Saturday, January 17, 2015


Flames leapt higher as Tyburn tossed another log into the fire pit outside his and Rachel’s home.  The outdoor thermometer read 20 degrees.  A stiff wind blew over the roof dropping snow on to the patio.  Rachel sat regal as ever bundled up in her down parka, boots, ski pants, and crocheted hat and gloves.  On her lap lay a tablet with several lines of writing.  On the side table next to her, a huge mug of cinnamon chocolate truffle hot chocolate sat.  Steam rolled off it.  

“You aren’t going to escape this any longer, Tyburn.” Rachel spit out in between her chattering teeth.  “The kids need names.”

“Yea, they do.  Why do I have to decide this?”  Tyburn reached for his mug of hot chocolate.  He blew on the liquid hoping he didn’t burn his tongue a second time.  His first sip sent a sear of pain down his throat and deep into his gullet.  Rachel’s exasperated sigh and rigid posture told him he’d better get down to business or he’d be sleeping on the couch again.  Pesky cat kept cuddling up to him all night.  Sneezing and watery eyes didn’t become him.  Nor did tripping over the dog in the middle of the night either.  So much for domesticity mortal style.

“Because you’re their father,” Rachel ground out.  She wrapped her hands around her mug and blew across the top before raising it to her lips.  

Tyburn waited until she sat the mug down.  Like it or not, he couldn’t escape the truth.  His children needed names.  Neither Louis nor Dwayne sounded right as he watched his son sleep.  Even as he held him, images of an athletic teen came to mind.  Lowell came and went as a consideration.  Then there was they’re daughter.  No way was that girl getting Boadicea hung on her.  How much human or Phoenix these two had in them might not manifest itself for years.  Possibly ages before any of them knew.

“What about Ailis Ena?”  Tyburn dropped into the chair closest to Rachel.  “The spelling is unique.”

“What is its translation?”  Rachel wrote the name on the page.  

“Noble kind and flame or fire. After all she’s got some phoenix in her somewhere.”  Tyburn sipped more of his drink.  

Rachel nodded, tucked her pen back in her pocket, and wrapped her hands back around her mug.  “What about our son?”

“Bryce Kent.  Easy and simple.  Noble and head chief.  He turn out as head strong as either of us.”  Tyburn set his mug back on the table and rose.

Rachel hastily scribbled on her pad.  She shoved both in to her pocket before scooting forward on her chair.  “Dowse the fire, please.”  She held out her mug to him.

Tyburn didn’t ask.  He didn’t wait.  He poured her mug and his on the fire.  Sparks leaped up and sizzled before the flames died down.  After a couple shovels of snow took the flames down to red coals, he held his hand out to Rachel.  If he tried to speak, he’d probably spit his teeth out they chattered so hard.

“My votes go for Ailis Kaylene and Bryce James.”  Rachel trotted toward the back steps leading up to the enclosed sun porch.

Tyburn shook his head as he followed.  At least they were closer to deciding.  If the decision continued, inside where warmth and a hot shower awaited made more sense than freezing his . . .wait, maybe that’s what Rachel intended all along.  “Woman, wait up,” he called out picking up his pace.



Next up are Rachel and Tyburn with their decisions on names.  Looks like it isn't decided quite yet with these too.  Who's minding the twins while the name discussion continues?  Tyburn's twin sister may have a few suggestions for them too.  I think the flames are going to fly more before this is done.

Keep warm and safe as winter blows across the land.  These temperatures are crazy.  I dug out my thermal underwear and don't wanna go out without them until April maybe.  LOL!  

Remember keep a good book or two nearby to share with your loves and spice.  I know I am!

Until Next Week,



Pat C. said...

There's always Jean, if the girl's a phoenix. (Google "X-Men" if you're not into comic books :))

Savanna Kougar said...

At least, Rachel and Tyburn seem to be working out their name differences. ~smiles~

I've always like the name Phaedra, like in that haunting beautiful song.

Yeah, the temps have been brutal here, as well. Although, I am SO GRATEFUL it's warmed up dramatically for now.