Friday, January 16, 2015

I'll Just Do It Myself...

Nick shifted in his seat, seeking out a more comfortable position and mildly concerned that watching Ziva nurse his daughter was turning him on to such a degree.  Thankfully, he’d read those books about being a new dad and knew that arousal at the sight was not uncommon.

It was times like this he wished he could draw or paint or do something even slightly creative to immortalize the beauty before him.

“What are you thinking about, Nicky?”

“Nicky? Am I in trouble?”

Her half smile soothed him.  They’d been fighting more than usual of late and they both knew why.  Names. Another thing he’d read in the book was that it was not uncommon to have trouble naming your baby.  Lots of couples struggled with it, of course, those couples weren’t usually made up of two alpha wolves.

“You know, Z, we really need to resolve this name issue.”

Ziva looked up and smiled at him, the baby girl at her breast.  Her happiness at being a mother written all over her face for the world to see.

“I know we do, but Nick, I just can’t go with Monica, like you suggested, or Dwayne.  Ralph would attach himself to our son and we would have to break all those bear habits he’d instill in our boy.”

“I agree, no names Ralph suggested.  You know that’s going to make him crankier than usual.”

“Ralph needs to get himself laid but good and burn some of those vacation days he’s been hoarding. 
He is a bear, they need to hibernate.”

Nick laughed.  His mate was always spot on with her assessments of the people around her.  “You going to tell him that before or after you tell him we didn’t pick his names.”

“I’m going to let you tell him.  Air kisses…”

“Thanks.”  He shook his head and smiled.  “You know, I’ll back off of Monica if you’d be willing to let go of Misha.”

Emotions played across Ziva’s face and Nick worried she was going to continue to be stubborn about naming their son, Misha.

“But…Misha is a beautiful name!  Girls will love that name…”

“Z, we’re shifters, he’d be teased and beat up just because of his name.”

“Not in this town,” she said, setting their well-fed, sleeping girl back into the bassinet and picking up the gentle boy whose name was being disputed.  She put him to her other breast and swiped a soft touch down his cheek.

“Especially in this town, Z.”  He leaned forward and touched the silky head of his son.  “He’s beta, and even with all of our protection he has a tough road to follow.  Let’s at least give him a strong name, not something that would get him pick on.”

“Do you have a suggestion?”

Nick released a breath, happy she was willing to finally talk.  “I do, actually.  What about Michael or Sam?”

Ziva was quiet for a few minutes before she spoke.  “Those are strong names, but to plain.”

“Okay, then how about Cooper?”

The little prince squawked and squealed, shook his tiny fist before once again nuzzling at his momma breast. “Well, I guess he likes that name,” Ziva said through a smile.

“He’s a smart boy…takes after his mom, for sure.”

“Suck up.” She snorted, but grinned all the same. “Can I keep DeClan as his middle name?”

“If I say yes will it win me points when it comes to our daughter’s name?”

Ziva gave him her wickedest smile and predictably, he went stone hard.  “Nope, but Penny called to tell me about the new store of rulers that were delivered to the G&B the other day…”

Nick groaned.

“I had her send me one, or two.”

“Oh Lupa…”

“Nope, you can call me ma’am.”
Well, that's one down and one to go.  The newest beta in the McMahon clan is Cooper DeClan and he picked the name himself...kinda.  Now they just need to agree on a name for their little alpha girl...

Have a great weekend!


Savanna Kougar said...

Oooh, I like that name! Cooper DeClan, welcome to the Peak... you little human-wolf cub cutie.

Pat C. said...

Nicole? I challenge daddy Nick to find fault with that one.

And I'll never let go of Misha. ;)