Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bachelor Auction: Owner of a Lonely Heart

In the wake of the Full Wolf Moon, howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Hope your new year is off to a good start. Today's flash continues the *Bachelor Auction at the Pleasure Club* theme of Pat's howl-wonderful Monday flash scene.  Only this is a spinoff with a different hero and heroine. But it's all wildcat and wooly at the Interspecies Pleasure Club.

Bachelor Auction: Owner of a Lonely Heart

Drice Zhellius of the Vothura Clan assessed his reflection in the primitive 3-way mirror, as it was called in this Earthen culture. The dark gray suit made out of a liquid-flowing fiber called silk fit his large *compared to most human males* frame as he'd requested of Dante's personal tailor, or garment constructor.

As was the way of his planet-kingdom, Drice wore nothing beneath the pants that skimmed his lower half and only outlined his sculpted musculature. The jacket accommodated his broad shoulders, toned by a lifetime of warrior's training.

Drice's sire had spent precious time to oversee and train his fourth son. That alone sparked the enmity of his three politically, uber-ambitious brothers, which had worsened over time despite the peacemaking efforts of his beloved mother.

His brothers wanted exclusive rule of the three realms of their Vothura territory. Bored, tired of their constant verbal attacks, their intrigue-machinations against his rise in status and power, Drice grabbed the opportunity with both clawed paws to rule a small satellite realm in their far-flung, but loosely governed galactic empire.

Only a trick occurrence now owned his destiny. At the first stargate his durable uni-craft spiraled through an unexplored space tunnel, and Drice found himself on the edge of Earth's solar system. With no apparent course home.

He'd explored the possibilities of the many inhabited worlds, deciding on Earth for two reasons. The beautiful women and he could flex his warrior's muscles, especially in Dante's alpha-claimed territory. Protectors were always needed according to the werewolf leader.

Besides, the freedom to transform into his animal side, even though he was no breed-match for an Earth species of big cat, was to be treasured. With the bounty of unusual creature-humans in Talbot's Peak, Drice felt comfortable enough.

Yes, his alliance with Dante and his circle of Protectors, was relatively short. Even so, Drice chose to find a permanent mate. This would guarantee his safety from the minion-assassins his brothers were certain to shoot like arrows from a quiver into the wider cosmos to find him.

However, once the message reached the three that he'd mated on another world, their attempts to eliminate him would cease. He'd no longer be a threat to their rulership, given his marriage to an off-world woman.

Drice performed a dance move before the mirror to, once again, observe how the open suit jacket moved, revealing his contoured chest. With a decided starry twinkle in his eye, Dante had promised him such a display would be a sexual invitation, and bring in a large donation for charity purposes.

There was much to enjoy on this mongrel-primitive world, and Drice intended to fully devour life here. With a shake of his shoulder length mane, and that determination fueling him, Drice departed his personal domain at the subterranean Pleasure Club. He strode toward the spiral concrete walkway that would take him to the individual club hosting the bachelor auction.

His hormones surged high in anticipation of all the gorgeous-smelling women that would be present. Already he caught the sumptuous whiff of female power, and his big-cat tail began to erupt, a sign of sexual interest.


Khiarro stilled in mid-action, the shout of approval stuck in her throat. She plain out ogled the man now strutting to the center of the stage. His powerful gliding steps were in sync with the song, "Owner of a Lonely Heart".

Good gawd, visions of her plastered against him as they slow danced took up every inch of space inside her head. What would he feel like, all that latent, steel-muscled strength moving against her?

Khiarro never ogled. But dayum, a new carnal hunger possessed her. Oh, she appreciated a man's attributes, and intended on claiming a date with one of the available bachelors... and she'd come prepared to donate generously... but now all  financial caution was cast to the winds of *I want him*.

Tipped too far forward on her stiletto black heels, Khiarro re-balanced quickly. Yet her gaze never wavered as the tall cat-beast of a man prowled and danced down the long catwalk. His fluid sexy moves were somehow a distinguished version of John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever".

Feminine screams, yowls, and yells created a din around her as Khiarra simply stared. With her gaze absolutely trapped by the gorgeous man's partly exposed, very lickable chest -- all tan-golden muscle -- and by the potent sensual gyrations of his hips, she felt her grip on her minibag tighten, as if she held a football.

Was she preparing to hurl the tiny bag, and the wad of cash and Talbies inside, at Lamar before the bidding even began? 'Hell yeah, anything that works,' her mind said.

Before she knew it, Khiarra shoulder-shoved her way to the end of the catwalk. To the tune, to the primal beat of "how ya like me now"... had Lamar said the name, Drice?... Drice sauntering-danced closer and closer. 

As he showed off his all too impressive assets, Khiarra's inner leopard claws sprang forth. She ached to rake the women around her out of existence -- another extreme emotion foreign to her nature.

Shocked at herself, she stumbled back a step. Blazing eyes the color of antique gold caught her, and seemed to single her out.

Khiarra shiver-burned down to her heel-scrunched toes. Her knees threatened to collapse as the *hunk of purrfection* continued to gaze at her. As his mouth formed the word, "You."

"Okay, ladies, time to bid for our latest, out-of-this-world bachelor." Lamar had barely hiss-shouted the words, when Khiarra heard a cacophony of shrill excited voices rapid-firing their bids.

But all she had to do was bide her time, then compete against the last two high bidders. Khiarra smiled while squeezing her cash-fat minibag. Finally the wealth from her small, fashion-design company for shapeshifters was paying off. She could afford the Big Cat Man of her dreams, a dream unknown to her until this fateful moment.

Wishing you love and passion on the wild side in the New Year, 2015 ...


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


Pat C. said...

"All financial caution was cast to the winds of *I want him*" -- this week's Line I Wish I'd Written. And that pic -- whoo!

Is he something like a lion? Or something we've never seen before, like a maned cheetah?

Savanna Kougar said...

Drice is definitely on the lion side but he's also got the exotic striping and spots ... and he's larger than a lion. He hasn't given me the full picture of his animal form yet.

Serena Shay said...

Rawr...Drice will definitely bring in a pretty penny! :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Khiarro definitely has the pretty pennies to spend... or, Drice Is Worth the Price... that could be the title if I ever get to write their love story... ~smiles~