Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Keina soared on wings of sheer bliss.

New Year howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Here's a draft of Chapter Ten from my current ShapeShifter Seductions WIP, which is tentatively titled: His Invisible Gift. However, that doesn't seem quite right, so the title is likely to change. Anyway, Keina, my winged horse heroine, and Drev, my hero, who is human but has enhanced abilities... have just enjoyed a very hot sex scene.


Chapter Ten

Keina soared on wings of sheer bliss. "Stud, my stud," she whispered over and over. She hugged Drev's neck, and pressed herself even closer to the shield of muscle that was his chest. His potent sexual scent filled her nostrils. The strength of his cock still filled her, and his grip on her hadn't weakened.

Long moments later as they continued hugging each other, as her afterglow shimmered every fiber of her, Keina murmured, "You can put me down, Drev." 

"Clean sheets," he tempted. The rough timbre of his voice tickled her ear deliciously.

"Yes." Keina smiled, her happiness a bright flare inside her. She could at least allow this time between them before...flubergastov, before she had to think about leaving him. "I want to stay in your arms, hunter."

"Hang on, sweetheart." Drev wrapped his hunky arms around her, pivoted, and  began carrying her to, she assumed, his bedroom.

Keina nestled her head on his shoulder, just to know the feeling. How could she not adore a virile man such as this? Who cared for his family. Who she knew possessed a good character. After all, she'd touched his mind, glimpsed his soul.

"Do you know how good you feel, Keina?" he rasped, once they entered a cozy warm room, and he was lowering her onto the bed.

Keeping her arms locked around his neck, she teased, "How good?"

"Good enough to be your stud again." He subtly rocked inside her pussy, and Keina sank deeper into the thick down comforter.

"You are good enough." Keina wiggled provocatively on his studly shaft.

Drev slid his hands from beneath her back, then sensually molded her curves, as he stroked downward over her thighs. Their gazes merged, and Keina lost herself in the gold-flame glints of his eyes.

She felt her heart reach for him, but ignored the sweet yearning, even as she caressed the nape of his neck.

"Lights?" he asked. "Or do I tuck you and me in?"

"Tuck, please."

"Wait a minute." Even in the darkness, Keina watched his expression change to one of concern. "Are you hungry? You did fly here, right?"

"I flew, yes, Drev. In the morning I'll be able to eat three plates of pancakes. Now, I want to be in bed with you."

"Three plates." His voice held a grin. "I can do that."

"Oat pancakes with apple caramel topping?"

"Oatmeal added to the mix. I could make some topping." Drev touched a kiss to the tip of her nose. "You are so beautiful."

The deep sincerity of Drev's compliment bubbly-rushed through Keina, and she combed her fingers through his lush mane. "Skin to skin beneath the covers, my stud."

Drev gently eased his cock from her, then reached to open the top drawer of his simple wood nightstand. Keina watched him flick out a large handkerchief. "How about I use this to wipe those gorgeous thighs of yours?"

Keina nodded, adoring him for taking care of her. With a gentle yet competent touch he cleaned his cum from her. All the while, his gaze hungrily roved over her body.

No stranger to being desired, still Keina reveled in her hunter's desire for her -- intensely different somehow, and more wondrously pleasurable.

After tossing the cloth into a nearby whicker basket, Drev straightened. He lifted her in a tender manner with one arm, then bent to one side. Swiftly, he tossed back the covers, and placed her in the center of a surprisingly comfortable bed. From what Keina could tell it was king-sized, and the sheets smelled fresh.

Without thought, she smoothed her hand over the soft flannel. "Winter sheets. Let's warm them up more."

"Give me a few minutes, Keina." Drev bent to her, planted a kiss on her mouth, then thoughtfully arranged the covers over her. "I need to check the front room stove. Make certain there's enough wood for tonight."

Keina brushed her fingertips over his stubble tracing his cheekbone. "You feel so good. I'll be right here...waiting, Drev. That's an unusual name, right?"

He grinned disarmingly. Yet, both humor and sadness shone in the depths of his eyes. "I'll explain once I return, Keina."

As Drev strode out of the room, Keina raised to her elbows appreciating his backside. Her gaze traveled from his yummy broad shoulders to the chiseled definition of his back, then down to his *I want to feel your* ass.

Keina stared at his beautiful-to-her-eye legs just before he disappeared through the doorway. Sizzly-hot inside, she lowered herself onto one of the plump pillows and pulled the covers up.

Seconds later, she realized she'd never seen such powerful thighs and calves on a man, which struck her as odd, given the men-stallions she knew in her home realm. Drev wasn't what Earthers called overly musclebound like...what was that actor-governor's name?...Arnold something.

No, her hunter's build was athletically balanced, proportioned for strength and speed. 
Her hunter. Keina shivered inside, knowing she wished with all her heart that he could be hers. If, if somehow...but that would be a fairytale or a fantasy wish.

Don't think about, she told herself. Be with him before the storms of life take you away.

Inhaling his woodsy unique scent, Keina scooched down into the pleasantness that was Drev's bed. She shimmied back and forth as she enjoyed doing in her own bed, a lavish affair with sheer mist-like draping, and velvet curtains the color of purple pansies.

Her world, with its majestic granite and crystal castles, was pleasurably luxurious for the overall population when compared to most of Earth. The vast stretches of land, the lush various terrains, were ideal for running and traveling as horse.

Keina adored her home castle, and most of her herd-family -- missing them like  Persephone missed the sun-bright surface of Earth. While she heart-embraced her realm, she couldn't abide the endless, ridiculous, shoulder-bumping intrigue. She despised the *hoof slamming into your head* politics.

Emotions, turbulent and raw, raced through Keina, her joy at being with Drev, an achy sadness at being banished -- and a biting-anger that could rip through the hide of a rhinoceros. She blew out a long sigh.

Hearing Drev's return steps, Keina trembled with excitement, with a longing that  was so torrid her blood ran like flame through every inch of her.

Then, her inner filly pranced, her tail switching madly. Hadn't her dear mother mentioned such a state when she'd fallen head-over-hooves in love with her Keina's sire?

Oh whinny no! Now she'd have to recover from a badly broken heart...flubergastov!

Keina bolted to a sitting position at the sight of Drev, naked and carrying two mugs. The fragrance of apple cider steamed toward her already sniffing nostrils.

"Thirsty?" Her prince who wasn't a prince asked.


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side in the New Year


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


Pat C. said...

Whoa, Nellie! That'll warm you up on a single-digit night. Drev must have one singular digit. (Enormous grinz)

Savanna Kougar said...

Let's say, Keina brings out his studliest abilities. ~big grin~