if on cue, two large industrial cooking pots rolled on to the patio and clanged together as they banged into each other.  Two wolf youths skidded to a stop near the pots.  Miss Ellie clapped her hand over her mouth, not muffling her laughter very well.  “Loki and Thor, does your parents know where you are?”

Their heads bobbed up and down as they leaned against Miss Ellie.

Two more sacks hit the patio as the more wolves and dogs outline the edge of the patio.  The flutter of wings sounded as loud screeches sounded behind Gill.  He jumped and back away slowly.  “Are they who I think they are?”

Bettina snorted as she made her way down the stairs.  “That Lucas and Starla, Tyburn’s cousins.  Everyone helped bring what we need to survive until this blizzard is over.”

Back inside with the foodstuff unpacked, stored as needed and animal forms replaced with their human counter parts, meal planning and work assignments began.  Starla helped with laundry since she owned a dry cleaning business in town.  Bettina held court with the children reading them stories and conducting an impromptu school session.  Louie along with Vernon and several other carnivores gathered round the fire pit roasting haunches of meat.  Miss Ellie--accompanied by the vegetarians in the crowd--chopped and diced along with the cooking oversaw the preparation of the fruits and vegetables present.

Midway through the third hour since the supplies arrived, Louie bellowed in the large dining room, drawing everyone’s attention.  As they circled around him, he spoke.  “We made broth bowls as part of our Thanksgiving feast.”

Heads nodded, as he continued speaking.  “In order to stretch everything, we’re doing broth bowls again.  This time we’ve got pasta, quinoa, rice, lentils and other nutrients to help out.’

Gill rapped on the table drawing eyes to him.  “No one goes hungry.  Take enough to sate your belly without wasting.  Tomorrow we’ll see what the roads look like.”

Tyburn spoke up as many turned to enter the kitchen.  “There’s a huge pot of Phoenix Hot Chocolate to go with dinner.  Sweet, chocolaty, and smooth with a touch of milky goodness.”

As lines formed to enter the kitchen, Vernon slipped his arm around Gill’s shoulders saying, “Who said we can’t all get along?”


Happy Weekend Gang!

Weather is affecting all of us in some fashion.  We've got snow, sleet, and rain here at the Spice Homestead.  Colds and sniffles abound too. We're holding our own otherwise.  Health and good spirits are claiming first place again.

Sounds as though our Peakites are finding ways to share their wealth even as the snow and cold abounds.  Who knows maybe some of those stories that get told around camp fires might be told as everyone gathers around the fireplace or out by the fire pit.  What interesting tales from your youth do you remember?  Ones you told or made-up for your children?

Keep a good story, a few excellent books, and your imagination handy as you share these with your loves and spice.  I know I am!

Until next week,



Savanna Kougar said...

Nice! Nothing like interspecies camaraderie during a winter storm... what a chance to cozy up and get to know one another better.

Pat C. said...

Now that's the way to get snowed in: with fire, food, and friends.

I'd like to know what's in ex-Mayor Link's film collection. "Bedtime for Bonzo"? The entire "Planet of the Apes" saga? Woody Allen's "Bananas"?